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4 Ways Innovative Technology is Changing the Public’s Perception of Dabbing

This article is sponsored by SPRY, a Seattle-based technology company (by way of Hawaii) that specializes in the research, design, and manufacturing of advanced dabbing hardware products like the Prodigy vapor rig.

Cannabis traditionalists hold tight to the tried and true method of consumption when it comes to enjoying their favorite strains: combusted flower. But concentrated cannabis is gaining momentum among consumers, and while cannabis enthusiasts may think that it’s a relatively new trend, it’s actually been around for ages as ancient civilizations passed down hash making techniques and perfected them over generations. With the technological revolution of the last 30+ years, new processes have been invented with a heavy scientific influence that are revolutionary yet relatively unknown to the average consumer.

Although concentrate consumption, specifically dabbing, is becoming increasingly more popular, it still has considerable hurdles to overcome before it becomes accepted by mainstream cannabis culture. Occasional news reports of explosions from amateurs attempting home extractions don’t do anything to help dabbing’s image, but they do offer a compelling argument for education and safe access to regulated products. Thankfully, impressive technological advancements are addressing these four common concerns surrounding dabbing and are ushering in a new era of safe, accessible concentrate consumption for users of varying experience levels.


1. Getting Rid of the Blow Torch

SPRY's Prodigy dabbing unit

The use of a butane or propane torch to heat a concentrate nail not only conjures up images of hard drug use, it also opens an opportunity for severe burns. However, recent advancements are shifting the perspective and opening the doors for safe and responsible dabbing.

Electronic nails, or e-nails, are now sweeping through concentrate culture, giving dabbers the ability to maintain a steady temperature without repeated heating. However, e-nails are not without their own set of hazards and limitations, like being restricted by the length of their cord, which can complicate things when trying to pass the rig between friends.

Bridging the gap between the traditional glass rigs and the electronic nail option are products like the Prodigy from SPRY, a convenient, all-in-one, wireless vapor rig that gets rid of the torches and cumbersome attachments. With its rechargeable, battery-powered nail, this sort of new technology allows medical patients and recreational consumers to consume cannabis concentrates in a safe manner that minimizes exposure to the risks traditionally associated with dabbing.


2. Focusing on Healthier Consumption

SPRY's Prodigy dab unit on display

Lately, much of the conversation about cannabis has centered on vaporization. Combusted flower and extended smoke exposure can pose their own set of health risks, which is why it’s important for cannabis consumers to understand that they don’t have to sit around in smoke-filled rooms anymore.

Concentrates offer the ability to achieve the desired effects while minimizing the actual intake of vapor or smoke. The purity of concentrates on the market today gives consumers a way to inhale less and experience more, while the influence of safer, more controlled technology allows consumers to fine-tune their experience and offers piece-of-mind for those looking to minimize their exposure to potentially harmful carcinogens.


3. Easier for Users New to Concentrates

SPRY's Prodigy dabbing unit

Dabbing isn’t just for experienced cannabis connoisseurs, it’s a way for anyone to enjoy the benefits and experience that cannabis offers without having to smoke the strains they enjoy in large quantities. The term “dab” itself conjures up visions of the small amount of oil necessary to be effective and enjoyable.

While the more experienced concentrate consumer might lean towards a larger dab, those new to dabbing can rely on technological advancements that allow for subtle dosing control based on the size of dab they’re comfortable taking. First-time dabbers are connecting with the more advanced dabbing technology available today that is breaking through some of the stereotypes and barriers to trying concentrates. Products like SPRY’s Prodigy vapor rig offer advanced safety and temperature control, aiding in the ability to consume concentrates in a responsible manner.


4. More Effective Medicinal Delivery for Ailing Patients

The Prodigy by SPRY

Reasonable, rational, and conscientious use can not only offer an enjoyable experience, it can give medical marijuana patients more command over the medicinal properties they seek to help relieve or treat their debilitating symptoms. The interplay of cannabinoids and terpenes creates a wide spectrum of therapeutic effects, with each compound offering unique benefits and flavors at a variety of boiling points (temperatures at which they convert to vapor).

Using a product like SPRY’s Prodigy that offers medical marijuana patients controlled, low-temperature dabs gives them the ability to personalize their experience. With incremental temperature control, patients can fine-tune their device to get the flavors and effects that they seek to maintain a better quality of life.

Some might argue that concentrates are too potent and force one to over-consume, but many medical marijuana patients rely on stronger doses than the average recreational consumer in order to better manage their pain symptoms or their debilitating medical conditions. Ultimately, the responsibility lies in the individual to consume responsibly within their abilities and in a safe, comfortable environment.

With cannabis technologies advancing at an unprecedented rate, you can expect the cannabis community to quickly attach to the products that push the envelope and advance efficiency while mitigating the health and legal risks of consumption. SPRY and other progressive companies are opening the door to more advanced products that can revolutionize a culture with stylish, practical technologies designed to solve real problems that today’s consumers face every time they sit down to medicate or share cannabis with friends.

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