Cannabis Product Deals: Reclaim Catchers, Honey Mats, and Ti Dabbers

Cannabis Product Deals of the Week

Reclaim Catcher

(Courtesy of DankStop)

Frequent dabbers can agree that using the same rig over a period of time can cause blockage due to reclaim buildup. All of that concentrate caking up on the walls of a rig may seem like a waste, but what if you could capture back some of it?

This C2 Custom Creation 90-degree reclaim catcher from is a perfect solution to get back some of the good stuff that may otherwise be lost. Built with a fixed male joint, the scientific glass catcher comes in both 14mm and 18mm designs. Complete with an easy access reclaim catcher, this unit will not only save oil for you, it will keep your rig looking cleaner for longer. Grab one now at a whopping 23% off!

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Dr. Dabber Honey Mat

(Courtesy of Dr. Dabber)

Every dab station needs proper protection, and these Dr. Dabber Honey Mats from are about as good as it gets. Each mat is designed with non-stick high-grade silicon, exactly what you need for keeping your dab rig stable and your station clean and safe from concentrate or water spills. Styled in blue and black with a sleek honeycomb aesthetic, these mats come in two sizes (5” and 12”) and are designed to sequence together for an even larger area of coverage. At 10% off with code “DABBING10,” this a deal you won’t want to miss!

Ti Dabber and Matching Stand 2-Pack

(Courtesy of Highly Educated)

Highly Educated is back at it again with another banging deal on its esteemed Titanium innovations, including this matching set of anodized Ti dabbers complete with custom stands. Each set is forged with American-made metal and comes with one blue and one gold pair (it’s good to have a backup when outfitting your dab station!). At a $20 discount, it’s going to be difficult to find a better deal on such high-quality hardware!

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