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11 Cannabis Strains With Canadian Roots

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11 Cannabis Strains With Canadian Roots

Did you know that many beloved cannabis strains hail from the United States’ northern neighbors? In honor of Canada Day and the promising strides the country has made towards nationwide legalization, here are 11 strains with Canadian roots. Pick one up and raise a joint to celebrate the friendly Canucks up north!


Leafly hybrid Manitoba Poison cannabis strain tile
  Manitoba Poison

The Manitoba province is located at the longitudinal center of Canada, so it’s only fitting that Manitoba Poison
is a 50/50 hybrid (though you’ll likely feel the heavy indica properties pretty quickly).

Leafly indica Sweet Tooth cannabis strain tile
  Sweet Tooth

An oldie but a goodie, Sweet Tooth
won 1st Place in the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Leafly hybrid Mendocino Purps cannabis strain tile
  Mendocino Purps

Mendocino Purps
, or simply “The Purps,” is one of a few living legends that made this list. Handed off as a clone-only cut, this plant was stabilized by BC Bud Depot and has since made its way around the world.

Leafly indica Chemo cannabis strain tile

, or UBC Chemo, is named for the university where the strain was allegedly created and for its supplementary effects on patients going through chemotherapy. This strain is an international treasure with origins that reach back to the 1970s.

Leafly indica M-39 cannabis strain tile

The clever astronomical designation of M-39
speaks to the Northern Light #5
portion of this cross.

Leafly indica God Bud cannabis strain tile
  God Bud

God Bud
is some of the finest around. This incredible indica-dominant strain lives in the pantheon of cannabis deities, but like many of the old gods, this strain is the primogenitor to many other floral demigods like Blue God
and Grape God

Leafly indica DJ Short Blueberry cannabis strain tile
  DJ Short Blueberry

DJ Short is one of the principal breeders in the cannabis industry. With cuts like Juicy Fruit and Flo, he’s left a lasting mark on the cannabis industry with exotic genetic crosses cultivated through a life of world travel and reverence for this resinous flower. DJ Short Blueberry
is known as THE west coast Blueberry phenotype.

Leafly indica Blue Dynamite cannabis strain tile
  Blue Dynamite

Blue Dynamite
was featured as one of the top 10 strains of 2007 in High Times magazine.

Leafly Island Sweet Skunk sativa cannabis strain tile
  Island Sweet Skunk

Bred by Federation Seed Company in Canada, this beautiful blend of strong landrace genetics offers a smoke that is stimulating and versatile. Known for creating considerable amounts of tertiary CBD, Island Sweet Skunk
invigorates the user while still offering anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Leafly Lowryder hybrid cannabis strain tile

is a squat and resilient plant that is ideal for outdoor grows in less than pleasant climates, making it a seasoned fit for Canadians seeking a plant that could grow and hide in plain sight while weathering a rugged season.

Leafly Romulan indica cannabis strain tile

is a space-age indica sent to Earth to expand our mind. And with Canada’s savvy immigration policy, it’s no wonder this heady smoker stopped there first.

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