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North Carolina House OKs ban on smokable hemp

August 21, 2019
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Legislation that prohibits North Carolina production and possession of smokable hemp next year while laying regulatory groundwork to expand the state’s industrial and medicinal hemp industry has cleared a second legislative chamber.

The House voted 63-48 on Wednesday for the General Assembly’s annual farm bill.

Smokable hemp lacks the concentration of the compound that gives marijuana its high. But law enforcement wants smokable hemp banned because it looks and smells the same— making it otherwise impossible to differentiate during police stops.


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House members defeated an amendment to delete the proposed May 1 smokable hemp ban. Hemp growers say smokable hemp is an emerging moneymaker for them.

The bill now returns to the Senate, where a version already passed but the measure’s top backer wants the ban delayed until next June.

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  • Dametrik Fick

    This is the stupidest thing ever. This shows you that hemp is not fully legal. Especially if they are able to ban ways we consume it or how its sold/purchased. South Carolina just did the same thing. Also saying the police can’t determine the differences is a poor excuse. Just leave it alone already. Everyone knows the truth behind. Let’s just take every stigma, stereotype, controversy, and arguement away from it and just think of it as a plant. Don’t think of it as “weed” or “marijuana,” it’s a plant. It’s like saying tomatoes are legal but you can only buy from me or you can only eat a tomatoe in slices because dicing them is banned. If the House and the Senate has this much of a problem with hemp. Let’s talk about alcohol, cigarettes, “prescription” drugs. All of which are way more harmful to your body than which ever way you consume hemp or any other cannabis plant.

  • nctaxpayer

    Not many people know this… I shockingly discovered this past month that the state of NC taxes illegal substances. They bring anywhere from $6M to $11M a year from busting people. NCDOR charges 3.50 a gram for MJ. So if you get caught with a little less than 2 oz. you will also be on the hook for tax evasion!!!! But wait… it gets better…they have a program at NCDOR where you can ‘anonymously’ buy tax stamps for your illegal substances. All you have to do is give them an address to send your tax stamps..but that doesnt make it legal to possess… This is nothing more than policing for profit. So no wonder the police want to make sure they can keep arresting people. They get a whopping 75% percent of that BS tax. The other 25% goes into the general fund. For a 10 lb MJ bust, the police dept would get a $12,000 bonus applying this math. That along with property and cash seizure. So smokable hemp interferes with police kickbacks while people die left and right from opioid overdoses. Enuff said.

  • debbie lariscy

    Buy it anyway. Make sure HE is the buyer so Yalll don’t get jailed. I don’t think they would prosecute him. God bless. I need medical marijuana or maybe CDB oil, but I live in NC, too.