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Senator: White House Drug Office Promises Objective Cannabis Study

October 3, 2018
A White House drug office official has offered assurances that a marijuana policy panel will be objective and dispassionate as it examines the impact of legalization in some states, a Colorado senator said.

The vow came after BuzzFeed reported in August that the panel intended to portray marijuana as a national threat and criticize state efforts to legalize it drug.

The committee had asked 14 federal agencies and the DEA to submit ‘data demonstrating the most significant negative trends’ about marijuana and its national ‘threats.’

Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet disclosed the assurances Monday after he asked the Executive Office of the President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy to respond to the report.

BuzzFeed said the committee had asked 14 federal agencies and the Drug Enforcement Administration to submit “data demonstrating the most significant negative trends” about marijuana and its national “threats.”


Trump White House Committee Wants Dirt on Legalization

The online news site based its reporting on documents it had obtained.

James Carroll, deputy director of the drug office, told the senator the committee would use scientific data in its study of the drug, which is broadly legal in Colorado, Bennett said.

The drug office’s media relations representatives didn’t respond to an email seeking comment late Tuesday.

Colorado was one of the first two states to legalize marijuana and it now has a growing cannabis industry.


Trump Vows to Back Law to Protect Legal Cannabis Industry

“In Colorado, we’ve made a deliberate effort to ensure fact-based data informs our marijuana policies,” Bennet said. “Government-sponsored propaganda shouldn’t undermine that effort.”

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  • Open Minds

    I trust the White House as much as I trust Putin…

    • Fun Please

      Putin and you have the same politics.
      What are you complaining about again? Prosperity?
      What did Bammy get done? Zero

  • Dante-the-cat

    A White House run by an right wing administration whose base consists of people who believe it should be sched 1 and believe it is a major reason for the collapse of western civilization,.

    And you expect what, exactly?

    • BA5578

      Unfortunately, MSNBC has not provided you with any truth in these matters.

      I am a conservative. I voted for President Trump and I believe cannabis should be legal, both for medical and recreational use. The election of November 2016 proves that this is a bi-partisan issue, since the Republican Presidential candidate was elected at the same time as all but one state- level initiative (Arizona’s recreational measure). This “Objective Cannabis Study” will be scrutinized by Republican and Democrat representatives alike. Both parties are growing in
      cannabis- friendly support.

      It all comes down to money and power. If the strangle- hold on the cannabis plant were released, both pharmaceutical and textile manufacturers would lose big. That’s why alcohol and pharmaceutical companies are literally pouring millions (of $$ and lies) into local and state elections to keep Reefer Madness alive. At
      this point in time, you pretty much have to try to ignore all of the factual evidence that cannabis is incredibly beneficial in so many ways.

      President Trump is a business man, not a politician. To see politics, just look at the Senate judiciary committee. If it makes good business sense, then the President should be on board. The federal government will get with the program sooner or later- there’s too much money to be made. In the meantime, we’ll continue to pass
      legalization at the state- level, just as we’ve been doing.

      Furthermore, the cannabis plant has nothing to do with the collapse of western civilization. We can thank Liberalism for that.

      • Dante-the-cat

        Trump can be what he wants – the old school repubs (Sessions, McConnel et all) and their base still will control the “devil’s lettuce”. Your current legislation finally declassified a CBD pharmaceutical but CBD itself stays at schedule 1. It runs counter to your argument.

      • Dante-the-cat

        Also, nice barb at the end. Actually if you think there’s a better chance that cannabis will be made legal at the hands conservatives rather than liberals – yeah well *giggle* that’s what you think, man.

  • The United States is no longer the leader of the free world. It is the leader of the most imprisoned population in the world.