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Cannabis Product Deals: Dab Rigs, Stash Boxes, and More

January 30, 2018
Cannabis Product Deals

00 Box Personal Humidor 

(Courtesy of 00 Box)

Treat yourself and your stash this new year by picking up this personal humidor and hydrometer from 00 Box. This handcrafted Spanish cedar wood and brass finished storage box comes complete with a 130-micron pollen extraction screen, wooden pull-out collection tray faceted with an easy to collect glass bottom, as well as a custom sponge to adjust moisture levels. Featured with this humidor comes a hydrometer so that you can access that perfect moisture level for your cannabis. Aqua Lab Technologies is having their winter clearance sale and are offering this humidor as well as several other models at a steep discount. Make sure to stop by! 

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Cali Crusher Hybrid Quartz Titanium Nail

(Courtesy of 420 Science)

New year, new nail! 420 Science couldn’t agree more! They have just thrown up a killer deal on Cali Crusher Hybrid Quartz Titanium nails. Coming in four color profiles (pink, gold, purple, or blue), each female jointed titanium domeless nail comes with a detachable quartz dish. This setup gives you the durability of titanium while offering the flavor and even heat distribution that quartz provides while dabbing. The best part is that you can replace the dish on this nail whenever you like.

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Stereo Matrix to UFO Dab Rig 

(Courtesy of Dank Stop)

We saved the best deal for last by offering this Stereo Matrix to UFO Perc dab rig with color accents from Dank Stop. Standing at 9 inches, this 14mm male jointed and double percolated power house of a table top rig is the answer to all of your dabbing needs. The features on this rig include a bent neck to prevent splash, a flare mouthpiece for easy pulls, two varieties of percolation, and a 90 degree male joint. This deal gets even better because you also get a free dome and nail attachment with the option to upgrade to titanium or quartz. Not only are you saving 44% on this purchase through Dank Stop, but they were kind enough to offer free shipping to sweeten that deal!

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Patrick lives with his wife and daughter in Denver, where he spends his time writing, photographing, and creating content for the cannabis community.

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  • Mike the bike

    hmmm. THC does not combine with water, so why would you want it moist? I guess you you want to smoke it, yes; but I want to get high and the drier the weed the higher you get. Its just science. Isn’t dabbing on the same marketing scale as crack? You want concentrate try hash. Dab is just marketing to make a few people a lot of money. its just business.