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Bring Cann Social Tonics to the party

Presented ByCANNPublished on December 29, 2021 · Last updated February 4, 2022
Courtesy of Cann

These buzzy THC+CBD canned drinks are primed to win your fridge space and the hearts of you & your friends.

Is there such a thing as the perfect social drink? If you’re like a lot of people, you and your friend alcohol might not be quite as close anymore—who wants to waste a Saturday with a hangover? 

Okay—but you still want to get a bit of a buzz on. A mocktail or a CBD drink might be the ticket another time, but that’s not really what you’re going for here.

So what’s a seeker of good times to do when the weekend hits and a cold drink, some quality company, and a bit of mental elevation is the move?

It’s time to meet your new best friend: Cann Social Tonics.

Cann Social Tonics
Courtesy of Cann

Cann Social Tonics are cannabis in a can. That’s right: a delicious & drinkable cannabis “edible” in the form of a bubbly, THC-infused tonic.

Hold up, though, if the word “edible” just had you flashing back to that one time that one friend gave you that brownie—Cann isn’t that kind of trip.

Cann Social Tonics target a perfect sweet spot so that you can get a little lifted without blasting off and enjoy a social buzz without the drawbacks of booze. Keep reading to find out why Cann calls it the future of social drinking.

THC versus CBD—who is she?

Cann Social Tonics
Courtesy of Cann

Let’s break down the deets, shall we? Cann is made from five all-natural ingredients and nothing else—cannabis is one of those ingredients. Our good friends THC and CBD are the most famous & abundant cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC has psychoactive effects, as in it gets you high, while CBD is non-intoxicating.

But we know from a little phenomenon called the entourage effect that THC and CBD are buds that tend to work best together, the theory being that taken together, cannabis compounds can influence one another to amplify effects and create unique ones.

Back to the party: Each Cann has 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD. Since everyone’s different, cannabis will affect everyone differently (a good reminder to always start low and go slow).

But that 2mg THC is intentionally approachably dosed, and when paired with 4mg of CBD, the entourage effect created should encourage a nice, social buzz. Plus, with Cann, you should feel the effects within 10-15 minutes of consumption, so you don’t have to wait to get the vibe you want.

Courtesy of Cann

Basically: Cann is built to be perfectly balanced for a light, uplifting high that’ll have you laughing with friends, not your own reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Your friends Cann thank you later

With three delectable flagship flavors and limited-edition offerings worth a special dispensary run or delivery, Cann’s about to add to the list of why everyone loves you along with your stunning personality and effortless good looks when you bring it to the party.

Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Grapefruit Rosemary are all bubbly and sweet with creative combinations of aromatic herbs that give each their unique flavor profile. No artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and a combination of carbonated water, a touch of agave, citrus juice, herbs, and pure cannabis extract mean that Cann is all-natural and only 30-35 calories per can, one-third the calories of a typical wine or hard seltzer.

Cann Social Tonics
Courtesy of Cann

Ready to ditch the hangover and get your drinkable cannabis buzz on? You can find Cann in-store at dispensaries in rec legal states like Nevada, Rhode Island, Illinois, Massachusetts, and in California where delivery is also available direct from Cann as well as a number of other delivery services.

Presented ByCANN
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