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Oregonians Discuss the Debut of Recreational Cannabis

October 6, 2015

Thursday, October 1st ushered in the debut of recreational cannabis sales in Oregon, the third state to launch a retail cannabis market. We wanted to know what Oregon residents had to say about legal cannabis joining "no sales tax" and "no self-serve gas pumps" as one of the traits that makes their state distinctly unique. Their responses, from budtenders and businessmen to wellness seekers and former consumers looking to rediscover cannabis, truly embody how legal cannabis can impact a diversity of individuals in a meaningful way.

Here's a snippet of quotes that offer a diverse perspective on legal cannabis in Oregon.


A Budtender Helps Make History:

"Well, it's Day 1 and I'm just excited to be out and be part of the new chapter of our state's history."


A "Cannabis Connoisseur" Thinks of Pairing Opportunities:

"At this point I view myself as a cannabis connoisseur, the same way I like to sample craft beer, urban wineries. I'm learning a lot about this. So it's not a question of just 'Let's go off and get stoned,' it's savoring down for what kind of experience do I want to have at this particular moment and then finding the right product, pairing it with the right food."


A Fit Individual Looks to Supplement Her Workouts:

"Usually I like going on a run or exercising when I smoke."


A Young Man Touts the Wellness Benefits of Cannabis:

"It's helped me with anxiety, it's helped me with depression in the past."


A Gentleman Gears Up for Everyday Household Activities:

"Now you can walk into a shop and try this, try this, try this. One day I want to clean the house, one day I want to watch TV or watch football, you know?"


A Woman Aims to Rediscover Cannabis for the First Time in 25 Years:

"When I was in college 25 years ago, I would occasionally smoke marijuana but I haven't really done it since. I think I was deterred by the criminality of it. You know, I have some chronic pain and I never wanted to go through the hassle of signing up for medical marijuana. This will give me a chance to see if it can help with some of my health issues."


An Activist Champions the Beginning of the End of Prohibition:

"We're changing history right now. I mean, we're ending prohibition as we speak. It's exciting!"

Congratulations, Oregon! May more states soon follow in your footsteps. While you wait, be sure to familiarize yourself with Oregon's recreational cannabis laws!

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