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Rare review: Pro skater Boo Johnson’s new Laughing Gas strain, powered by Apple Monkey

Published on May 23, 2022 · Last updated May 30, 2022
Boo J's Laughing Gas by Apple Monkey (Leafly)
Boo J's Laughing Gas by Apple Monkey (Leafly)

Boo J’s new strain Laughing Gas is fire; just like the underground growers behind it, Apple Monkey.

At 682,000 Instagram followers, skater/model Boo Johnson is an influencer you probably should have known about already. Four years ago, he joined cannabis giant Stiiizy’s official skate team. Now, thanks to a new partnership with the underground cannabis brand, Apple Monkey, Boo can use his favorite Stiiizy pens to get high on his own supply.

On May 20, Boo J made his big screen debut alongside Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly), Pete Davidson, and Davionte Ganter in the stoner rom-com Good Mourning. Boo plays Fat Joe, a heavy toker slapped out of his sleep by Pete Davidson’s character at one point in the trailer.

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The acting gig aligns with one of 2022’s most anticipated underground genetic drops: Boo J’s Laughing Gas, an exclusive collaboration between Johnson and his partners at Apple Monkey.

The Apple Monkey strain team unleashes Boo J’s Gas, along with their own flagship flavor, later this summer. Until then, the closest you’ll get to this hot underground pot is our hands-on review of both cultivars below.

What is Boo J’s Laughing Gas?

Boo J’s Laughing Gas. (Instagram / @BooJsLaughingGas)

One look at the packaging for Boo J’s Laughing Gas suggests craftsmanship and attention to detail. The yellow and green animation of Johnson’s gold-mark smile and nose ring is a clear warning. It shows users exactly what they’re in for if they partake: A great fucking time.

After unsealing a half of Laughing Gas direct from the brand’s co-owners, the room filled with those pungent skunk vapors. The kind that will make Sour Diesel lovers stop in their tracks and sniff the air like a bloodhound.

Once exposed to the light, the buds are fluffy and petite. But their super-skunky scent can overpower the nose of even the most-seasoned diesel smokers.

How does Laughing Gas smoke?

Once lit, Boo’s Laughing Gas induces a cerebral high that made us talkative, creative, and energetic for hours. The physical effects were a tingly and euphoric buzz that makes grown men prone to giggle-fits.

As you consume the smoke, earthy, herbal notes combine to create a pungent fuel aroma. Sophisticated cannaseurs will note the distant hint of fruitiness. It makes the smell and taste of Laughing Gas less chemical than Sour Diesel and other hyper-gassed up cultivars.

Boo J’s Laughing Gas packaging looks like a skateboard wheel. (Instagram / @BooJsLaughingGas)

For now, the Apple Monkey crew is keeping this high-octane strain’s exact genetic lineage under wraps. But we picked up heavy traces of the terpenesmyrcene and caryophyllene, which have helped make Sour Diesel and BTY OG stoner favorites over the years.

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The lasting impact felt from Boo J’s Laughing Gas included instant stress relief and reduced anxiety. Overall, this strain is a great aid to help gas through a slow day, or fill a social outing with explosive laughter. Just remember to grab an extra water to combat dry mouth and giggle-induced dehydration that might follow consumption.

These are the main takeaways from our first toke of Laughing Gas:

  • Uplifting and invigorating gassiness
  • Plump buds on petite stems
  • Fluffy and soft to the touch, with a sticky and dense after-touch
  • A somehow enticing mix of tar, gasoline, and skunk fumes that will stick to your nose hairs for hours
  • Pure euphoria, including an instant energetic bliss and a lasting urge for silly fits of laughter that live up to the product’s name

OK, so what is ‘Apple Monkey’?

Apple Monkey packaging overlooking city skyline (Instagram / @_AppleMonkey)
Apple Monkey packaging overlooking city skyline (Instagram / @_AppleMonkey)

Apple Monkey is a hybrid indica cross of Apple Fritter and Gorilla Glue, that clocks in at about 28% THC in early lab tests, according to brand director Bizz Nitty and his cultivation team. On Instagram since 2020, official Apple Monkey products will be available in select California dispensaries this summer as flower and pre-rolls, but many influencers have already been spotted online promoting the purple ape.

It’s already stamped on both coasts, even if you can’t request it by name at dispensaries yet. Rap legends like Kurupt, Daz Dillinger, plus modern stars like Atlanta’s Rich Homie Quan, and Buffalo’s Benny the Butcher have all been seen with the brand’s pink and green packaging and distinctive purple buds.

Here’s why everyone is so smitten: Apple Monkey’s deep purple flower looks so pretty, you’ll swear they belong in a Valentine’s bouquet, not a blunt or bong. And the smoke lives up to the sexy presentation. Sadly, you probably won’t find this elusive strain on shelves for another month or two, even as you start seeing it more and more on your social feeds.

Why can’t I find Apple Monkey products yet?

You can blame the wait on the brand’s founder Bizz Nitty, who is using guerrilla marketing and quality control to bulk up the strain’s extraordinary hype before its release. Bizz is building buzz while keeping the monkey in its cage by passing out free bags to pot culture’s highly esteemed influencers.

Lucky for us, Bizz blessed Leafly with some chunky bags of this funky monkey way ahead of its summer due date. Here’s why we’re still infatuated with the masterful look, taste, and smoke provided by this purple nose-puncher. 

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While visiting Miami for work, I ran out of bud and put out a national call for assistance. I was quickly directed to Apple Monkey’s luxury downtown suite, where the team was in town for a music video shoot with French Montana.

Without hesitation, Apple Monkey’s founders cracked a bag of their flagship flower and gave me a handful. Despite their own stash being stretched thin by the trip, they were more than generous, and promised another pack if I ever visited their California headquarters.

How does Apple Monkey smoke?

Breaking down the buds is no small task. If you don’t have a grinder, you may lose track of time snapping the crisp leaves into fat individual bulbs that beg to be smoked.

Apple Monkey hits like a bruiser, too. No matter how much you chief regularly, this beast will leave a mark on your THC tolerance. The rest of my time in Miami occurred under a cloud of purple tint.

As I smoked through my first quarter of the monkey, its intense body high was always balanced by a relaxed mental euphoria.

Brainstorms reigned supreme, fueled in part by this Bud’s punch of the terpenes myrcene and linalool. These terps are known to ease tension throughout your brain and blood vessels. You feel calm and confident, which can amplify creative juices. If you need help powering through tough workouts, busy work, or people working your nerves, it’s a godsend.

A few weeks later I found myself near Sacramento for business. Once work wrapped, I mapped an overnight drive to Long Beach to secure another pack of the purple monkey. I left SoCal a few days later with an ounce of the purple ape and half ounce of Laughing Gas. The combo served as a perfect high-low, one-two punch for the next week and change.

The verdict: This purple ape doesn’t play. Hit the monkey at your own risk.

  • Cartoonishly purple buds that look more like a Valentine’s bouquet than bud when broken down
  • A fat and full body flower that breaks down with a refreshing snap and punches nostrils with the power of 1,000 apes
  • Elite genetics that clock in at 28% THC and distinct physical features that will make you want to snap a photo every time you break some up
  • Earthy berry notes and jumbo servings of myrcene and linalool that help bring out its relaxing shades of deep purple

Meet the men behind this premium monkey gas

Apple Monkey founder Bizz Nitty. (Instagram / BizzNittyThe1
Apple Monkey co-founder Bizz Nitty approached Boo J to partner on Laughing Gas. (Instagram / BizzNittyThe1)

Boo Johnson’s influence continues to grow in pop culture, and his new pot culture venture as 50% owner of the Laughing Gas brand should expand it. Until then, his partnership with skateboarding brand DGK, and budding side gigs as a model, and actor should keep his name buzzing. Follow the modern Renaissance man here, and check out his role in Good Mourning in theaters and on-demand now.

Boo’s partner Bizz Nitty, who founded Apple Monkey in 2020, has ambitions to build a global brand like Cookies or Runtz using the power of designer cannabis and influencer marketing. Bizz put in years in LA as a rapper and cannabis advocate and is now using his connections in the legal pot game.

He and the cultivation team behind Boo J’s Laughing Gas and Apple Monkey believe legal cannabis is approaching a golden era. The genetic creativity and commercial potential are endless. And after long careers as creatives and influencers, Boo and Bizz are supremely confident their products will leave a global mark.

Boo Johnson, skateboarder, actor, model and co-founder of Boo J's Laughing Gas cannabis brand.
Boo Johnson, skateboarder, actor, model and co-founder of Boo J’s Laughing Gas cannabis brand. (Instagram / @BooJohnson)

Are Apple Monkey’s genetics worth the hype?

You bet your banana they are. Pause any concern that this pretty primate and its giggle gas are just lookers. They’re certified heavy hitters and two of our sleeper picks to be the next Cinderella strains of the legal game.

Almost half way into 2022, it looks like the Apple Monkey team could have a dank dynasty on their hands for years to come. As long as they keep harvesting a roster full of intense exotics like their flagship strain and Laughing Gas.

Every time you pass your signature pink and green Apple Monkey bag, you’ll want to stick your nose in. The deep jungle of berry nodes will deliver an instant hit of relaxation, even before you take a tote. And when you need a quick boost on a bad day? A single whiff of Boo J’s Laughing Gas will melt your stress away.

Expect licensed dealers to begin stocking and serving Apple Monkey and Laughing Gas this summer. And get used to smokers requesting these cultivars by name. Whether you’re looking for Boo J’s Laughing Gas to lift you into space, or need Apple Monkey to punch you back down to earth, smokers of all experience levels will be blown away by Apple Monkey’s well-balanced debut offerings for summer 2022.

When will Boo J’s Laughing Gas be available for purchase?

Rapper-slash-producer Daz Dillinger shows off his stash of Boo J’s Laughing Gas with a smile that shows it works. (Instagram / @BizzNittyThe1)

Follow @_AppleMonkey and @BooJsLaughingGas on Instagram for the latest updates on finding these rare brands. The founders say Boo J’s Sweet Tooth strain is next up. And expect plenty of photos and reviews of these exotic strains in Leafly’s database as users get their hands on. Until then, prepare for the new King Kong of cannabis to unleash his gas on an unsuspecting city near you later this year.

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