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Which of These 5 States Will Be Next to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Published on March 5, 2015 · Last updated May 13, 2022

With Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. legalizing cannabis recreationally in the last election cycle, everyone is patiently waiting to see which state will be next to join the legalization club. Professor Barney Warf, author of “High Points: An Historical History of Cannabis,” used his extensive knowledge of geography and demography to predict the five states he believes likely to legalize in the election cycle. Will your state be next?

The Next Five States Likely to Legalize Cannabis

1. California

California, a long-time medical marijuana state, has tried several times to pass legalization. With five states/districts that have now beat them to the punch, Warf believes their time has come.

2. Illinois

Illinois has been surprisingly liberal on the issue of cannabis thus far and are finally making progress on their medical marijuana program. Could retail legalization be next?

3. Nevada

As libertarian as Alaska, Warf believes Nevadans will vote in favor of make their own decisions instead of having their government choose for them.

4. New York

A recent medical marijuana convert (although the program has yet to debut, sparking criticism from medical marijuana advocates), New York is considered highly likely to legalize in the next election.

5. Vermont

Possessing a “strong liberal tradition,” Vermont is a likely candidate for legalization in 2016.

Which state do you think is most likely to legalize next?

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