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Weekend Weirdness: Man Runs Out of Rolling Papers, Calls 911 to Order More

A friendly reminder to all you lovely cannabis consumers out there: 911 is not a concierge service. You should refrain from dialing those three little numbers unless you have an actual emergency, not if you, say, run out of rolling papers and need a re-up.

Unfortunately, a Waynesboro, Virginia man did exactly that earlier this week. A 24-year old man named Kyle Dustin Head found himself fresh out of rolling papers, so he mistakenly dialed 911 to order some more. Head, according to investigators, thought he was calling his friend instead of emergency services.

The good news for Head is that 911 issued fantastic customer service and dispatched some officers to his location, where he was found sitting in a car in his driveway. However, the bad news is that instead of bringing him some high-quality unbleached pure hemp rolling papers (like, for example, the ones available in our Leafly store), he was gifted with a charge of cannabis possession. Tough break — at least the other guy who dialed 911 did it because he thought he was "too high."

Weekend Weirdness: "Help Me, 911, I'm Waaaaaay Too High"