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What is Hemp’s Current Status in the United States?

July 28, 2015

After a century of prohibition, hemp is once again taking root in American soil. With the passing of the 2014 federal farm bill (section 7606), farmers in states with industrial hemp legislation are allowed to grow and harvest hemp in conjunction with their state departments of agriculture for research through pilot programs.

Kentucky, Colorado, and Vermont all planted small research crops in 2014. As these states plant for a second year, many others, including Tennessee and Oregon, have passed hemp legislation and are planting their inaugural round of hemp crops.

To date, 33 states and Puerto Rico have introduced pro-hemp legislation, and 24 states have defined industrial hemp as distinct from other strains of cannabis and removed barriers to its production.

In January of 2015, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act was introduced in the House and Senate, H.R. 525 and S. 134. If passed, all current restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp would be removed, along with its classification as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

Industrial hemp is legal to grow in more than 30 countries. The United States is one of the few industrialized nations that does not currently allow the cultivation of hemp. Millions of dollars worth of hemp is imported into the United States each year in order to fulfill the growing demand for hemp products. The annual retail sales for hemp products was estimated at $620 million in 2014. Much of it is being sourced from Canada, China, and other countries.

Some states have included market development in their hemp legislation, which allows farmers to profit from their crops and for products to be sourced from American-grown hemp. If the Hemp Farming Act passes, the hemp market would be allowed to flourish without intervention from the federal government. American farmers deserve the right to grow and profit from hemp once more, don’t you think?

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  • Jason Lauve

    Did you know that the 2014 federal farm bill (section 7606) is missing an assigned authority and that is why the DEA, FDA and USDA are interfering?

  • Nope Ive never heard that. Nor do I understand it. But the DEA lost the case HIA vs. DEA so I am trying to figure out under what authority ANYONE can interfere with it.

    I am trying to construct a we the people petition on the white house website.

  • We sell hemp products at We are doing everything we can to help.

  • Morbilim
  • Alex Yearham

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  • Thank you for this information! Visit for all natural organic hemp CBD, CBG and CBN pure isolate. 99% pure distillate imported from the Netherlands!

  • I concur, wish you could make specific references to states!!

  • pennypav

    Hemp doesnt have THC in it, why is it illegal?

    • Vicki Lund

      Hemp does have THC but much lower content and is in the same family Cannabis Sativa. Once the dry weight level of THC exceeds 0.3% Hemp is no longer Hemp and becomes Marijuana.

      The reason it is illegal was because rich men wanted to get richer mostly among some other things. DuPont made plastics and wanted to sell their wares but Hemp products were better and cost less. Demonize the plant family because people are too ignorant to find out the truth and gullible enough to believe what they hear on the news or wherever. This is only a little snippet of a big lengthy event and explanation.

      • Ron Robinson

        Not true Vicki, Hemp has no THC. It looks like Cannabis and police couldn’t distinguish between pot and hemp, so they outlawed the growing of hemp. Any plant that looked like marijuana immediately became illegal. Now that the laws are more relaxed on the growing of hemp, farmers are reluctant to grow the plant because there are no manufacturing plants in the USA to process the product. The products that can be produced from Hemp and Bamboo will eventually destroy the strangle hold that oil products have on this planet. In my opinion, that is the real reason there is not a Hemp industry in this country. It is naturally insect repellent, drought tolerant, regrows from its roots, non-allergenic, and can be processed into food, clothing, paper goods, replace plastics, building materials from lumber to insulation, and mixed with bamboo can rival the strength of steel and carbon fiber.

        And to top it off, if planted in pollination distance of Cannabis, will render the Cannabis neutered.

        Wish I would win the PowerBall Lotto, because I would create the Hemp industry that would change the world.

        • Hemp does have THC but at the most around 0.3%. Canada actually classifies it’s plants this way. If a plant has over 0.3% it is considered marijuana.

  • Bigcharacter

    Okay, I’m a novice and need to ask a question of others who have been around so to speak. Looking to get into the business when it becomes legal in Texas to raise marijuana for medicinal purposes. My question is “How much is a fully grown lets say 10-12′ plant worth? I assume pharmaceuticals will pay pretty good but I guess I’m just researching the wrong things. When I Google this question I get all sorts of mumbo jumbo about cost to grow and such as that. Hope someone has a qualified answer or can direct me to one!

  • Kat L

    Hemp will save our economy.

  • steve pool

    it was made illegal by people like DuPont and Hearst. both used oil and cotton, and pulp products. And until 1934 when the hemp shredder was invented no one cared. it cost to much to produce. Henry Ford made a complete car out of hemp and it was quite durable. Ford also used hemp oil to power the car after Diesel showed how to compress the fuel. Its always been about big power money to control others pocket book

  • It will soon be legal pretty much everywhere is the Usa when the farm bill passes.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Passed in the 2004 Farm Bill I thought?