With every year that passes by, more cannabis shops turn their signs to read “Open,” even in the waning wake of prohibition. Progress never smelled so sweet, especially on 4/20 when our collective plume of smoke billows into the air like one massive flag of celebration.

But 4/20 doesn’t just entail public displays of affection toward this wonderful plant. It’s also a day where dispensaries give back to their customers by offering some sweet deals on cannabis products of all kinds. This year, Leafly is shining a light on a few select bargains in each market, along with some strain and product recommendations for the particularly indecisive customer. After all, what fun is 4/20 if you’ve broken your bank just getting the bare necessities? (…Still fun, we know.)

Find your state’s 4/20 Buyer’s Guide in the 11-part series below (or to the right on desktop).