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Cannabis Accessories: How to Start Showcasing Your Cannabis Stash

This article is sponsored by Myster. Myster High-End elevates cannabis culture by designing accessories that look classy, feel good, and work well.

The Old Way of Storing Cannabis

Dirty bong on messy apartment counter

We can all picture the scenario. Say it starts with girl meets boy (or, more likely, girl and boy swipe right). Girl and boy start chatting. Girl and boy meet for a drink. Conversation flows smoothly, and chemistry builds. The conversation turns to cannabis, and both are pleased to find that the other is cannabis-friendly. Boy invites girl back to his place for a nightcap joint. Boy and girl reach the door to the apartment.

Then the door opens onto the epitome of the stereotypical stoner apartment. The open desk drawer is stuffed with plastic baggies half-full of shake. There’s a resin-logged bong sitting on the coffee table. The table itself is covered in cannabis crumbs. A pipe with a half-smoked bowl is on top of the bookshelf. It looks like a frat house bedroom.

Girl makes a quick excuse and leaves.

The New Way to Showcase Your Stash

Myster cannabis storage products displayed on coffee table

As you mature, you begin to purchase and take better care of nicer things, including furniture, art, and household items. These items serve to express your individual taste, identity and sense of style, whether you’re home by yourself or entertaining visitors. Yet even for those who consider cannabis an important part of their lives, the same treatment hasn’t always been extended to the plant and its accompanying accessories. Even as cannabis gains mainstream understanding and acceptance, the substance itself continues to be treated as less than classy. It’s time to change that.

How? By rethinking how we display, prepare and store cannabis. By showing off your flower, concentrates and accessories cleanly and elegantly, you’re making a statement about your lifestyle, just as you are in choosing which art to display in your home. The following are just a few of the changes you can make to class up your cannabis and maximize your enjoyment of it.

Keep it all in one place. You wouldn’t keep your plates stacked on the desk, your bowls on the bookshelf and your silverware on the kitchen counter. Why leave your cannabis accessories scattered around your space? Keeping everything together is a satisfying way to admire your collection, and having a dedicated space for certain accessories (as in Myster’s Grand Stand) ensures that things like your vape pen have a home.

Choose a color scheme. A barrage of psychedelic pipes is a lot to look at; consider selecting clear glass across the board, choosing accessories in varying shades of blue, or tying everything together with matte black accents. Together, the aesthetic impact will be much greater than any of the individual pieces would offer on their own.

Spotlight a statement piece. Whether you love your dab rig or splurged on an especially unique water pipe, let that favorite piece be front and center. In the company of visitors, it’s a great conversation starter.

Show off your stash. High-quality cannabis flower, with its gorgeous shapes, colors and crystals, is a beautiful thing. Show off your range of strains with a set of mixed or matched stash jars. After all, home bartenders keep their best liquor in beautiful cut glass or crystal decanters; why not take the same care of your cannabis?

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Stow small accessories. As your collection grows, prevent small accessories from cluttering the set-up with eye-catching containers that keep them together. For example, consider a classic cigar box for storing your vape cartridges.

Set out sleek ashtrays, and utilize elegant rolling trays to bring a selection of cannabis to guests at a gathering. These accessories provide the added bonus of keeping your tabletops clear of seeds, stems, ash, and shake.

Embrace an element of mystery. Not every last thing needs to be set out for all to see. For instance, if you only roll joints rarely, you might not need a rolling tray set out on your shelf getting dusty. As an alternative, few things are as impressive as pulling what is ostensibly a leather-bound tome from your bookshelf, only to open it and surprise your guest with a full rolling setup. (Hint: you can find that here.)

To view Myster’s complete product line, visit their website.

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Image Sources: Myster and Rafael Castillo via Flickr Creative Commons

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