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10 Glass Pipe and Dab Rig Artists That Deserve a Follow

When creativity meets functionality in cannabis glass, it’s hard to deny the beauty of these smoking implements. Now more than ever, artists are pioneering innovative ways to create one-of-a-kind pieces, and glassblowers are able to infuse their own style into all aspects of their glass, from shape and color to size and practicality.

These glass creations can range from a $15 pendant to a $10,000 conversation piece, so whether you’re looking for a pipe to load on the go or an intricate rig for special sessions, there’s an artist out there for you. The artists below have built their followings using social media as an outlet to share their art and connect directly with collectors, collaborators, and consumers, and thanks to avenues like Instagram, the elegance and style these creators are putting into their work can be recognized and appreciated by glass enthusiasts everywhere, even if you can’t afford to buy them all yourself.

So if you’re not quite ready to drop $5,000 on that dope Rick and Morty rig you’ve had your eye on, don’t fret—just give these talented people a follow to keep an eye on their beautiful creations.


#iliveforthefunk #weoutchea #bootitup #pma super spicy tubing from @joelhalen and the gang 🔥🔥🔥 #party this one will be avaible saturday oct 28 @func.artgallery !! Feel free to dm any questions!

A post shared by SLOB (@slob_glassblower) on

Based in: Orange County, California

Followers: 19.9K

Based out of OC, Slob uses his experience in painting to create high-contrast line work and patterns. Following the teachings of the best artists around, he’s constantly putting together some of the freshest color schemes out there in smoothly flowing designs. By keeping a relatively simple shape in his rigs, he doesn’t sacrifice function, and instead places more focus on the designs, which are often full of wig wags. These complex rigs are reasonably priced, generally sold at $1,000 and under.

Hondo Glass

🌑🌚🌘#sold #fadetoblack #hondoglass #diskperc #pineapplepatterns #pnwglass

A post shared by Hondo Pinzon (@hondoglass) on

Based in: Seattle, Washington

Followers: 22.8K

The artistry of Hondo is apparent when it comes to the intricacy of his work. His specialty of late is adding a subtle touch of color and technique to an otherwise ordinary portion of a rig. Inserting a pineapple perc for function and style, for instance, is one of his creative motifs. He also incorporates silver or gold fuming to create the exquisite colors in his pieces. While his collaboration pieces and solo pieces vary in price, these radiant pineapple rigs run around $2,000 to $3,000.

Jsyn Lord

X @sdryno dozer ducky recycler available at @pieceofmindoc ⚠️🐥#lording #bitchimlord

A post shared by @jsynlord on

Based in: San Diego, California

Followers: 45.9K

By creating his own line of safety cones, bunny recyclers, and microscopes, Lord has established a large following of dedicated collectors. He sets himself apart with the wide array of styles and designs he comes up with, and despite the pieces’ intriguing, unconventional shapes, functionality is never sacrificed. By using the recycler technique, for instance, Lord creates suction that causes water to bubble and flow into additional chambers, effectively cooling and filtering the smoke. Thanks to being versatile in the way he creates, Lord has had chances to collaborate with a multitude of highly recognized glassblowers. These collabs can easily reach $8,000 or more, but you can find some solo work between $1,000 and $5,000.

Dani Girl Glass

Dragonite #4 14mm/Thomas Trans Orange/Carmel/Star White/ Light Cobalt/Aqua Azul Owner @sir.waxington Thanks for all the love and support guys!! 🍊👐🍊

A post shared by Danielle Wieboldt (dani girl) (@danigirlglass) on

Based in: Eugene, Oregon

Followers: 16.3K

With 10 years of experience, Dani has found her passion in glassblowing. She gathers inspiration from some of her favorite childhood cartoons like Angry Beavers and Rocko’s Modern Life, and keeping the cartoons in mind, creates recognizable characters that everyone can relate to. For instance, Dani has created a line of Pokémon rigs that leaves you wanting to catch them all; from the sculpting to the color, her ability to capture the Pokémon’s characteristics is remarkable. Since changing direction and wanting to design more, her newest workings will include a moon series that will coincide with the phases of the moon. In collaborating with some of the best glassblowers around, she has had the ability to share ideas and learn new techniques. These collabs can reach upwards of $10,000, while solo work can start from $500 and go up depending on the character.

Scolari Glass

Here's the second #ReStonkler I've made. She's decked out in @glassalchemy #OJ and #Terps with a bit of that #TartanTech. I'm really diggin' this new design. Thanks for checking out my work! #ScolariGlass #Sold

A post shared by Josh Scolari (@scolariglass) on

Based in: Olalla, Washington

Followers: 13.5K

Currently working out of the tiny town of Olalla, Josh Scolari brings the heat on everything he touches. Whether it’s a solo piece or a collab, a passion for art and life is readily apparent in his work, and he distinguishes himself from others with his exaggerated features, such as the enlarged mouthpiece and sandblasting details that give his rigs a unique look. The uniform appearance of the rigs is something that takes years of practice, and these stunning works of art can vary widely in price, with some going for just under $1,000 while others can sell for up to $6,000.

Chunk Glass

Cad~me~yums 🌈 My latest set, enjoying some sun. 😋🍊🌞🍦☮️🎉🐾✌🏼🌅🙏🏻 #chunkalamode #terps Available at @honeys916 ❤️💛💚💙💜

A post shared by chunkglass (@chunkglass) on

Based in: Humboldt, California

Followers: 22.3K

Growing up in his parents’ candy store, Chunk drew inspiration from the fun vibes and feel-good energy that surrounded the business. You can find the use of bright colors with ice cream accents throughout his work. There seems to be no limit to what he can make from glass: Jewelry, chillums, Sherlocks, and rigs are just a few of the things he comes out with. Creating sets of matching pieces is one of his specialties, and these beauties can run from $125 for a chillum to $700 for a full-size Sherlock. You can also purchase a baller-on-a-budget bong that starts at $1,000, but if you want the real-deal, fully worked pieces, those go from $2,000 to $4,500 and sometimes even higher.

LuDA Glass

The 🍍 Pineapple King 🍍 with @hondoglass is available through @spectacleglass @cannabend #myNAMEisLuDA #hisnameishondo #pineapplejello🍍 #Oj @grandpaglass and the awesome photo credit goes to @hubbardsteve

A post shared by LuDA (@ludaglass) on

Based in: Bend, Oregon

Followers: 25K

Luda has made his impression on the glass community by putting a twist on the childhood Kidrobot Munny toy, creating a line of “FU Pay Me” rigs that are nothing to play around with. His intricate designs on simplistic shapes are immediately appealing to the eye, and can range anywhere from $650 for transparent glass to $3,000 for a fully worked 21-plus “toy.” Luda has also created his own glass currency called “LuDA LooT” which you can use to purchase other work of his, or just to collect and trade with fellow glass enthusiasts. With 20 years’ experience in glassblowing, Luda just keeps the creativity coming. Side note: He also has a great beard.


I got to hang out with the homie @sdryno and make a couple pieces recently!!! 🔥🔥here's one that @rodeosmokeshop just picked up made with olive / blush / tooth with yellow and orange Crayon!!! Definitely need to see this one in person! 📸@_sgsphotography #saltglass #sdryno #rodeosmokeshop #headyglass #glassofig #glassart

A post shared by saltglass (@saltglass) on

Based in: Austin, Texas

Followers: 170K

The creepy faces with lifelike eyes and teeth are well known throughout the glass community, and Saltglass has entrenched himself as one of the most creative and talented artists around with a level of precision and realism matched by very few. Salt creates pieces of art that are designed to interact with the consumer, and he continues to awe fans as he creates some of the most perplexing work on the market. Not only has Salt knocked solo pieces out of the park, he has been part of some of the most coveted collaborations of our time. These creations carry big price tags that can reach $7,000 or more, but start at around $1,500.


Love working with purple lollipop the purple so rich and saturated. #bigjglass #klein #opal #recycler #glassforsale #14mm #vitamino

A post shared by @bigjglass on

Based in: Omaha, Nebraska

Followers: 31.2K

Intense colors and spotless designs are apparent in everything BigJ has created. The sun-catching brilliance of the colored tubing he uses in many of his pieces distinguishes his style. BigJ creates Klein rigs, which are a prime example of a non-orientable surface: They have neither an outside nor an inside. This allows the water to drain outside the main chamber, and back in under the water line. The sleek appearance of these rigs shows off their admirable shapes and enhances their appeal. Known mostly for his travel rig designs, BigJ has also added a fresh style by sandblasting his straight fab rigs. These pieces are affordable, usually staying under $1,000.


2017 Sea Slyme Mini Castle now available-Please DM for pricing/payment plan info #jebbrealestate #california #glasscastles #gameofthrones #glassofig #sculpture

A post shared by JEBB (@jebbglass) on

Based in: San Diego, California

Followers: 36K

Constructing one of the most unique and desirable lines of glass available, Jebb creates guard towers and medium- and mini-sized castles. Using mainly Glass Alchemy tubing, he keeps his pieces limited to only one made each year in each size per color. Castles can also vary by having sandblasting done to give them a flat look on the outside and create a smooth feel in the hand. Doing this makes the castles even more of a rare find.  The details that are put into Jebb’s work are what makes him stand out in the community: From the brick line work to the edged tops of the towers, not one castle is identical. These one-of-a-kind rigs vary in price: Sandblasted minis can run from $500 up, while some of the gem series of larger castles go for $2,500 and beyond.

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