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Not a Fan of Sweets? Check Out These Savory Edibles From Colorado

November 9, 2018

When we think about cannabis-infused edibles, we usually imagine rich, fudgy brownies or sweet, gummy candies. But what about salty, savory treats?

There aren’t many savory edibles to choose from in Colorado. Manufacturers tell me it’s an uphill battle—dispensaries often ask for savory snacks and don’t buy them or buy them and don’t reorder.

If you crave infused edibles that aren’t too sweet, ask for some at your favorite dispensary and keep those goodies coming by requesting your favorites.

Below, check out a few of Colorado’s rare yet delicious savory eats.

Lucky Turtle Peanut Butter

(Courtesy of Lucky Turtle)

Check these menus for it:

My favorite Colorado savory edible is Lucky Turtle’s 1:1 peanut butter coconut spread. Similar to Justin’s Peanut Butter, these little packets are rich in protein but contain no sugar, making them a great choice for a healthy, on-the-go snack. The peanut butter is yummy with the barest hint of “green” flavor.

Besides cannabis, Lucky Turtle’s peanut butter has only three ingredients: organic peanuts, organic coconut oil, and organic sea salt. A serving retails between $5-$6 and contains 10mg CO2-derived THC and 10mg CBD.

Love’s Oven Cheddar Crackers

(Courtesy of Love’s Oven)

Check these menus for it:

It’s a good thing the Cheddar Crackers from Love’s Oven are individually packaged, otherwise it would be hard not to eat dozens of these delicious crackers in one sitting. These canna-butter-infused crackers come in two strengths: regular (ten crackers with 10mg THC each) and the new micro-dose strength (20 crackers with 1mg THC each). I purchased a regular-strength package for $20.

Better Baked Hot Sauce

(Courtesy of Better Baked)

Check these menus for it:

If you’re looking to add a spicy-hot cannabis zing to your dinner, check out this Hot Sauce from Better Baked Edibles. It tastes like Frank’s Red Hot Original and has 5mg of THC per serving. Be sure to eat something fatty along with the sauce to help carry the THC through your body.

You can buy Better Baked Hot Sauce in individual packets or in a 20-serving bottle. I bought the bottle for $16.

Binske Wind Olive Oil     

(Courtesy of Binske)

Check these menus for it:

You can taste the high-end flavor in Binske’s single-origin organic Wind Olive Oil. With 10mg of CO2-derived THC in each 3-ml serving, you can turn anything into a cannabis infused meal with a simple squeeze of a dropper. Note that you need 3 droppers to make up one 10mg serving. Binske’s olive oils cost around $24 for one 100mg bottle.


(Courtesy of Stillwater)

Check these menus for it:

Almost all budtenders mentioned Ripple in their list of favorite savory edibles. Why buy savory treats when you can add Ripple to just about anything? Calorie-free, odorless, and flavor-free, it even dissolves in water.

Ripple comes in packs of 10 that retail for around $24. It’s available in three varieties: Balanced 5 (1:1), Pure 10 (all THC), and Relief 20:1 (10 CBD, 0.5 THC).

Stanley Brothers Infused Olive Oil

(Courtesy of Stanley Brothers)

Check these menus for it:

Stanley Brothers, who brought us Charlotte’s Web, have outdone themselves with their tasty cannabis infused organic Olive Oil.  Each dropperful contains a 10mg serving of THCA, known for its non-intoxicating medicinal properties. If you want the intoxicating effects, you’ll need to activate the THC with heat.

Although the package says to refrigerate after opening, warm it up before using; olive oil is solid at refrigerator temperatures. I paid around $30 for a 300mg bottle.

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Karen Getchell has been a cannabis educator and patient advocate for nearly 20 years. She is the co-founder of Byron's Botanicals, a hemp-derived CBD-infused product manufacturer.

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