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Coincidence? Legal Weed States Have Great Donuts

August 27, 2018

MMMMMMM, donuts.

Already irresistible, this stellar combo of sugar, flour, and fat, deep-fried and topped with more sugar is already a stand out treat. When combined with a crazy case of the munchies it’s about as close to a foodgasm as a sweets lover can get.

So whether you called them donuts or doughnuts (so fancy!) or “D’oh-nuts!” ala Homer J. Simpson, every major legal market has quite a selection for you (coincidence?). These shops run the gamut from 24-hour, fluorescently lit, mom & pop shops, to artisanal vegan choices, “top your own” donut bars, and delivery donuts made with cannabis fans in mind.

Here’s a breakdown of where to get your fix in a few westerly cities, plus a sweet strain of weed to make your experience even tastier.

Sweet, sweet Blueberry Pancakes. A natural companion to any donut sesh. (Tina Ballew for Leafly)


Your buzz is already slightly elevated from altitude, so go ahead and indulge in Denver’s best donut selection. If the idea of stepping into a shop and making choices is to overwhelming, regional chain (serving all of Colorado, some of Arizona, and a couple midwest locales) LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee invites you to order online. Health conscious, animal-free donut fans can try Beet Box for a vegan alternative. And there’s Habit Doughnut Dispensary which is exactly what is sounds like—donuts aimed at our direct demographic featuring treats like the Triple OG Nog and the Just Blazin, meant to be picked up at their donut dispensary before or after your trip to the dispensary dispensary.

Donut-worthy strain: A Denver Cannabis Cup winner, Cookies and Cream is a local favorite, boasting a palate of sweetness and an earthy finish, perfect for the Mile High City. One of the few strains that can go from a day buzz with light consumption to a sleeper in larger quantities, this versatile hybrid has relaxed, euphoric, and creative effects.

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Las Vegas

Vegas is a magical city where upon entry your twenty dollar bill somehow quickly becomes the equivalent of a fiver. Pinkbox Doughnuts considers their product “an affordable luxury” with high-quality ingredients and 24-hour availability because sometimes at 3 a.m., in Vegas, you need a G.D. donut. Fractured Prune, a stellar national chain, is near the strip, has “Bacon Bombs” and is open until 10 p.m. Creative canna-heads will be over the moon at Crunch Donut Factory whose donuts are named via celebrity pun—The Sheryl Kronut, Whippy Goldberg, Scarlet Doughansen. It’s quickly become Las Vegas’s favorite donut shop as you can DIY frostings, icings, drizzles, and toppings to your liking.

Donut-worthy strain: Blackberry Cream, and indica whose parentage is derived from Cookies and Cream and Blackberry Kush, tastes delicious with flavor notes including blackberry, sugary sweetness, and vanilla. When coupled with fried pastry you are looking at a flavor explosion. Hungry, uplifted, and relaxed are a perfect mindset for taking on Las Vegas and DIY donuts. Enjoy!

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San Francisco

Twisted Donuts and Coffee, once a mom & pop shop, serves your basic sugary faves on weekdays, and explores unique combos like a Baconpeño on weekends. There is also a nice selection of stuffed croissants should you like a little savory with your sweet. Get your 4 a.m. donut fix at San Francisco’s All Star Donuts, (901 Clement St., no website) a 24-hour shop that covers all the classics. No frills, simply good. And when a box, or even a dozen, just won’t do, Trish’s Mini Donuts are available to purchase BUY THE BUCKETFUL. Again. A BUCKETFUL.

Donut-worthy strain: A sophisticated strain with hints of butter and berries, indica-based Truffle Butter produces a powerful punch. Effects of Truffle Butter include hunger and arousal so maybe two buckets of donuts and a vacation day are in order when making your smoky plans.

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One can’t address the best donuts in Portland with talking about Voodoo, the locally-born pastry phenom that will have you waiting in lines out the door in Austin, Denver, and LA as well as its Rose City locations. They are fun, funky, and a tourist destination so try and hit them up after the morning rush. For a different donut experience, Blue Star Donuts works in brioche with seasonal toppings and a gourmet flare. You can find these gems all around Portland and selectively in SoCal. CoCo Donuts & Coffee provides upscale versions of your favorite classic donuts, so well-executed and popular you can now find them in five locations around the city.

Donut-worthy strain: An indica hybrid that is sweet, mellow, and earthy, Birthday Cake sports beautiful, icing-like crystals and produces a mellow high while keeping your brain in the game. Popular in Portland and surrounding OR areas, it’s great for relaxation and conversation. Maybe over coffee and donuts?

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Hello, lovelies. Get in my belly. (Tina Ballew for Leafly)

Chef and Restaurateur Renee Erickson’s General Porpoise Doughnuts are light, airy, and filled with a magnificent rotating custard. The selections change daily but there’s not a bad flavor in the lot. GPD closes early (3 pm) and isn’t cheap, but one taste will make you forget you spent $5 on a donut and you will not leave having eaten just one. Rodeo Donuts, located inside Cupcake Royale, are prepared in small batches and come in a variety of flavors with icing created from local berries, and toppings like candied bacon. Top Pot may be Seattle’s landmark donut shop, with locations all over the city. So reputable, consistent, and good, Barack Obama grabs a box whilst in the Emerald City.

Donut-worthy strain: Dense purple buds give this indica leaning hybrid the blueberry goodness from which its name is derived. Blueberry Pancakes produce a mellow body buzz, euphoria, and a happy uplifting vibe much like Barack Obama would if he just popped in to say “hi.”

That’s a good morning right there. (Tina Ballew for Leafly)

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Vancouver BC

Not an easy task in the land of Tim Horton’s but Harmony Donuts have been making Vancouver’s favorite premium treats since long before they were a fad—nearly half a century. They obviously know their donut game. Lucky’s Doughnuts up the ante with rotating seasonal flavors like torched Lemon Meringue, Mango Passion, and Creme Brulee. Last but not least we give you Glazed and Confused Doughnut Company, who obviously know their target market. These “delivery only” donuts are offered on a sliding scale or by DOUGHNATION (their pun, not ours). They also offer a socially conscious Pay a Doughnut Forward Program, that allows you to purchase donuts for Vancouver’s neediest residents in the DTES district. So grab a box or two guilt-free—helping people burns calories right?—and share some donut love, BC style.

Donut-worthy strain: Meant to stimulate your appetite and dull your pain, you will be more than donut-ready when you partake of the hybrid Cookie Dough. Despite its name, it is not kid’s play. Cookie Dough is a superiorly strong strain with sweet, vanilla, and earthy notes. It can produce dizziness, so call for delivery donuts and get dazed and confused while you wait for Glazed and Confused.

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