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The Best Cannabis Clubs & Dispensaries in Sacramento

Published on August 16, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Top-shelf designer cannabis from The Village at South Sacramento Care Center. (By Kurt Hegre for Leafly)
Top-shelf designer cannabis from The Village at South Sacramento Care Center. (By Kurt Hegre for Leafly)

The capital of California is no slouch when it comes to legal, adult-use cannabis offerings.

In fact, Sacramento has helped set the state curve on licensing retail stores adults 21+ can walk into with only your valid photo ID. Many must be located in industrial areas deemed part of a “green zone”. But a few outlets are as quaint as can be. Either way, many Sacramento clubs offer world-class, top-shelf flowers grown locally, thanks to one of the most surprisingly hospitable marijuana business climates around. Here’s five that should be on your list.Find Your Preferred Cannabis Nearby

A Therapeutic Alternative

  • Why? It’s the quaint approachable residential club you can bring your mom to. Located in a well-kept Craftsman house just beyond trendy midtown, A Therapeutic Alternative gives excellent service and has a deep menu of quality flowers, CBD-rich products, full-melt extracts, edibles and topicals. Bonus points for a rare public restroom.
  • Buy! Lace moms up with Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm topicals. While you’re there, grab NUG Premium Jack for soaring daytime energy and exploring. For heads, the Dabblicious Soul Safari Live Resin Budder. 3015 H St., (916) 822-4717
Sacramento cannabis favorite Jack Herer can be uplifting

Sacramento cannabis favorite Jack Herer can be uplifting.

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Abatin Wellness Center

  • Why? TV celebrity pitchman and medicinal cannabis activist Montel Williams was an early investor. High-grade genetics, patient-forward customer service, classy digs and easy parking in a mixed-use neighborhood that’s freeway close and tucked-away discrete.
  • Buy! Terpene-forward Lemon Crush, bred from Molecular Farms’ genetics that won best overall in last year’s Emerald Cup, or high-CBD Emerald Cup winner Guava Jam, in flowers ($50/eighth) or pre-rolls ($50/5-pack). 2100 29th St., (916) 822-5699

Connected Cannabis

  • Why? Apple computer lovers visit Apple stores. Designer cannabis lover track down exotic flower at Connected Cannabis outlets. Monster high-end extract selection.
  • Buy!Guava — an exotic new tropical-tasting hybrid strain. Snoop’s Master Slymer Live Resin Sauce from Moxie. 2831 Fruitridge Road Suite E, (916) 475-1857

Guava is a varietal of Gelato.

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515 Broadway

  • Why? A solid selection of flowers, concentrates, topicals and edibles at reasonable prices.
  • Buy! Highly medicinal Flow Kana Ringo’s Gift and Tangie. Atlas Edibles Straus bars. Yummi Karma 4:1 tinctures. 515 Broadway, (844) 722-9333

Ringo's Gift high cbd strain card by leafly

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Northstar Holistic Collective

  • Why ? It as close to downtown Sac as regional terp-hunters can get and still obtain the state’s best. Lots of parking. Fuego flowers.
  • Buy! Fire tree like North Country Pharms’ Dosickeys, a cross of strain of the year Dosidos and Bickeys Revenge. 710 Labs Ghost Hulk Hash Rosin. Hulk smash! [1236 C St., (916) 476-4344]

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