Cannabis Product Deals: Banger Carb Caps, Protective Cases, and Cozy Footed Jammies

Cannabis Product Deals of the Week

Banger Carb Cap

Treat your 14mm quartz banger to a gift this holiday season with a fresh new carb cap from ELEV8, offered at These caps are perfect for low-temp dabbers who love to savor the flavor that quartz hardware has to offer. Each cap comes with a long stem and a pointed tip that makes for a perfect dabber tool.

The carb cap pairs perfectly with a dab-worthy thick-style 14mm quartz banger nail, and you can get a sweet deal if you pair your purchase at checkout. Already have a nail? No problem! These caps are still a steal, on sale for 15% off!

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Pelican Protective Case

While you’re in the holiday spirit, why not also treat your rig to a present with a new Pelican protective case? is offering cases well below market value, giving you a rare opportunity to snag a case for cheap. This model 1400 protective case measures in at 11x8x5” (interior wall), making it the perfect size for small flower rigs such as bubblers or dry pipes, and an even better fit for most-sized dab rigs. With five colors to choose from and the option to add foam lining (highly recommended), this is a deal you simply cannot pass up.

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Marijuana Leaf Footed Pajamas

Marijuana Leaf Footed Pajamas

Snuggle up this winter with your favorite smoke buddy in a comfy pair of marijuana leaf-styled footed pajamas from These adult-sized outfits are fashioned with a red, yellow, green, and black horizontal striping and a marijuana leaf patch in the front center. Made with machine-washable 100% polyester fleece, each outfit is hooded and comes with a half zipper, side pockets, as well as a thumb hole for added comfort. With sizes available in XS-XL, these onesies are a cozy gift for that special someone to share a smoke with.

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