The Shake: Turns Out Baby Boomers Love Cannabis. Vermont, Not So Much

Published on May 2, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Cannabis use among boomers is booming. More and more Americans age 55 and older are using cannabis — and using more of it — as their home states legalize. CBS News says this comes as a surprise (and then puts “MARIJUANA” in all caps for shock value), but the uptick also makes sense: Cannabis can address the aches and pains of aging, promote a solid night’s sleep, and even make seniors feel young again. There’s still a lot of stigma among groups that came to age during the war on drugs, but that’s slowly fading — and it could make a difference at the ballot box come November.

It’s right to worry about underage use —but evidence says it’s not spreading. A new study out of Washington state found that adult-use legalization had no effect on teen access. Tell your friends.

Vermont now looks like a long shot. Key leaders in the state House say they don’t think there are enough votes to pass the state’s long-awaited adult-use legalization bill this year, according to the Associated Press.

How Scientists Debunked a Study About Medical Marijuana Laws and Underage Use

Nobody said the green rush would be easy. “There’s this misconception that everyone is rolling in the money here,” a Colorado cannabis expert tells CNBC in a piece about the startup hustle.

Related: Lots of people want to work in cannabis.Lots of people.

Canadian legalization task force won’t include cannabis advocates. Forward-thinking folks such as Jodie Emery had applied, but Justice Minister Bill Blair says they’re not invited.

Woody gets axed. Hawaii rejected actor and NORML board member Woody Harrelson’s application to operate a medical cannabis license in the state. Read the full story here.

Hawaii Rejects Woody Harrelson’s Dispensary Bid, Grants 8 Others

Oregon issues first adult-use cannabis licenses. The state expects to issue about 850 licenses this year. A full list of the eight recipients can be found here, and Noelle Crombie at the Oregonianhas more.

Make London great again? Mayoral candidate and self-professed hippie Lee Harris, 79, says that “London would be a happier place if cannabis was legalized.” Right-o, mate.

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New Zealand radio host visits Colorado, backs legalization. “Tax the stuff, build more schools and watch crime go down,” Matt Heath writes in the New Zealand Herald.

Colorado tourists could soon buy like locals. A bill in the Legislature would repeal a law that currently prevents out-of-state visitors from buying more than a quarter-ounce of cannabis per day.

Straight Talk in Ski Country: A Q&A with Aspen’s Cannabis-Friendly Sheriff

Illinois is weighing 15 new qualifying conditions. But the doctor who leads the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory board isn’t optimistic the new qualifying conditions will be adopted given Gov. Bruce Rauner’s past statements, says the AP.

The National Cannabis Industry Association announced candidates for its board of directors. You’ll notice some familiar faces.

Colorado’s cannabis doctor will make a pretty penny. The state’s “marijuana health effects and research manager” gig pays between $137,000 and $215,000, according to an open job listing. The Denver Post says it could be one of the highest salaries in state government.

Also in Colorado: another recall.Concentrate maker Avicenna Products is recalling 123 individually packaged grams of Super Silver Diesel shatter, which is contaminated with the banned pesticide myclobutanil. The voluntary recall is the latest of dozens to have hit the state, the Cannabist reports.

And finally, New York is having a cannabis parade! It’s this Saturday, May 7, and you can get all the details right here.

 Reschedule 420 Takes the Cannabis Cause to the White House

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