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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Vaporizer Products

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Presented By EveryoneDoesIt.com November 28, 2016

  • These top-of-the-line flower and concentrate vaporizers ranging from discreet vape pens to table top units and slick portable devices are must-haves this holiday season.
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    Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer
    Built for both dry herbs and concentrates, the Pax 3 packs high-end performance and technical sophistication into an extremely slick and discreet-looking portable unit. It heats up your favorite herbs in just 15 seconds, and you can control the settings you want with the new Pax mobile app.
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  • 2/12
    Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer
    Featuring an intuitive app to help control heat and performance settings, the Firefly 2 provides consistent, great-tasting vaping performance for both dry herbs and concentrates through its modern design and technology.
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  • 3/12
    Volcano Vaporizer Classic
    Vapor quality with the Volcano is unmatched. This desktop vaporizer has a huge chamber to fill with your ground herb of choice, and the balloon system helps you get a ton of vapor out of your cannabis.
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  • 4/12
    Bubble Bud Herbal Vaporizer with Quartz Bubbler
    This portable vaporizer comes with a water bubbler tank attachment for cooler, smoother pulls and more flavorful vapor. It also has a large chamber that can hold up to one gram of ground herb.
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  • 5/12
    Boss Vaporizer Pen
    This compact yet powerful vape pen is a great affordable option, offering a slim design and smooth vaping performance ground herb. It's the perfect portable vape to have in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
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  • 6/12
    Crafty Vaporizer
    The Crafty emulates the famed Volcano's desktop power into a smaller, more compact unit to allow flower or concentrate use on the go. With two pre-set heat settings that involve convection and conduction, plus a dedicated app, tune the Crafty to your own personal preferences!
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  • 7/12
    Plenty Vaporizer
    This plug-in vape provides a powerful vaping performance thanks to its sophisticated heat exchanger system that ensures efficiency and high vapor output with each use. The Plenty is a great option for those who want top shelf desktop vaporizer performance with handheld convenience.
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  • 8/12
    NO2 V2 Vaporizer
    The NO2 V2 delivers great performance no matter where it's being used. It also comes with microchip technology that allows perfect temperature selection through an easy-to-read display screen, offering advanced technology with novice functionality.
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  • 9/12
    G Slim Vape Pen Snoop Dogg
    Built for dry herbs, this affordable yet effective pen can fit and go with you anywhere and contains enough space in the heating chamber to keep you lifted throughout the day. It offers quick-heating action and also features a road map of Long Beach, CA, home of Snoop Dogg, as a stylistic touch.
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  • 10/12
    Silver Surfer Vaporizer
    The Silver Surfer Vaporizer delivers reliable vaping performance in an easy-to-use desktop package that features interchangeable covers and parts for a nice touch of personalization. It offers simple-to-read temperature knobs and a quick-heating, ceramic-coated chamber for even heating.
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  • 11/12
    Ghost Pen Vaporizer Kit (Concentrates)
    This discreetly-designed portable vape is capable of handling any concentrate you throw at it, utilizing a titanium heating element in order to produce a cleaner-tasting vapor at a lower temperature. It's a great affordable option for anyone looking for a portable concentrate vape pen.
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  • 12/12
    Light Vaporizer Pen (Concentrates)
    Built for oil and wax concentrates only, the Light Vaporizer Pen features titanium heating technology in order to produce better tasting vapor at lower temperatures. Its extremely slim profile is perfect for discreet yet efficient use.
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