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The Shake: Maher Sparks Up On-Air, Ohio Tries Again

That Napster guy is throwing even more money behind legalization. Sean Parker, super rich dude, has donated another $500,000 to support California’s upcoming voter initiative, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. According to campaign finance records, that puts Parker’s total donations north of $1 million. So it should be no surprise a lot of people call the Adult Use of Marijuana Act simply “The Parker Initiative.” Let’s just hope it passes.

Facebook takedowns are going national. Over the past few weeks, state-legal cannabis businesses across the country have seen their Facebook pages disappear for violating the site’s community standards. Business owners complain Facebook’s guidance hasn’t been clear, but NBC’s talking-head attorney gave this advice: Don’t post things that make your page look like a store, like strains or price lists. To which we say: Duh. Use Leafly for that instead.

Bill Maher found an(other?) excuse to get high at work. The Real Time host lit up a joint on-air over the weekend. “It’s not a bad habit,” he told viewers. “It’s a fantastic habit. Unless, like anything else, you overdo it.” He also called the conflict between state and federal law untenable. “When I leave Colorado, Oregon, Washington, or Alaska, my back pain doesn’t go away. Or whatever it is I have.” Maher offered more than a celebrity endorsement — he also gave us this GIF that’s downright debonair:

Bill Maher smokes a joint on Real Time

Curious what a legal Ohio would look like? You’re not alone. Marijuana Policy Project unveiled more details about a constitutional MMJ amendment slated for November’s ballot, but the measure’s language still hasn’t been written. The basics: Patients with certain conditions would be able to obtain ID cards to buy and possess cannabis, and the state would license businesses to grow, process, test, distribute, and sell the drug. And unlike last year’s amendment, there won’t be a monopoly. MPP President Rob Kampia has one more selling point: “The retail price in Ohio will inevitably be slightly lower than in other states, because the Ohio initiative won’t impose large taxes or bureaucratic hurdles that would translate to higher prices.”

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Image Source: Real Time with Bill Maher via YouTube