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Cannabis Product Deals: Dab Rigs, Tools, and E-Nails

January 6, 2017
Cannabis Product Deals
This week’s trio of deals is designed for those of you looking for the complete dab setup. Whether you want to update your rig or try a new consumption method this year, check out these discounts.

1. Nano Inline Perc Dab Rig from DankStop

Nano Inline Perc Dab Rig from DankStop
This nano inline percolated dab rig from DankStop is the perfect option if you want a starter dab rig. Featuring a 10mm male joint, this 5” practically pocket-sized rig is just the right size for a travel setup or a table rig. The nano inline percolator rig is outfitted with a sturdy flared base, so if you wanted to throw an e-nail on it, you would be able to without having to worry about the rig becoming top-heavy.

The rig comes with a small dome and quartz nail set for your dabbing pleasure, and Dankstop is marking them down for a steal. Head over and check out their sale for some deep savings!

2. Dabit Card Dab Tools from The Dab Store

Dabit Card Dab Tools
The Dabit Card from V-Syndicate is an all-in-one dabber tool kit containing everything you need for dabbing fitted into a sleek portable card. Complete with a grinder, four unique tools, and a silicon case, this kit has you covered with any style and size tool you could ask for. Each individual tool comes with two distinct tips, on one each side. You get a paddle, spade, fork, two different pointed solutions, and more, all in one simple kit.

If you’re  an on-the-go concentrate user, having a kit like this is exactly what you need. Head over to The Dab Store and grab one of these kits on sale now!

3. Off-Shelf Aluminum E-Nails from D-Nail

Off-Shelf Aluminum E-Nails from D-Nail
What does D-Nail do with its scuffed, scratched, and lightly dented warehouse units? Offer them on sale for $100 off retail price! If you don’t mind picking up one of these digital aluminum nails with a scuff or two on the side, this deal may be the one for you.

All of these units are fully operational, model 1.2 D-Nail digital vaporizers built into aluminum enclosures and come with a power cord, instruction manual, and a two year warranty. The unit may come with some minor cosmetic defects and does not include a coil/nail, but this is a heck of a deal considering the quality of the manufacturer.

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  • George G

    I’m a vaper so I already owned quite a few “mods” or devices. Buying something I essentially already own didnt seem ideal for me. A company called HERBTRONIX makes a wax atomizer for concentrates called the ROKKAKU. It’s AMAZING! It uses quartz or ceramic disposable coils and works on any of my vape mods. its made in the usa too and has a lifetime warranty. thezfo dot com sold me mine but I think they can be found in most high end stores or vape shops that stock high end equipment. its definitely not your average dab pen or rig. it has adjustable airflow, a coil lock, and it;s made of stainless and has custom sleeves.