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7 Fun Father’s Day Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Published on June 11, 2014 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start hunting for just the right way to say thank you to that special paternal figure in your life. To help you find that perfect something for someone who has given you so much, the Leafly team has put together this brief list of cannabis-friendly gifts to get those creative juices flowing. Check out these 7 Father’s Day ideas that are practically guaranteed to please.

Gifts Under $30

1. Customized Zippo Lighter

Zippos are a classic choice for the canna-enthusiast. Simple yet durable and stylish, they’re a nifty tool to have around in all sorts of situations. Zippo now offers customers two different ways of personalizing their lighters: you can either upload a photo or a design to have your lighter wrapped with an image of your choosing, or you can select one of their 20+ styles for engraving.

Beginning at $19.90 for a basic engraving, a personalized lighter is an inexpensive way to show some appreciation to your old man.

2. DIY Cannabis-Infused Bacon and Eggs Breakfast  

Note:It’s important to wait 30 minutes to one hour after consuming an infused food, as your body must begin to metabolize the product before you can feel the effects. Avoid eating more than the recommended dose of an infused food, as the effects will be quite strong.

If there’s one thing that’s sure to get a reaction out of your pops this Father’s Day, it’s bacon. I mean, who can resist that savory smell or that crisp, smoked taste? Bacon is consistently one of the most crowd-pleasing foods on the table, and cannabis infused bacon is sure to make everyone’s smiles a little wider this Father’s Day.

If you’re looking for a gift that won’t break the bank, check out this easy recipe for our favorite cannabis-infused pork product. One to two slices is equivalent to one dose of medical marijuana, so this bacon breakfast works best if you prepare both medicated and non-medicated bacon (just remember to keep them separate). After all, who can eat just once slice?

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Gifts Under $75

3. Bud Bug Self-Mobile Electric Herb Grinder 

This silly little walking bug is a fun idea for the whimsical cannabis-lover. Put him on a flat surface, fill him with your favorite flower, and watch him wobble around, excreting a trail of perfectly ground herb wherever he decides to go. This fun gag gift runs at $34.99 apiece and is a great choice for dads with a sense of humor.

4. G-Pen MicroG Travel Set

G-Pen has a large collection of portable vaporizer pens to choose from, yet the simple design and convenience of the MicroG Travel Set makes for a gift that will fit just about anyone. Featuring a leather travel case, the G-Pen MicroG is slightly smaller than your average wallet and is conveniently pocket-sized, making for the perfect discrete oil vaporizer.

Other G-Pen products begin around $49.95, but the MicroG Travel Set starts at $69.95 for the complete package.

5. Patagonia Men’s Migration Hemp Shirt 

With summer officially only two weeks away, this Patagonia Hemp fiber shirt is the perfect go-to gear for dads who like to hit the trails once it warms up outside. Light, breathable, and sturdy enough for a camping trip or two, this short sleeve button down can be purchased online for $59.

Gifts $150 and Up

6. Cannador

The Cannador humidor is the grandmaster of Father’s Day gift ideas. The perfect find for the true cannabis connoisseur, the Cannador is truly one of the classiest cannabis storage solutions on the market. While many herb-enthusiasts store cannabis in cigar humidors to help preserve their flower, cigar humidors have a higher relative humidity than is needed for storing cannabis.

To help cure your cannabis, eliminate molds, and to prevent it from drying out over time, the Cannador is airtight and maintains humidity levels at an ideal 65%. The Cannador begins at $179 and comes in both large and small boxes. For the exterior, customers can choose between solid cherry or walnut, yet the inside of the Cannador is made completely of mahogany, the best choice for maintaining the true flavor of the herb while keeping excess moisture out.

7. Sheldon Black Glass

No one does luxury glass quite like Sheldon Black Designs. Handblown in the US, Sheldon Black pieces are known for their sleek, sophisticated look and their incredibly smooth-hitting design. A truly top-quality piece, Sheldon Blacks are more like functional pieces of artwork than traditional smoking apparatus.

If you’re really looking to splurge this Father’s Day (pieces run anywhere from $300-$500 or so), any Sheldon Black piece is a fabulous choice for someone you’d like to spoil. This designer is most famous for his bubblers and water pipes with microfilter percolators. The percolators allow cannabis smoke to be passed through water at different levels inside the piece, allowing for more plant material to be separated from active cannabinoids inside the chamber itself and cooling cannabis smoke before it reaches the consumer. Coupled with other design innovations, these percolators make Sheldon Black glass some of the smoothest hitting pieces on the market.

Photo credits: (Zippo) Nrico via photopincc (bacon) Cheryl Harvey via photopincc

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