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Why You ‘Don’t Pass Trump the Blunt,’ According to Smoke DZA

June 17, 2016

Donald Trump is not the cannabis candidate. Not, at least, if your litmus test is the leanings of hip-hop stars who stir cannabis in with their politics. Magazine XXL is tracking “19 Rappers Who Have Dissed Donald Trump.” 

Here’s another. Smoke DZA, described by the San Francisco Chronicle as a “leading Harlem New York weed rapper" (one who certainly has distinctive taste in smokeables), recently gave voice to a feeling shared by many in the cannabis community. He’s launched a campaign dubbed “Don’t Pass Trump the Blunt,” alongside an online mixtape of the same name. 

The campaign’s reasons are many and compelling (you can submit one yourself via text, because democracy): 

  • He gonna try to tax it and sell it for the high
  • He gonna give up the connect
  • Trump smokes mids
  • You can’t trust a man with a combover
  • He won’t pass it back  
  • It’s too loud and might knock his toupee off

A photo posted by Smoke DZA (@kushedgod) on


“Don’t Pass Trump the Blunt” T-shirts are available. And, of course, red hats.

Image via

Image via

 ‘NJWeedman’ is No Joke. He’s New Jersey’s Cannabis Pioneer.

From SFGate's David Downs

DZA said he would not pass Trump a marijuana cigarette crafted from tobacco leaf paper — a blunt — because “I think his face is flammable. I’ve never seen him with facial hair. He’s always like really smooth and plastic.”

Before we ask whether San Francisco readers really need to be told what a blunt is, let’s acknowledge that DZA’s political views extend beyond his analysis of facial flammability. (DZA says he’s a Bernie supporter.) The rapper punctuates the album with “skits,” snippets of pointedly curated Trump recordings like track five, “Mexican,” wherein the short-fingered vulgarian explains his “tremendous relationships with people from Mexico” by way of an exchange with two Mexican waiters:

“‘Mr. Trump, we love you.’ 

“I said, ‘Where you from?’ 


“I said, ‘That’s great. I love you, too.’” 

[audience laughs]

The title track of “Don’t Pass Trump the Blunt” is the most politically pointed original song on the album, though the cover art may take the cake as far as statements go. 

"Don't Pass Trump the Blunt" cover art. Image via

"Don't Pass Trump the Blunt" cover art. Image via

Before you laugh off this story, remember: A lot of people claimed to have supported President George W. Bush because he seemed like “the kind of guy you could sit down and have a beer with.” If Trump asked, would you pass him the blunt?*

 Clinton Vows Tepid Leadership on Cannabis

* For the record, I would, because that’d be one hell of a story.