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Ask a Budtender: Best WA Cannabis Products for March 2017

March 25, 2017
As a budtender, trying and evaluating new strains, products, and brands is all a part of the job. This March, I set out to try a bunch of new-to-me products and narrow them down to my top five favorites. Two of the strains I tried, however, were so good that I couldn’t make myself choose between them, which is a wonderful problem to have. These six flowers and concentrates were my favorite finds in March, and I highly recommend making a trip to one of these shops to pick some up for yourself!


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Blueberry Pancakes by Nebula Gardens

(Image courtesy of Nebula Gardens)

(Image courtesy of Nebula Gardens)

Product Type: Flower
Fweedom Cannabis (Mountlake Terrace)

It has been a long time since I opened a package of flower with the word “Blueberry” on the label and actually thought, “Wow, that smells like blueberries.” Enter Nebula Gardens to save the day! I picked up an eighth of Blueberry Pancakes based on the recommendation of a friend and fellow budtender and was extremely glad I did. Its smell and flavor were both exactly what I expected—sweet and mild with a genuinely berry-esque aftertaste. The high was well balanced between a mild body buzz and classic, giggly euphoria.

Jack’s Cleaner BHO by Mother Nature’s Own

(Image courtesy of Mother Nature's Own)

(Image courtesy of Mother Nature’s Own)

Product Type: Concentrate/Butane Hash Oil
Green Lady (Everett)

When I worked for a medical dispensary, Jack’s Cleaner was my absolute favorite strain that we carried. From the first time I tried it, the sharp and piney citrus taste and incredibly clear-headed high had me amazed. It has never once let me down, so when I see it on the shelves, I’ll always give it a try.

This wax was priced so well that I admit I was a little hesitant to try it, despite my friend’s recommendation. But the quality is shockingly impressive for the price point and the high is just as clear-headed and focused as I remember. I’m letting that serve as an important reminder to myself: A low price doesn’t always mean low quality, and the same is definitely true in the other direction; pricey cannabis doesn’t necessarily ensure quality.

Dutch Treat by Clandestine Gardens

(Image courtesy of Clandestine Gardens)

(Image courtesy of Clandestine Gardens)

Product Type: Flower
Ruckus (Capitol Hill)

Seeing classic strains done the right way is surprisingly rare in the adult-use market (I said something similar about the Blueberry strain I tried this month, but it bears repeating). This Dutch Treat was a great representation of the traditional strain, providing a well-balanced, primarily cerebral high accompanied by a sharp, piney flavor profile.

White Widow Ice Wax by TerpCo

(Image courtesy of TerpCo)

(Image courtesy of TerpCo)

Product Type: Bubble Hash
Price: $40/gram
Location: Fweedom Cannabis (Seattle)

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of bubble hash. I know it’s cleaner. I know it’s overall better for me. But it’s just not my thing. I don’t care for the residue that even full-melt hash leaves on my nail, and the flavor tends to be similar across the board, leaving little strain-specific flavor to be had.

There are some definite exceptions to this rule (such as Polar Icestracts, a former medical producer that makes amazing hash with high-quality flower from stellar cultivator Gold Leaf Gardens), and I’m glad to have found another. This White Widow from TerpCo gave me a whole new perspective on ice wax–and you don’t even have to pay top dollar to experience it.

Dragon OG by Avitas

(Image courtesy of Avitas)

(Image courtesy of Avitas)

Product Type: Flower
Price: $54/eighth
Location: Higher Leaf (Bellevue)

I have to admit, I chose this one purely based on name (something I often discourage my customers from doing) and I did not expect it to be nearly as good as it was. I was impressed as soon as my budtender showed me the package, and it fully lived up to how it looked.

This strain was frosty with trichomes, the nugs were dense, and the scent was pure OG goodness. I found the high to be strong with a mild sativa-dominant effect, paired with a very pleasant body buzz. It’s perfectly versatile, suitable for a day of errands followed by an evening of movies. Of all the products I tried this month, this is the only one that drove me back for more, and I will be adding Dragon OG to my regular repertoire of strains.

Lemon Meringue by Avitas

(Image courtesy of Avitas)

(Image courtesy of Avitas)

Product Type: Flower
Price: $16/gram
LocationGreen Fire (SODO)

This citrusy-sweet sativa was delicious! As soon as I cracked open the bag, my living room was saturated with the smell of fresh lemons with a hint of that classically spicy cannabis scent underneath. The flavor matched up with it perfectly; sweet and mild on the inhale with a tangy lemon aftertaste. Lemon Meringue’s high was delightfully cerebral, which led to a batch of homemade pop tarts and me reading an entire sci-fi novel in one day.

Being adventurous, trying new things, and exploring new options is an important part of every aspect of life, so this month was a great reminder to keep incorporating that attitude into my cannabis use as well. Variety is the spice of life, after all…or is that cannabis?

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Randi Wooten

Randi Wooten is a budtender and writer living in Seattle, Washington. After escaping the negative cannabis stigma in South Carolina, she is currently on a steadfast search for the best biscuits in the Pacific Northwest. You can follow her on Instagram @wootraptor, or find her at Dockside Shoreline.

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