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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Vaporizer Products

November 28, 2016
  • These top-of-the-line flower and concentrate vaporizers ranging from discreet vape pens to table top units and slick portable devices are must-haves this holiday season.
  • 1/12
    Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer
    Built for both dry herbs and concentrates, the Pax 3 packs high-end performance and technical sophistication into an extremely slick and discreet-looking portable unit. It heats up your favorite herbs in just 15 seconds, and you can control the settings you want with the new Pax mobile app.
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  • 2/12
    Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer
    Featuring an intuitive app to help control heat and performance settings, the Firefly 2 provides consistent, great-tasting vaping performance for both dry herbs and concentrates through its modern design and technology.
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  • 3/12
    Volcano Vaporizer Classic
    Vapor quality with the Volcano is unmatched. This desktop vaporizer has a huge chamber to fill with your ground herb of choice, and the balloon system helps you get a ton of vapor out of your cannabis.
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  • 4/12
    Bubble Bud Herbal Vaporizer with Quartz Bubbler
    This portable vaporizer comes with a water bubbler tank attachment for cooler, smoother pulls and more flavorful vapor. It also has a large chamber that can hold up to one gram of ground herb.
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  • 5/12
    Boss Vaporizer Pen
    This compact yet powerful vape pen is a great affordable option, offering a slim design and smooth vaping performance ground herb. It's the perfect portable vape to have in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
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  • 6/12
    Crafty Vaporizer
    The Crafty emulates the famed Volcano's desktop power into a smaller, more compact unit to allow flower or concentrate use on the go. With two pre-set heat settings that involve convection and conduction, plus a dedicated app, tune the Crafty to your own personal preferences!
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  • 7/12
    Plenty Vaporizer
    This plug-in vape provides a powerful vaping performance thanks to its sophisticated heat exchanger system that ensures efficiency and high vapor output with each use. The Plenty is a great option for those who want top shelf desktop vaporizer performance with handheld convenience.
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  • 8/12
    NO2 V2 Vaporizer
    The NO2 V2 delivers great performance no matter where it's being used. It also comes with microchip technology that allows perfect temperature selection through an easy-to-read display screen, offering advanced technology with novice functionality.
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  • 9/12
    G Slim Vape Pen Snoop Dogg
    Built for dry herbs, this affordable yet effective pen can fit and go with you anywhere and contains enough space in the heating chamber to keep you lifted throughout the day. It offers quick-heating action and also features a road map of Long Beach, CA, home of Snoop Dogg, as a stylistic touch.
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  • 10/12
    Silver Surfer Vaporizer
    The Silver Surfer Vaporizer delivers reliable vaping performance in an easy-to-use desktop package that features interchangeable covers and parts for a nice touch of personalization. It offers simple-to-read temperature knobs and a quick-heating, ceramic-coated chamber for even heating.
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  • 11/12
    Ghost Pen Vaporizer Kit (Concentrates)
    This discreetly-designed portable vape is capable of handling any concentrate you throw at it, utilizing a titanium heating element in order to produce a cleaner-tasting vapor at a lower temperature. It's a great affordable option for anyone looking for a portable concentrate vape pen.
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  • 12/12
    Light Vaporizer Pen (Concentrates)
    Built for oil and wax concentrates only, the Light Vaporizer Pen features titanium heating technology in order to produce better tasting vapor at lower temperatures. Its extremely slim profile is perfect for discreet yet efficient use.
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Leafly’s 2016 holiday gift guide is sponsored by – The World’s Online Smoke Shop.

6 part series

  • alacrity

    ouch… Kids, these are really bad- if not terrible- examples of vaporizers. Seriously- the Volcano was at one time a passable unit until you find that the vapor oxidizes and turns into an irritant, wasting the best of why we use a vaporizer, most all of the pens shown burn the cannabis rather than heat it, and the Plenty vaporizer is possibly the worst unit to hit the shelves being made with a heat-gun and a couple rubber bands. The Crafty, NO2 and Silver Surfer are decent- but at those prices, they’re kinda silly.

    We’re disappointed in you. We know you can do better.

    • Raul Tsi

      I’ve never heard that about the volcano. do you have any recommendations?

      • alacrity

        Hi Raul- There are hundreds of options, whether you want a portable or table-top unit is where you have to choose. I prefer portables for their flexibility.

        My personal favorites right now are the Flowermate V5.0 Pro unit due to it’s size, battery and variable temperature control- it’s a couple years old, but it works flawlessly well- and the entire line is very well designed.

        The reason that the Volcano is bad is that the vapor goes stale in seconds- as soon as the balloon bag fills, the vapor is exposed to oxygen and literally falls apart chemically- kinda like the smoke left in the chamber of a bong, after you take a hit- and the terpenes react to the plastics in the bag in a very unfortunate way.

        When sourcing a vaporizer, find one with a ceramic chamber using induction heating. It will heat the contents uniformly and not release any contaminants into the vapor. Other considerations: the shortest passage from chamber to mouthpiece- a lot of units will have tubing or pipes that the vapor must travel through, and that can result in a nasty flavor transference if solvents or lubricants were used and not properly cleaned prior to shipment. You want as direct a path as possible for the vapor to reach you undiluted and uncontaminated.

        There are a few pens worth looking at- they’re all made by the same 3 manufacturers in China, with dozens of brand names- just keep in mind the ceramic chamber as the most important feature.

        Anything with an exposed element will burn the herb- that’s not a bad thing, if you want to smoke- but that’s not vaporizing the cannabis. With the info that info individual terpenes have specific release temperatures and your experience can be tailored by temperature control, a variable unit is where you have the most flexibility. You can dose with a heavy GDP at a mid 340° and have a light cerebral high for an hour or two, then follow with a solid 410° session and the couch locking sedative high will follow.

        There’s a great deal of info out there- and it’s fascinating.

        If I can help- let me know.

        • Raul Tsi

          oof, I feel like you may have just saved me a ton of money better served by purchasing flowers. My thought was the bag of a volcano would be easier to inhale, I was concerned about how hot the vapor might be from a short route from the ceramic chamber. After years of not smoking I wasn’t looking forward to inhaling hot fumes again. What are these good vape pens for flowers like in terms of temperature of the vapor at the mouthpiece? Would a variable temp vape pen also be able to deal with concentrates or should a separate piece of gear be purchased for that?

          I live next door to a state (on the state line in fact) where they are allowed to grow 6 plants. I’m looking into finding out how to ply my botanical expertise into an in-house gardening service in exchange for either money or product. From my growing experience I know that there will be a lot of vegetable matter to potentially make ice hash from, hence my question about concentrate.

          • alacrity

            Raul, I totally get your concern- but it’s rarely a problem. I have about a dozen units that I’ve gleaned experience from and only 1 has a heat issue on the mouthpiece- even then it’s not searingly hot, but a little warmer than what’s comfortable. It goes by 9 different names, and posting that would be a challenge.

            Go to e-bay- you can find the Flowermate V5.0s for well under $100, with a 3 stage heat setting and no digital display that will be a great starter vaporizer for you, and there is no hot air concern at all (I’ve been using this one for years without complaint). If that works for you- awesome!- you can look at other units with fancier, more precise controls with a modicum of experience and confidence. They’ll cost a lot more, but they all do the same thing.

            As to concentrates- man, to be honest, I’m not a fan. They’re just too potent for me, and the gear is specific to that beast. The vaporizers I like are all made for dry herb and require a much lower temperature. Concentrates tend to require high heat to release the active ingredients, and the smoke is greasy as hell making me cough up a lung or two. Not my idea of fun, but that’s just me. If you like concentrates, go for it.

            Have you tried the concentrate cartridge pens? Those are extremely convenient, potent and readily available in most areas (don’t know about where you’re at) and I think you’d like them. A lot.

            Good luck with the growing thing- yep, making ice-hash is a long standing hobby that yields amazing results. You’ll have a blast with it, too- but any rig you use will need to be specific to that. A vaporizer- a true vaporizer- won’t reach the desired temperature.

            So check out e-bay or any other reputable seller, and let me know how it goes. I’m genuinely curious about what your experience is when you try it- it’s kinda cool.


          • alacrity

            Huh- I replied earlier here and it didn’t post- I’ll try again

            Raul, I totally get your fear of being burned on ell levels- but it rarely happens. Of the dozen or so vaporizers I have, only one’s “exhaust” gets hot- and its only uncomfortably so, not scalding- don’t let that hold you back.

            Check e-bay and you’ll see a Flowermate v5.0s for around $80- it’s a 3 stage heating unit (low/med/high) without a display, but it’s a perfect starter unit to introduce you to the platform. For the price of a 1/4, you get a great unit that you’ll love. It- or it’s equals- won’t do concentrates. The temps required for those are well into the combustion range (watch somebody do a dab, heating the skillet with a torch) and these things ain’t made for it. For the money- it’ll pay for itself with the savings on burnt flower alone.

            If you like concentrates- take a look at any of the cartridge pens out there. Bloom Farms makes some killer stuff, and there is nothing made that’s more convenient short of a medible for consumption. Preloaded with oils, shatters and stuff, they do the job with utmost efficiency, efficacy and convenience (I’ve replaced the mouthpiece on mine with a pen cap, and take it almost everywhere- it looks like a cheap parker disposable pen in my shirt pocket).

            God luck on the growing thing- bubble hash is a time honored hobby and yields some awesome keif for pressing & decarbing (my favorite is making keifed margarita salt- and yeah, it’s the best damned margarita you’ll ever have). Please- if you are willing, come back and post what you got and how you like it- it’s fun to know how and what others think of the experience.


          • Raul Tsi

            excellent information here. a couple more quick questions. Have you ever had the opportunity to watch somebody use a vape pen before you’ve had a chance to vape yet so you can attest to the amount it smells. I say that because I know from experience that when i watch somebody take a hit off a traditional bowl and they think they aren’t letting any smoke smell out that it is very obvious when they do. But you can’t tell that yourself after you’ve taken a hit. Kind of like a cigarette smoker can’t tell that they smell like cigarettes because it’s all in their nose.

            a follow up question about those vape pens is in terms of how many ‘hits’ does one load give and how often/soon can you reload?

            thank you so much for taking the time to give me the answers that you’ve done.

          • alacrity

            Lol… Very good questions, Raul. Yes, I know what you mean- and that magnificent aroma is the smell of heated terpenes inherent to the cannabis.

            They will be present in almost all forms of the raw and heated herb- there are cases specifically designed to keep the scent at bay, like ryot and others.

            As to how many hits- it really depends on the strain, it’s potency, it’s cure factor (wet/dry) and the capacity of the vaporizer’s chamber. The one I use is about 1/3 g and I get about 10-12 draws off it before the herb is used up. You’ll know when that happens by the lack of flavor and the color of the material.

          • J m

            This article is actually pretty interesting, it talks about residual smell from a vaporizer vs other forms of smoking.
            Spoiler the vaporizer leaves much less smell.

          • alacrity

            Hey- just stumbled back to this thread- I’m curious if you bit and got a vaporizer- let me know your thoughts, if you don’t mind.


          • Raul Tsi

            I had a chance to witness first hand a vaporizer being used in front of me during the super bowl. I stood on the other side of the bar counter in my friend’s man cave, leaning forward and I did not a thing. I am so getting one as soon as I have enough money. I wish I found out what brand and model it was. It took no time at all to warm up, and it loaded just like a regular bowl.

          • alacrity

            Hi Raul- glad you had a chance to see one in the wild. Thanks for replying- like I said, I was curious if you’d followed thru on it and from the way you described it you’ll be enjoying one soon.



    • wbham

      What products do you recommend (setting aside price for the moment) that don’t burn the cannabis, doesn’t oxidize, and other things that are unknown to me but which I have a great interest in learning! Thanks alacrity.

      • alacrity

        Hi W- I just posted a reply answering your questions- Look in the thread you just posted on, and it’ll be there (I’m too lazy to retype it all).

        Vaporizing is truly the most rewarding and versatile way to maximize the benefits of cannabis- from flavor extraction to efficacy- and I know less than many others. What I do know is the hardware.

        Let me know if I can help point you in the right direction.

        • wbham

          Thank you so much. Glad you have been involved enough to make good points. Do you have any online retailers to recommend?

          • alacrity

            Hey, happy to help out- most retailers are in it for the long haul, so they’re inclined to sell quality merchandise. That being said- if you use the units as they are intended, you can’t send ’em back for repair (USPS & UPS frowns on wonderful smelling vaporizers in the mail). Best option is to find a reputable seller on e-bay, and go from there. The unit I like can be had for well under $100 as a V5.0s, or around $110 for a V5.0s Pro. I’d almost suggest going the cheaper route, as it has a 3 stage heat setting, which is easy to use- as a starter unit, it’s as good as it gets. If that works for you- you can go into more complicated units that offer more precise controls and cool displays, but you pay extra for rough;y the same results.

            Good luck- and please let me know what you do and how it works out for you.

          • wbham

            Looking hard at the V5 Mini. Vapor Star has it for $79
            but good idea on possible need to return. In light of that I’m going to give local retailers (Washington state) a chance to pitch on what they carry and check the options if they make sense under the points you’ve made (ceramic, etc.).

          • alacrity

            I saw that one- it’s cute! It should do the job, and the worst part is now you have a quest to find the right one for a reasonable price… just don’t over think it, be willing to spend $20 more than you want if it gets to you faster, and enjoy- I’m sure you will.

            Have fun!

          • J m

            I have always had great experiences with puffitup.

    • David Dickson

      We love our Pax, but have been vaping since the 90s. The Volcanoes have always been kind of a joke to me, along with the hilarious $700.00 price tag.

  • mrquest

    69 year old male.the strains today are much Better than when i was 18 Here’s a tip for those who want to quit cigarettes.Roll 20 pinner joints(low quality pot) and smoke them ea day till you quit for good worked for me.i dont know if if the vapor will work for you but I have not had a cig in20 years.