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Oregon Collects $25.5M in Cannabis Taxes

August 22, 2016

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon has processed $25.5 million in tax payments from recreational marijuana from January through the end of July.

The state's Department of Revenue says medical marijuana dispensaries were required to file their second-quarter returns for recreational marijuana by Aug. 1.

Oregonians legalized recreational marijuana in late 2014.

But it can only be sold by medical marijuana dispensaries until the Oregon Liquor Control Commission finalizes rules for the new industry. That's expected to happen by next year.

Oregon Sees Consumption Rise, Arrests Plummet

Medical marijuana dispensaries started collecting a 25 percent tax on their recreational marijuana sales in January.

Anticipated state revenue from recreational marijuana through June 2017 was recently quadrupled by Oregon's Legislative Revenue Office.

The expected amount rose from $8.4 million to $35 million.

 Los Angeles Poised to Ditch Proposed Cannabis Tax for Homeless Services

  • larry walk

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  • Michelle Pixley

    OMG! I live in Oregon and that is a tremendous amount of money!!! Wonder WTF state will do with it? Will they show how good this business is or suppress it? Kind of hard to suppress these numbers! Now if the feds would just allow me to still have my pain meds I’d be a happy retired camper!

    • kirkmcloren

      the farm bill of 2016 reduced the DEA prosecution budget for medical marijuana to zero. Recreational weed is still prosecuted

    • billdeserthills

      Might want to get yourself some Kratom, the dea is making it illegal next month

      • Michelle Pixley

        I’m sorry…making what illegal?

        • billdeserthills

          Kratom, it is taken instead of opiates by many people who have pain

          • tikitools1

            problem with Kratom is that it being unregulated people have got what they thought was Kratom and had fatal reactions to whatever it was they were sold.

          • billdeserthills

            You should purchase from a legitimate vendor, as with All things

  • Sergio Farias

    New York and California legalizing would be a great revenue generator, but New York is nowhere close legalization. California HAS to legalize to be able to influence other big and small states that are considering legalizing.

    • mediw33d

      California will pass it this year and the rest of the country will do what it does best when California makes a change… they will follow suit. Fingers crossed for all of us.

    • Blake Beagelsmith

      CA legalizing Cannabis won’t do a single thing for any other state.

      You obviously have no idea how this works.

    • Blake Beagelsmith

      All the other states have to do; is disobey the federal government. For themselves; with nobody else helping. Just like CA did. Until they have a liberal majority populace though; it will never happen. So please do not post utter irrelevant nonsense.

  • Naz Herra

    They’ll Legalize it with the help of quality medical strain @ kushmark147 at google dot com,Oils and Waxs are also available.Top classified discrete delivery!!

  • billdeserthills

    Who knew a bunch of sick, twisted druggies had this kinda money??
    And to think every state gov’t could have their very own windfall!!

  • tikitools1

    Illinois is broke and crime is out of control, but the morons that run Illinois can’t see the advantages of legalization it took them 2 years to get a MMJ dispensary opened. Legalization would bring in a billion dollars to Illinois dollars that are currently going to the black market and not getting taxed.


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