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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Concentrate Products

November 28, 2016
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  • Shopping for a concentrate enthusiast? This collection of wax pens, dab rigs, and bubblers is bound to please any lover of oils, shatter, wax, and dabs.
  • 1/10
    Ghost Pen Vaporizer Kit
    This discreetly-designed portable vape is capable of handling any concentrate you throw at it, utilizing a titanium heating element in order to produce a cleaner-tasting vapor at a lower temperature. It's a great affordable option for anyone looking for a portable concentrate vape pen.
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  • 2/10
    Portable E-Rig
    This portable e-rig is compact enough to take anywhere and charges through a USB port. It takes only 30 seconds to heat to your desired temperature, then inhale through a borosilicate glass attachment to get full flavor out of your concentrates. Features a domeless titanium nail and carb cap/dabbing tool.
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  • 3/10
    Mini Bell Bubbler
    Despite the smaller size, the Mini Bell Bubbler’s bubbling action combined with the perc inside will give you a smooth yet powerful hit each time, and the included Quartz banger will allow you to dab your favorites concentrates right when you take it out the box. Comes in multiple vibrant colors.
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  • 4/10
    Sketch Puck Dab Rig
    This 7 1/2“ tall rig is made of an opaque white borosilicate glass adorned with bright and cheery artwork sketches that can’t help but put you in a good mood before you even use it. The puck shape of the rig also allows space for great filtration with its fixed diffuser.
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  • 5/10
    Light Vaporizer Pen
    Built for oil and wax concentrates only, the Light Vaporizer Pen features titanium heating technology in order to produce better tasting vapor at lower temperatures. Its extremely slim profile is perfect for discreet yet efficient use.
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  • 6/10
    Budder Cutter
    The Budder Cutter is a handheld heating/cutting device to help separate sticky concentrates and to easily get the right amount you want to use. It comes with three different end attachments to help with any “sticky” situation and doubles as a quick cleaning tool that’s great at melting away buildup.
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  • 7/10
    Hybrid Titanium Quartz Nail and Carb Cap Dab Kit
    This handy little device is a must-have for any dedicated dabber. The multi-use tool involves both a quartz nail that converts to either a male or female joint and a titanium carb cap to assist with dabbing at lower temperatures for better flavor and smoother hits.
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  • 8/10
    The Globfather Titanium Dabber 7.5 Inch
    Happy Daddy’s 7.5-inch “The Globfather” Titanium Dabber is made from a high-quality titanium that will stand the test the time. It features a shovel-like end that will help contain your dab once it starts to vaporize and melt.
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  • 9/10
    Mini Nectar Collector Kit
    This nectar collector has a detachable neck water chamber for smooth and convenient vaping, and there’s even a glass dish included to provide a clean and clear surface to place your concentrates.
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  • 10/10
    Non-Stick Containers 5 Jar Set
    Containing and managing those super sticky concentrates can be frustrating. These silicone concentrate containers are platinum-cured in order to be sturdier, non-stick, odorless, and heat-resistant. Come in packs of 5.
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Leafly’s 2016 holiday gift guide is sponsored by – The World’s Online Smoke Shop.

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