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The Best-Selling Cannabis Oil Cartridges in Colorado as Told by Budtenders

Cannabis vape pens have come a long way since their earliest iterations. What began as a small selection of pens with questionable hardware and ingredients, high-quality oil cartridges have since become one of the most popular products available at cannabis dispensaries. Nowadays, there are now so many quality cartridges to choose from, the hardest part is making a selection.

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That’s why I talked with Colorado budtenders to figure out their favorite oil cartridges. Find out their top recommendations and where to find them below!

CRx Live Resin Cartridge

Best Colorado vape pen cartridge # 1: CRx Live Resin Cartridge

(Courtesy of Concentrate Remedies)

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A budtender at Natural Remedies in Denver turned me on to Concentrate Remedies’ Live Resin Cartridge, and it’s the closest experience I’ve had to live resin in cartridge form. Each cartridge is filled with strain-specific live resin that’s butane-extracted by Concentrate Remedies from fresh frozen material grown by Natural Remedies. Each cartridge has a ceramic heating element that maintains a consistent and uniform flavor.
The 500mg CRx Live Resin cartridge retails for $70.

Concentrate Supply Company (CSC) Distillate Cartridge

Best Colorado vape pen cartridge # 2: Concentrate Supply Company (CSC) Distillate Cartridge

(Courtesy of Concentrate Supply Company)

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It’s easy to see why so many budtenders’ favorite cartridges come from Concentrate Supply Company (CSC). CSC’s concentrate is butane-extracted from fresh, live flowers—never trim. Their refined THC distillate is infused with high-terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) from select batches of live resin to create six delicious flavors: Raw, Apple Berry, Blue Raz, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Banana. CSC’s proprietary cartridges feature double slots that give a cooler, heavier hit and ceramic technology that yields consistent flavor and vapor with every draw.

CSC’s cartridges come in 500mg and 1000mg sizes and retail for $30 to $60.

Green Dot Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Cartridges

Best Colorado vape pen cartridge #3: Green Dot Full Spectrum Extract (FSE) Cartridges

(Courtesy of Green Dot)

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Just about everyone has something nice to say about Green Dot Labs’ new strain-specific, full-spectrum extract (FSE) cartridge pens. Their concentrates are butane-extracted from Green Dot’s Black Label strains. Chanel, a budtender at The Station, told me that Green Dot’s cartridges are very well-constructed—customers seldom return them because of malfunction.

Strain offerings change frequently. Currently, adult-use varieties include Cherry Cream Pie, White Durban, and Headbanger and current medical varieties include Blue Cheese, Dr. Who, and Lemon G.

Green Dot’s 500mg FSE cartridges retail for around $45 to $50.

Evolab Alchemy Cartridges

Best Colorado vape pen cartridge #4: Evolab Alchemy Cartridges

(Curtesy of Evolab)

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Ajoya budtenders told me that Evolab Alchemy is one of their best-selling cartridges. Each cartridge is filled with a terpene-rich blend of Evolab’s award-winning, CO2-extracted oil. After extraction, the oil is fractionated and re-combined to produce a standardized vape that works without cutting agents or additives. Evolab’s refillable cartridges feature a leak-proof guarantee and a customizable variable draw.

Evolab’s formulas are standardized to contain 70% THC, 20% terpenes, and 10% other cannabinoids. Terpene and cannabinoid percentages in the strain-specific cartridges vary.

Evolab Alchemy 500mg cartridges retail for $40 to $90.

The Farm Craft Cannabis Indigo Pro Cartridges

Best Colorado vape pen cartridge #5: The Farm Craft Cannabis Indigo Pro Cartridges

(Courtesy of Indigo Pro)

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According to budtenders, the Indigo Pro cartridge is a top seller at Ajoya and The Farm. Each cartridge is filled with CO2 nectar extracted from The Farm’s craft cannabis. IndigoPro’s Advanced Vapor System pen provides a smooth, easy draw that vibrates to let you know it’s working. The magnetic, leak-resistant ceramic cartridges pop on and off for easy use. You can even vape while charging!

The cartridges come in indica, sativa, and hybrid formulas that are flavored with artisan oils. The Farm also offers formulas flavored with terpenes from well-known strains like Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies. THC content ranges from 72-78%, depending on the strain.

The 500mg Farm Craft Cannabis Indigo Pro cartridges retail for $40 to $50.

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