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#PermitPatty Episode Blows Up on California Cannabis Company

June 23, 2018
TreatWell founder Alison Ettel's complaint about an 8-year-old selling water has exploded into a boycott of the company's popular products. Ettel spoke at a past Women Grow conference, above, but the organization announced on Sunday that the TreatWell founder is ``not welcome`` at its events. (Facebook/Women Grow)
The California cannabis tincture company TreatWell Health has been pulled into a national controversy by its founder, Alison Ettel, who was captured on video reportedly calling the authorities on an 8-year-old girl for selling bottled water on a San Francisco sidewalk without a permit. Ettel, 44, is white. The bottled water entrepreneur is African-American.

At least three Bay Area retailers have announced that they will no longer carry TreatWell's products because of the #PermitPatty incident.

The video went viral on Instagram and Twitter on Saturday morning as another example of a white person calling the police on a black person for enjoying an innocuous everyday activity.

By Saturday night a chorus of critics were calling for a boycott of TreatWell. At least three Bay Area retailers, Magnolia Oakland, SPARC, and Barbary Coast have announced that they will no longer carry the company’s products because of the #PermitPatty incident.


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“TreatWell was one of our best selling products but to us, integrity is always before profits,” Magnolia Oakland said on its social channels. “For our remaining inventory, we are doing blow out deals and donating all proceeds to a local nonprofit.”

Here is the video that set things off on Saturday morning:

‘The Whole World Gonna See You’

Ettel has not disputed that she’s the woman in the video. She spent much of the day scrambling to defend her reputation and her company, as customers expressed outrage via social media.

Leafly reached Ettel via text, where she stated that she did not actually call the police. Ettel told Leafly that she faked calling building security about unpermitted sales as part of a longer-running noise dispute. Police did not come, she texted.

The incident occurred near AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants had a home game scheduled on Friday evening. The girl was selling water to passing fans for $2 a bottle.

The girl’s mother captured Ettel calling on her phone. In the video, when Ettel realizes she’s being filmed, she ducks behind a concrete wall. The mother says: “You can hide all you want. The whole world gonna see you, boo.”

Ettel responds by saying “Yeah. Illegally selling water without a permit? Yeah.”

Ettel: ‘No Racial Component’

Sebastian Murdock of the Huffington Post reached Ettel on Saturday. Ettel said she was only pretending to call the police on the girl, who lived nearby. “This has no racial component to it,” she told Murdock.

“They were screaming about what they were selling,” Ettel added. “It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming.”

Ettel told the HuffPo that her actions were “stupid.”

“I completely regret that I handled that so poorly,” she told Murdock. “It was completely stress-related, and I should have never confronted her. That was a mistake, a complete mistake.”

Calling the Cops While White

Indeed, the incident comes amid heightened focus on calling the police over seemingly innocuous behavior by people of color.

On April 12, two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks after the barista called the police because the men, who were waiting for a colleague to join them for a business meeting, hadn’t purchased anything yet. In early May, a white Yale student called campus police on a black Yale graduate student for napping during an all-night study session in a dorm common room. That same week, a white woman on a tour of Colorado State University called the police on two Native American students who were on the same tour, because she said they made her “nervous.” Around the same time, a white neighbor in Rialto, California, called the police when she saw three black women exiting a nearby house that the women had rented as an Airbnb. The neighbor said she called the cops because the women didn’t wave at her:

Just across the bay in Oakland, the video of a white woman calling the police on a black man for enjoying a barbecue in a park near Oakland’s Lake Merritt went viral last month and sparked further outrage.

Strikes a Nerve in the Cannabis World

In the cannabis world, the act of a white entrepreneur calling the police on a black entrepreneur for selling a product without a permit strikes a particularly sensitive nerve.


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Today, as the legal adult-use cannabis industry takes hold in California, the industry remains predominantly white-owned and white-run, even though people of color suffered far greater harm during prohibition and the war on drugs. People of color who want to get into the business face greater hurdles in terms of access to capital, and are more likely to be held back by past cannabis arrests due to well-documented racial disparities in arrest rates.

So the optics of a successful white cannabis entrepreneur, operating her company with a state permit, calling the cops on a black person for operating without a permit, are not good. The fact that the black person happens to be a child, selling water at what is essentially a lemonade stand, turned Ettel’s “complete mistake” into an act whose symbolism has deep and troubling roots in both American history and the recent history of cannabis in California.

Story Update:

Update, 6/24/2018, 5pm PDT: Fallout from the viral video continues to impact other companies in the cannabis industry.

Women Grow has issued a letter stating that Alison Ettel has not been a member of the organization since 2016, “and she is not welcome to participate in our events.”

New West Summit, a high-profile yearly cannabis tech conference, included Ettel as a panelist at last year’s conference. “We have gotten about 100 emails about this, which shows how much people care about doing the right thing and treating people with dignity and respect,” New West Summit founder Jim McAlpine wrote in an email to Leafly. McAlpine added that his organization “will not be working with [Ettel] or TreatWell in any capacity” until “she takes full accountability, issues a true and sincere apology, and some time passes.”

Leafly has removed TreatWell’s brand page from its Products & Brands listings, which is a free service provided to companies in the legal cannabis industry.

The Berkeley Patients Group has announced it will no longer carry TreatWell products, and issued this tweet:

Further Update

Update, 6/26/2018, 11am PDT: 

Ettel went on NBC’s “Today” show on Monday to present her side of the story:

“I tried to be polite but I was stern. And I said, ‘Please, I’m trying to work. You’re screaming. You’re yelling, and people have open windows. It’s a hot day. Can you please keep it down?'”

Erin Austin, the mother of the 8-year-old girl, responded that Ettel did not attempt to solve the issue with a civil conversation. “She never asked us to be quiet,” Austin told NBC News. “She came out and directly demanded to see a permit to sell water from an 8-year-old.”

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg entered the fray with this tweet on Tuesday:

Story Update:

Update, 6/27/18, 11am, PST: Ettel has reportedly resigned as CEO of TreatWell and other managers will take the helm.

The TreatWell product boycott has also spread to include the world’s largest cannabis retailer, Harborside, as well as other Bay Area stores. They include: the Harvest stores Harvest Off Mission on Harvest On Geary, the new Hi Fidelity retailer in Berkeley, Calif., and leading Sebastopol, Calif. dispensary Solful. The makers of the film Lady Buds have also dropped Ettel.

The mother of the daughter in question received four free tickets to Disneyland and has started a $70,000 fundraising campaign called The Water Stand Project to benefit minority youth.

The Today Show said Monday that Ettel had become a “social media villain”, receiving death threats, physical harassment and worldwide condemnation by the likes of rapper Killer Mike and Snoop Dogg, as well as parody by a Saturday Night Live cast member.

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Bruce Barcott and David Downs

Bruce Barcott is Leafly's deputy editor and the author of 'Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.' David Downs is Leafly's California bureau chief and the author of 'Beyond Buds' and 'The Medical Marijuana Guidebook.'

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  • larry

    pure trumps america but its obama’s and hillary’s fault…like everything

  • medcannabis1

    There is no room for bigotry or racism in the Cannabis industry. She should be boycotted and any ethical retailer should have the morality to stop carrying her products. There is no profit for racism

    • 360dunk

      I agree there’s no room for bigotry. Now, can you explain where the bigotry was in this case or are you just crying wolf?

  • Karen coleman

    This Person nothing better to do with her time then call the police on little girl trying too sell water make some money for the summer back off focus on your company. By the way selling pot for dogs Stupid

  • Carolina Jaramillo

    The very fact she is in the MMJ industry (racial history/unfair prison sentences) and #permitpatty has more respect for an animal than a little girl of color-she should not have a business in MMJ-we are better than this!!!!

  • Okay Dokey

    Three questions, but those won’t be answered i guess.

    1.Did the girl really scream every few seconds advertising her water?
    2. Does she live nearby to where that girl sold the water?
    3.Was the call really fake?

    If all three answers are yes, then i don’t see any wrong doing here.

    • Truth Hz

      Yeah ok, I’ll bite:

      1. NO.
      2. Yes, but so what??
      3. Doubtful, but even so, that makes it WORSE. That means she didn’t even CARE about the permits, really. She just wanted to use her White Privilege to scare a little black girl that the “cops were coming.”

      That’s pretty f****d up, let’s be honest, “Okay Dokey.”
      She basically WEAPONIZED the already strained relationships between cops and POCs in America against an 8 year old.

  • 1st World Problems SOLVED

    Why was she selling the water? Child slavery is real.

    • Truth Hz

      her mom recently lost her job. If you think what is essentially a Lemonade Stand is “Child slavery,” you can take your Russian Troll rhetoric somewhere else.

  • Gilbert Prosser

    I can say as much as am disappointed in her actions, I am even more disgusted by Leafily and the authors of the story. Making this story out to be one of racism is beyond acceptable. I in no way condone racism or any sort of abuse towards people for any reason, but even more I hate this sort of weak journalism. People and society struggle enough to get past racism and hate these days, they in no way need this kind on false conjecture to make a story something it is not. Leafly you need to do better, stick with real news that actually has to do with the Cannabis industry and stay away from being just another gossip rag.

    • Truth Hz

      Nahhhh. Let’s be honest. There was a racial component here.
      PermitPatty even tries to go on the record and play it down by claiming she only “pretended” to call the cops, which goes to prove that she didn’t even CARE about the permits, really. She just wanted to use White Lady Privilege to scare an 8 year old black girl into thinking “the cops are coming.”

      • Dave M

        you want it to be racial, even when it isnt

        • JAG

          It certainly isn’t because she was “bothered by yelling.” Because then she would — presumably, being an ADULT — first close her windows if there’s a game day crowd outside, and if that doesn’t work, politely ask the girl and/or her mother to keep it down.

          And it’s NOT for the permit excuse, for the reasons above. She herself claims she “pretended” to call over permits, so really she was just a crass White Privilege lady who had exercised *implicit bias* to “call the cops” on a little 8 year old black girl. She wouldn’t “call the cops” on a Shirley Temple white girl type. I agree, let’s be honest… Because she obviously isn’t.

    • 360dunk

      Totally agree. If the water seller was a white kid, Permit Patty would still be in business. There was absolutely no evidence this was racially motivated.

  • Julie Galloway

    In this day and time, we need to think twice about our actions. With the ability to post, view and share it within minutes has ramifications. Ettel needs to do some major soul searching. This may have cost her business and reputation.

  • PatrickMonkRn

    Apparently she has been selling her products for some time without permits. Based on local reaction I imagine her business will go belly up. If not can she be investigated and possibly charged for her previous illegal activities.

  • Erik Peralta

    Hmmm so big money privileged assholes calling the authorities on someone who is just trying to make a buck but cannot legally operate a business due to the heavy regulations and fees that seems to only benefit the wealthy. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, that pretty much describes the entire legal cannabis market in California. These assholes who are more privileged than the rest of us are trying to keep us down and run us out of business. Then they turn around and try to have children arrested. These are the people who are taking over the legal cannabis industry thanks to corruption in our state legislation and their efforts to squeeze out the little guys so that only a handful of businesses can have a monopoly on the industry. I hope this bad PR puts her company out of business

    • M Bake

      Nicely said Erick. I’m going to screenshot and share your comment. Find me on IG @therealmbake for credit!

      • 360dunk

        More foolishness. What you’re supporting is a knucklehead belief that dispensary owners are all like Permit Patty, when in fact, they aren’t. I’ve known many of them, from the beginning in 1997 when it all began, and none of them are that way.

    • 360dunk

      You condemning the legal marijuana entrepreneurs is beyond lame. Only a half-wit would prefer we go back to the days of black market and cartel weed. How about all the brave cannabis pioneers who defied the feds and opened dispensaries with the threat of federal prison lurking? When you say they want to ‘run us out of business’ what you’re saying is you support illegal, non-taxed and non-tested weed. Nope, we’re not going back to the ‘look over your shoulder’ days. People like you, Erik Peralta, need to wake up and see the progress. For you to even insinuate that Permit Patty is just like all the other cannabis entrepreneurs is insane.

  • chickadee

    I’m going to go out on an unpopular limb here and say we have to be careful with this public vilifying. Was she wrong? Hell, yeah. Does she deserve to have her entire life ruined? This kind of public outing can be dangerous, as well; we do not know the status of her mental health, and this kind of irreversible publicity can push a person over the edge. Let the woman apologize and learn something. I’m not really sure what we as a society gain here.

    • jason42175

      Deserve to have her entire life ruined, YES, because she humiliated and shame a child for no reason.

      • Still not good enough. She was very wrong. But not that wrong.

    • JasonWorthing

      Ya know what? I agree with you. I otherwise dont have any sympathy for this woman, but I do feel that we live in an environment where we seem to want to totally destroy the ‘opponent’. Even if they might otherwise deserve some measure of penalty and expression of social discontent with their nonsense, we seem to often want to push things so far and complete and then express surprise or even worse, indifference, when the party being penalized ‘breaks’ and implodes in some fashion. Every now and then those outcomes lead to suicide, homicide, total cheese-slipping-off-cracker (go ‘mad’), pack up shyt and move to Timbuktu and change their name, etc.

      Its like we need to be mindful not to push all the way, and to know “when to say when” and back up. It’s akin to a fist fight when the fight is not declared over unless or until one of the parties is knocked out cold.

      “We” can be quite merciless when “we” punish (something that it would be good for folks that want to use the bludgeon of calling the police on people doing no harm to you to think about). I honestly don’t know if she needs to be bankrupted for her act, I actually think that what has been done with the associations deciding not to associate with her is quite appropriate, and it would make sense by her demonstrated actions going forward for her to have to work to earn the respect, support, and other benefits that come with those that choose to partner in promotion, marketing, and selling of her wares.

    • K H

      What if a bad cop had shown up and killed this girl’s mother. I mean it happens all the time to people of color. She deserves whatever she gets. She should have spoken to the mother, woman to woman rather than threatening the police.

      • Steve Wilson


        • Lolz….Yeah, a fairly far fetched worse case scenario to be sure.

        • TweetyBird

          Google Tamir Rice. A rogue cop gunned down a 12 year old boy playing in the park. If you’re black, someone calling the cops on you could very well be a death sentence.

          • 360dunk

            The Tamir Rice case was awful, no doubt. But is that the norm? You can’t go assuming a few bad cops represent law enforcement just like you can’t assume racists at Charlottesville represent white people. You’re guilty of generalizations.

    • AllHailPresidentSkroob

      Then perhaps she should have thought about that before she went skitzoid? I tend to agree with you with regards to the mob mentality issue we have today but on the other hand, behavior like this has to stop and the only way to stop it is to make it hurt…

    • Normally I’d agree and say yes, but given the behavior of police toward black citizens lately? I mean if you don’t at least have the idea that calling the cops might get them shot pass through your head before you do it, you really aren’t paying attention. And it doesn’t really seem to matter if its a kid or not.

      • William

        R; it all matters..peace

    • Wale

      She didn’t have any problem ruining the entire life of an 8 year old. There’s no telling how the police encounter would have ended. What’s the gain? Same as to gain when child molester’s “entire life is ruined” by sending him/her to prison. I call it justice.

      • michael grosser

        “Ruining the entire life of an 8 yr old”!!!Drama Queen!

        • justadbeer

          lol…you beat me to that.

        • Steve Wilson

          I need a ‘laugh emoji’ … LOL

        • Exactly.

      • William

        Wale; you be railin’, no? “Ruin her entire life?” Make some ganja tea, and find a friend to love..peace..#:-) your passion, clear your head; focus your anger on peace. You can do it..#:-)

      • Barbara Bean

        She didn’t ruin “The whole life of an 8 year old”, she ruined her day. Please keep this in perspective. It is not the same as being molested, where did that come from? The child’s entire life is NOT ruined. In fact, it sounds like her Mother and the community are going to make this a learning experience and grow with it. Everyone should take this as a learning experience and do better themselves. The Mom and child are, they are turning it into a positive experience best they can and moving forward with helping other people. KUDOS MOM! You have a great attitude, from the phone video you shot (you never got nasty, you were firm and cool about it, not calling her names or escalating. I applaud you as a Mother. I think the rest of us can learn and grow from this.

        It does no good to want to tar and feather Allison, she will suffer far greater from this than anyone. She already is, that is pretty clear. To want to see her hurt or another horrible thing is seriously wrong. History has shown us over and over again that approach does not work. It creates more intolerance, misunderstanding and fear. Allison has been tarred and feathered plenty already, this will haunt her for the rest of her life. Take this incident and learn and grow and find ways to make the World a better place. Attacking and vilifying someone is at the low level, useless and a waste of your energies. Let’s all learn from this. Violence and hate IS NOT the answer, never has been, never will be. That attitude INSURES that things will never change. WE CAN DO BETTER AS HUMANS. ALL OF US.

      • Comparing this woman to a “child molester” is absolutely whack.

    • Treece

      Here we go white privilege strikes again

    • Evaculation Steve

      Oh like trying to ruin a kids future by trying to call the police on them for a lemonade stand….but water…..She deserves every bit of it! Every single bit…..

    • Truth Hz

      Yeah well I’M going to go out on a probable limb here and say you’re also white??
      You seem to CONVENIENTLY forget that calling the police for “Living While Black” can have FATAL consequences.

      Take your privilege and put it to better use.

    • We gain nothing if we can’t be satisfied that the idiot made a fool of herself and let the chips fall where they may.
      Either we all get a second chance, or none of us do.

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      I cant agree with you more! Public humiliation is liken to bullying. So does that make the mom better than her and self righteous? Or does that put all the bullys in the same boat as the first wrong? The little girl didnt loose any business, but that lady sure did. We ALL need to remember what we ALL learned in kindergarden, 2 wrongs dont make a right, and to treat others as you would want to be treated. I dont condone her behavior but I think this went way too far considering what happened.

      • Truth Hz

        …Except NOTHING the mother did here was “wrong,” as you put it. Nor is it bullying. She simply exposed her trashy neighbor calling the cops on a little girl for doing LITERALLY nothing that you should waste their time and taxpayer money over.
        The little girl didn’t lose any business, true, but now she has to remember that incident for the REST OF HER LIFE.

  • lovingc

    Can you say “Bigot” I knew you could. That woman should be shamed on national TV. I hope she likes the publicity of her evil and bigoted reaction to a child trying to make some money.

  • Jan Baard

    She’s gone and done a very stupid thing. That’s what you get if you’re the kind of person who likes to be confrontational, mostly it gets things done indeed but sometimes it can bite you back very hard. If she would’ve just went on and mind her own buisiness nothing would’ve happened.

  • Jasmine

    Leafly thank you for covering this! Very timely and symbolic indeed.

    • 360dunk

      Symbolic of what? Would you say her racism is symbolic if you found out that there was no intended racism at all?

      • Right. Assumed racism has no cred at all.
        Also, i’m a tad concerned about a Tweet from someone who would identify as “Racist Raj”.
        If my Nick was “Racist Kona” how would y’all react?

        That’s what we refer
        to as “Black Privilege”. The flawed idea that minorities can’t be racists.

        • Jack the Rebel

          You’re actually as dumb as your name sounds.

  • Akk333

    These limousine liberals are just as bad if not worse than the conservatives. Hopefully minorities will finally wake up and understand this. The legal cartel is comprised of only wealthy white people who never gave a damn that millions were put in jail for doing what they are doing now. Wake up people!!!

  • Akk333

    Does this website actually allow people to post comments?

  • TheocideWhiteSupremacy

    Law and Order the clarion cry of white supremacist authoritarians, AKA Fascists. eff the b. burn her business to poor house.

  • Jorhge PImlata

    I think she had an all around bad day.

  • Toad

    “Leafly has removed TreatWell’s brand page from its Products & Brands listings, which is a free service provided to companies in the legal cannabis industry.”

    Good on you.

    People need to read up and stay aware. The cannabis industry has some sketchy operators and that’s a fact. Here in Oregon, a product testing company in Eugene was identified as founded and owned by a neo-Nazi by Antifa; you can Google the name of that business. They had once been used by The Oregonian, the paper of record up here, to test products–this was not an unknown company. At the time, I made sure no shop I visited was using them; imagine your money going to people like that.

  • Toad

    Oh, comment got moderated out. Can’t talk about the cannabis industry if certain words can’t be said. I’ll just leave the link:

  • BJ

    She said she was sorry and she handled it incorrectly. You people are so judgemental. Gee I hope you never
    make a mistake. Apparently the issue was screaming and yelling to sell the product. She said she was stressed and someone
    yelling constantly can get on your nerves. Unbelievable how you are all supposed to be so cool and tolerant and when someone
    makes a mistake you attack like a mad hippo.. You just viciously attack. No forgiveness, no second chance. Wow hate to be your
    friend. And PS now that I thought about this longer…. how about the vendors that do pay for permits to sell near or in the stadium. Sounds like this girl had an adult nearby financing the water purchase maybe, transporting her and prepared to take video. Do we know all the money was going to the little girl or was the women using the little girl to sell water without having to go through the permit process. You have no empathy for the vendors who have to jump through the hoops and red tape and licensing and permits to legally sell water. Sounds to me like you are all

    being intellectually dishonest and not thinking through the whole process but getting emotional because of how

    the video was characterized and characterized by the person assisting the person selling without a permit I might add.

    But yes considering the business she’s in maybe she should have said hey I don’t mind that you make a few dollars selling water, but

    can you just keep down the yelling, or move down a little away from my window. Of course the state is run by lots of liberals etc. etc. who care about everybody supposedly yet they are the ones imposing the permitting and licensing policies and lots of times for good reason and lots of times for just extra cash. So the whole subject can get a little more complex then just a little girl selling a few bottles of water and a mean women trying to stop her.

    • AllHailPresidentSkroob

      It’s simple, don’t be a racist. I don’t see what’s so complicated about that…???

      • 360dunk

        Correct, nobody should be racist. What makes you think Permit Patty is though? Because you were led to believe that by an article? There was absolutely nothing to indicate this was racially motivated. Wake up.

        • JAG

          …except racism isn’t an explicit use of hateful language, or performing Nazi salutes while marching in the streets. It’s also *implicit.*

          Knowing that it might be effective to (pretend or not) “call the cops” on a little black girl for something so petty and trivial, definitely qualifies as having racial component, even though it doesn’t slap you in the face.
          “Wake up.”

          • 360dunk

            I agree with you that racism is not always overt, nor obvious. Your mistake here is to say she pretended to call the cops on a black girl when you should have said she pretended to call the cops on a girl. Because you are vilifying her for racism without knowing if she really is racist. Those without preconceived notions don’t make such assumptions. Think about it.

          • JAG

            Please. When’s the last time a White Privilege woman called the cops (pretend or otherwise) on a white Shirley Temple-looking girl for selling bottled water??

    • Truth Hz

      1) She DIDN’T say she was sorry. She only acknowledges she “made a mistake.” That’s NOT an apology. That only means she’s feeling regretful that her dumb actions hurt her socially and financially. That makes it about HER, and not the little girl. Apologies are NOT self-reflexive.

      2) Using White Privilege while simultaneously working as an entrepreneur in an industry that ALREADY favors and grants her more of said privilege is pretty messed up. I think Leafly is making the right call that the marijuana Industry needs to make proactive steps to level the playing field in this regard.

      3) Her mom adamantly DENIES that PermitPatty approached her in any reasonable ADULT capacity. And it’s clear from the mother’s video that they were on THEIR slice of public sidewalk property. Also if you bothered to actually read into the story, you’d know that she was trying to raise money for a trip to Disneyland.

      4) ***Here’s the world’s tiniest violin playing for all the ADULT tax-paying vendors who have to go through red tape.***
      She’s just a little girl selling bottled water to passers-by on a hot day, learning a thing or two about employing a little All-American entrepreneurial spirit. That’s about as old-fashioned Apple Pie as Charlie Brown working a lemonade stand.
      Gimme a break.

    • William

      Calling the cops on a child selling water was not a mistake; it is the revelation of someone who has a ways to go; and, yeah, let her go


    They said her products kills dogs

    • D.Ellute

      That’s wrong. Sorry. I am boycotting her ass, but her tinctures worked. Don’t eat the fear mongering.

      • Right. If we have to make shit up then the truth is compromised.

    • Barbara Bean

      They do not kill dogs. I know, I am a retired veterinary technician. Go do some homework.

  • That was in bad taste. As a business owner and an owner of a rec cannabis dispensary and grow I am embarrassed for the industry I work in. It is very true this is a white males industry but it hasn’t been an obstacle for me. But I think it is dew to the price to get in to the industry, the limited licenses that have to be approved, it is expensive to buy the licences and renew them, many people are gouged for basic services the seconded they find out they are dealing with a cannabis company. You have to have a almost perfect criminal record minus a few petty misdemeanors Plus the paperwork is rigorous and hard to compile everything initially. I am one of the exceptions, as a female owner and at any given time my staff is highly diverse racially with more then half not being white, usually even men to women ratio and sexual orientation. She should be more supportive of a child who is having a practus small business. More kids need to get off there butts and put down the devices and learn how to hustle! We need more little entroponours in the world!!! The world already has enough red tape, fees and obstacle in it. If you don’t know the steps and what to do with registering your business, getting Ur tax id, town/county license, insurance, I believe this makes it difficult for anyone other then financially secure, well connected, wealthy citizens to be connected hiring economically hindered citizens from having access to the knowledge, resources and funded to start a ma and pa business maybe out of their house. She is learning valuable skills she won’t learn at school, in a book. The only place business skills like that are obtained and mastered is hands on by having your feet on the ground dealing with people and with lots of practice. I credit my success in business to my parents always encouraging me to learn how to wheel and deal. I learned valuable skills and how to negotiate. When I was on vacation in Mexico and similar destinations souvenir shopping in tourist open air fee markets or street vendors I probably learned the best hard negotiation techniques. My parents would only give me lets say 6 dollars or what ever the currency was. I quickly learned it was better to have dollar bills and change so you don’t have to flash all Ur money or say that all you have when you had more. At fist I thought I was frustrating until I got good at it. Once I knew what I was doing it was fun. Lets say the trinket that multiple vendors where selling (they all have the same thing) was on average going for 8 or 11 dollars depending the stand. I would have to go stand to stand trying to find with I wanted the the hard part was to talk them down to the price I wanted going back and forth. Once I knew what I was doing I would be able to get it at a reduced price and if I was able to get it cheep enough I would have enough for another whole item. I also had multiple stands selling our vegetables we grew in the back yard, to my chicken eggs, an eBay business where I had to find the product to sell negotiate to get it cheeper and in bulk and then wright an add take pic and resell them. I also talked to a lot of people when I was at booths and expose with my parents company. When I was in 4th grade and Pokemon was popular I would pick up the decks of cards cheeper then most of the other kids could find them. I would buy multiple packs and a few open and sell the valuable cards individually and the unopened packs I would sell for few dollars more at school. I would have to budget to be able to restock up on cards and with the profit I funded my whole Pokemon cared collection and I still had a bit of to selling Pokemon cards that I would buy a few dollars cheeper at the store and turn around bring them to school and make a profit. I could keep going on but keep that flame burning in that little girl. She will be a business leader in the future.

    • michael grosser

      Brevity is the soul of wit.

  • Robert

    Another ‘tolerant’ liberal ‘helping’ a minority 😉

  • Dom Pinckney


  • lovingc

    OOOps now she is a bigot.

  • Dixie Ebright

    I just want to say when I went to her page I saw that the tincture she was selling for dogs had THC in it. THC is TOXIC to dogs! So I hope she gets shut down! And Leafy should do more research on companies that make treats/ tinctures for dogs to make sure others are not selling THC products to dogs. CBD is fine for dogs, THC is not!

    • Scott Bernstein

      Where are you coming up with this? I know of no research that says THC is toxic to dogs.

    • Seditate

      That product has THCA not THC. THCA works similar to CBD. Not disagreeing with your opinions about her or her business but you are mistaking the cannabinoids. THC works entirely different.

    • D.Ellute

      Wrong. A small amount of THC potentiates the effects of CBD. CBD itSelf tamps down the effects of THC. They work symbiotically. Hemp derived “cbd” is not useful when treating pets with advanced illnesses. CBD 20:1 is safe and useful. Stop spreading fear and misinformation.

      • William

        Love whole plant; RSO, yes?

    • William

      DE; love your passion; I am not certain THC is “toxic” for animals; they sure can get goofy though. And I had parrots who loved both seeds, and buds, and became even more friendly and loveable when they were stoned..#:-)

    • Barbara Bean

      THC is not toxic to dogs or cats or any other animals. Please go get educated on animal health care before you post inane comments you cannot back up. Leafly does a great job of moderating the comments, not.

      Do not start a backwards trend on cannabinoids in animals or people. You are misinformed.

  • Open Minds

    She said it was “stress related”. Maybe she should take some of her own CBD tinctures and chill out…

    • Jack the Rebel

      LOL! It seems she’s also a liar. What child scream every two seconds non-stop for hours about selling water. She was simply power-tripping and felt the need to impose whatever power she felt she had over that child. P.S.: Cannabis is still federally illegal so she should take her fake morality somewhere else.

      • I understand your point, but we don’t care about Federal drug law. Never have, never will.

        • Jack the Rebel

          Dumb comment. Go back and read my bigger point.

      • Peter Johnson

        Have you never used exaggerated words when expressing frustration? Or do you possess “tons” of patience?

    • LeeToo

      LOL! good advice!

    • Cathy Scoggins

      😁 I like the way you think @openminds.

  • Macbill

    I wonder how that is working out for her. /s

  • Sammy

    I’m thinking Miss Ettel sure wishes to heck that now she JUST would’ve coughed up the $50-$60 to buy-out Jordan’s water inventory to get her off the street and her “screaming”? Instead of trying a weird bully-rant?

    POOF! Her business instantly disintegrated!!!

    • That would have been the smart thing to do.

  • Jack the Rebel

    It seems she’s also a liar. What child scream every two seconds non-stop for hours about selling water. This is not a cry-baby-on-a-plane scenario. She was simply power-tripping and felt the need to impose whatever power she felt she had over that child. P.S.: Cannabis is still federally illegal so she should take her fake morality somewhere else.

    • Peter Johnson

      Perhaps Ettel made the completely common mistake of using exaggerations when recalling how the situation made her feel? Has anyone on this forum ever said, “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times …..?” Or has anyone ever used the phrase, “There is a ton of proof,” when trying to convince someone else of a point one believes is completely proven. “Has anyone ever challenged someone by saying, “you and what army?” Did you mean to imply that a real army would be needed to help that person control or defeat you? The fact is that all of us sometimes exaggerate our points in ways that have little to do with reality, to make someone else understand better why we are angry or upset.

      Since Ettel, should have thought of simply talking to the girl/and or her mother in order to resolve the situation more amicably, her mistake in this is not in dispute. What does seem to be in dispute are whether her mistakes are typical of racism. i.e. She said she didn’t really make the call, yet not one journalist who has yet covered this story has provided proof positive that a call from her was made to the police, when it seems it would be so simple for a skilled reporter to simply verify that fact or not, by simply calling the police station! And when she was a guest on a television show, she seemed full of contrition and even cried, saying she was so sorry for doing what she did? Excuse me, but this kind of regret hardly seems characteristic of a power tripping kind of person. Its completely the opposite of what someone like Donald Trump would do, who refuses to even admit that he made many of his many obscene and uncalled for comments?

      I can’t say for certain that everything Ettel claims is true, but is it really fair to put her in a social media giottine before looking into this instance more carefully? I’m not trying to defend Ettel, I am merely pointing out how insufficient it is to decide right and wrong before knowing more about the case.

  • jason42175

    A child practicing Empowerment and entrepreneurship, lady decide to call the cops to shut her down, this women is a disgrace, I hope the video of what she did hunts her forever.

    • Peter Johnson

      I agree that doing things like selling beverages on street corners are fine ways to empower a young person with the spirit of entrepreneurship, but the actual dispute had nothing to do with that philosophical observation! Where did you hear Ettel saying something like “leave business to business men” or, “Its not your place to gain a fundamental experience of salesmanship?” She was obviously stressed out and could not understand why the girl kept on calling loudly to customers, while she was trying to do her work?

      I was once the victim of very bad upstairs neighbors who played loud rock music way past midnight every night, so I did the reasonable thing and asked them to keep it down after midnight. And at that time I was very stressed! But what happened? They considered me some sort of interfering prude and proceeded to harass me for over two years! One should always look for reasonable resolutions to any dispute but sometimes even that make no difference! Maybe Ettel had previously had bad experiences with horrible neighbors or something akin to that? Whatever else may be true or not, she obviously could see no reason for the girl to keep selling water for so long or so loudly, and she let her aversion to the noise show. That is something that needs to be apologized for, but not something serious enough to completely destroy another person’s career.

  • ClintonHillion

    1. If she was only ‘pretending’ to call the police, why did she duck down behind the wall to get a better signal as she’s asserted at least once?
    2. I thought it was especially rich and telling that when the mom says “for selling in front of her home/property?” Ettel responds, “This is not your property.” She was clearly saying, “You don’t belong here.”

    3. It was broad daylight; and if it’s hot, your window’s open, you live in one of the most densely populated cities in the country, and it’s too noisy, close the window and turn on the A/C…that’s what I do in Brooklyn because I’m clear I do not live in the damned country.
    4. This probably would’ve all gone down differently if she had been nice, bought some water, and negotiated what she wanted. She says it was hot and she sure looks sweaty and flustered in the video – she clearly could’ve used hydration.

    4. Yes. It was truly rich for a White woman who’s job is literally committing a federal crime that has landed so many Black and Brown folks in jail to harass and threaten to call the police on an 8 year-old Black girl for essentially setting up a lemonade stand without a permit to make money to go to Disneyland.
    5. Is she a racist? Yes. I believe so – whether she knows/wants to admit it or not. I do not for instance believe she would’ve called the cops on the little girl below, nor questioned her right to even be there.

    • William

      CH; well said, and the exact picture Alison probably had in her head when she called the cops on A CHILD SELLING WATER. Ettel will get what she deserves. Let’s remember that if Ettel “tolerated” the child quietly, that is just as racist, or worse. Now, she’s gotta deal with herself. Ettel should have bought some water, and gotten that child’s phone number )or mom’s, or dad’s); How many of us have the business entrepeneurial (sp?) smarts and motivation to stand in such heat, and sell water? Ettel shoulda’ looked at a future employee to hire, no?..yes..#:-)

  • Melanie Giovannini Verdusco

    She should move if she cant handle noise. She lives right by the ballpark. There is cheering and yelling all day. GO GIANTS!! This lady got what she deserved.

  • fatboyinde

    Life is hard, and when you are as stupid as this white woman, it is really hard. It is about to get really, really hard for this woman and her company.

  • fatboyinde

    This little girl is to be commended, not criticized, for her excellent entrepreneurial skills. Don’t stop, we need more people like you! This white woman, Alison, however, should be ashamed of the way she acted to someone else in business for themselves… she should have encouraged the little girl, who was doing the right thing. Now, this white woman is reaping the whirlwind, because she deserves it, and more. Her company is losing business, and no one wants to associate with her. Maybe the little girl will hire her to help sell the water!

    • Dave M

      yeah sell water at a 500% mark up , great entrepreneurial strategy

  • Practical_Optimist

    A woman who has said she is a friend of Alison’s has posted stating that Alison has macular degeneration. Apparently that is some sort of excuse. The meningitis and time spent in a coma (December 2013 in Vancouver) wasn’t cutting Alison enough slack so it was time to try another tactic.

  • dtschuck

    Her actions suggests she’s bucking for a job in the Trump Administration.

  • dtschuck

    If what she was doing wasn’t shameful and disgusting, why did she duck down behind the brick wall to hide from the camera? She’s like our President—punches best when he’s punching down. I’m surprised Ettel didn’t claim is was a National Security issue.

  • 360dunk

    Why did Leafly feel the need to inject racism into the story when there was none? I’m not defending Permit Patty’s actions (does she call cops on lemonade stand sellers too?). But unless there are clearly racial motivations, and there weren’t in this case, they’re just over-playing the race card. C’mon Leafly, you’re better than this.

    • I agree. There’s way too much of this “White person says something to Black person it must be racism” mentality.
      This Patty broad is clearly a cow, but she probably would have complained about a white child doing the same thing.
      I recently encountered an African American at a small convenience store who kept buying lottery tickets and scratching them at the counter while people were waiting to pay for gas. I told him he needed to gtf out of the way and show some respect. He did, but I didn’t say something to him because he was black. Disrespect has no color boundaries. Would have said the same thing to anyone.

      • TweetyBird

        That’s a big assumption to make. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but why didn’t she just go talk to them? I’m sure she doesn’t think of herself as a racist, but calling the cops on anyone for such a minor infraction is a little ridiculous and no, I don’t think she would have called if the child were white.

        • 360dunk

          I disagree that she wouldn’t have called if the kid was white. If she’s that anal about permits, she’s calling no matter what the race, gender, age, religion.

          • JAG

            …except she WASN’T all that anal about permits, as she HERSELF claims that she only “pretended” to call the cops.
            So basically, she knew that “calling the cops” could be an effective strategy against a black girl, and so weaponized it for a fake reason she didn’t really care about to begin with.

            It wasn’t about “permits.” She just didn’t want some black girl selling water near her home. No other interpretation available.

          • 360dunk

            LOL at ‘no other interpretation available’… though only yours could be considered legitimate. All arrogance aside, what makes you think she didn’t want ANY girl selling water? Answer: you have no idea. Neither do I, nobody does but her. You conclusion-jumpers just aren’t open to any other possibility.

      • Jack the Rebel

        Wow, the fact that you had to mention that… Congratulation, you spoke respectfully to a black person. You’re not very bright.

  • chillsister

    Boycott that b*tch.

  • michael grosser

    I am so happy I left California. Enjoy your “legal pot”. There’s more laws on the books now that is “legal” than before.Suckers!

  • Alan479 Martin

    Too many believe all laws come from Moses and the burning bush.

  • BooBoo65

    Society has replaced one prejudice with a socially acceptable one. Shame! It’s still wrong. We don’t know the issue was because of race and since the noise was disturbing her work, it most likely wasn’t.

  • Steve Wilson

    Someone should’ve called a Waaambulance!!

  • BooBoo65

    “Will someone think of the children!” My God when children are involved people’s IQ plummet. The worthiness of her call to the police is up to the judge, not to all the people with torches and pitchforks.

  • Well, we had a good discussion going until the Trump this, Obama that idiots showed up. I’m out.

    Leafly…This was an irresponsible job of reporting. Please don’t become another Huffington Post or FOX Newz. You’ll only attract bottom-feeders who make useless, benign comments and clutter the threads.

  • Peter Johnson

    I have read several versions on different news outlets about this story, and what constantly confuses me is why no one will document whether the phone call Ettel says she pretended to make was really received by the police? To me that is the most extreme action allegedly involved, and one would think that journalists could make an easy check of police records to determine if Ettel did, or didn’t, really call them? As far as who hollered at whom, while refusing to be polite, this was probably a case of an overworked woman with frayed nerves, who, out of frustration, made a mountain out of a molehill! But, we’ve all been there before haven’t we? Do you remember ever cramming for finals while a roommate or someone else played loud music nearby? Or maybe you remember trying to recover from a hangover while those around you talked loudly and continuously? And, if this ever escalated to a courtroom situation, I’m pretty sure that the defense would point out how stressful her work was at that time. Or Hell, maybe she had even been partaking in her own product recently–something that does not always cause tranquility and calm, depending on the kind of Pot, the psyche of the user, or the surroundings she was in?

    Sure she made a bad decision and should have talked calmly to the girl, requesting that she should be a bit more quiet. As far as whether she pretended to call the cops—the claim that she was pretending makes perfect sense to me. My own sister threatened to call the police if I remained loud while she was babysitting me, and my mother sternly told me to be quiet when my dad had to sleep during the day. And, isn’t subterfuge in this case. a lesser villain than causing a literal event?

    Most disgusting is the way people self-righteously feel they can gang up on someone like Ettel and take advantage of her mistake in order to let out a string of vial comments that demean her character, just to release their frustrations? What ever happened to walking a mile in someone’s shoes before you criticize and choose? Is it possilble we have all become too sensitive about race in light of the recent police shootings and killings? Are we really talking something out on people like Ettel to soothe our own consciences? No one who makes obscene remarks and death threats while pretending to be virtuous, knows a thing about prejudice or fairness! If they did, they wouldn’t so easily stoke the fires to humor their own self-perceptions of acting with self-righteousness? Ettel did make a mistake, but by being so eager to gang up on her and ride our own, “I hate bias, hate wagon,” only makes the problem worse. The easiest thing in the world is to call someone else racist and then unleash a string of foul invectives to pushish someone whom we truly know little about. Remember the Bible tells us about self-righteous attitudes, “Judge not that ye be not judged?”

  • Peter Johnson

    Last night I left a comment here which basically suggested that we have become overly concerned with race in minor instances like this. I tried to place readers in Attell’s shoes and asked them if they had never done something stupid while under stress. I also asked why virtually every article about this story uses words like, “she appeared to call the cops,” or, “she says didn’t call didn’t call them”–none of which corroborates one of the main transgressions in this story–Did she actually call the cops or not? It would seem that a simple check of police records could verify this as a fact and prove or disprove what happened, yet no one seems to have bothered with that detail? I also criticized the many people who phoned in death threats on Ettel’s life, or made other threatening statements to her. And I rightly called this reaction one of the most horrendous things that people full of self-righteous ire can do.

    It appear that in response to my honest questions and unpopular stance, Leafly first held up my comment for many hours and finally deleted it when I was forced to leave the website. And it also appears, after reading some of the other comments posted here, that many people share my basic opinion. How honest and just is it to censor a simple and honest contribution to this forum?

  • ladyfresh

    People calm down. Nobody did anything to this woman that she did not do to herself. Nobody told her to fake call the police on an 8 year old in front of her mother while on camera while illegally selling a substance outside of her permit while being racist. She did all of that on her own. Nobody did this to her. You dont want this to happe to you? Don’t be a halfwit racist doing illegal shit…oh wait…i see why you all might be panicked LOL carry on chicken littles.

    • Peter Johnson

      When is the last time you lost your temper over some trivial thing? Have you ever pounded on your ceiling or floor when trying to signal troglodyte neighbors it’s time to keep their noise down? Or are you someone who never acts irrationally? All the better for you if you haven’t, but most of us have had emotional outbursts when angered by something that others may have done innocently, or with no intentions of upsetting anyone else—sometimes over things which may not even bother us under less stressful circumstances.

      If Patty has a history of doing things like this regularly, then perhaps it’s her personality that needs a wake-up call, if not, why are we all so eager to label others as racist based on our own supposedly superior virtues? Is it relevant to know if Patti did indeed contact the police (how can it not be?), since that seems to be the most egregious action she took. Really! Why has this part of her story never been verified or disproved? Don’t good journalists want to go through the hassle of doing such a simple thing to back up the facts in their reporting?

      Yes, what Patti did was neither wise nor appropriate. But let’s not look down from our high horses and be so eager to judge someone else!

  • Bruniepr

    I hope she learned her lesson!

  • TJ

    I do not see the purpose of ruining a company over 1 really stupid person. They forced her to resign immediately. People rely on the products they make to function. People rely on Treatwell for jobs. Their Balance Tincture was the first product I have taken that has completely relieved me of my Migraines. I no longer take prescription drugs for migraines, and It has helped improve my PTSD and Anxiety a little.