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Cannabis Product Deals: Pendant Rigs, Bangers, and E-Nails

Cannabis Product Deals: Pendant Rigs, Bangers, and E-Nails

Patrick Bennett
March 27, 2017
Cannabis Product Deals of the Week

1. Grav Labs Pendant Rig

Grav Labs Pendant Rig
Need a new dab rig? Gear up for all of the adventures with this super small 10mm pendant dab rig from GRAV Labs
. Coming in at less than 5” tall, this micro banger is meant to be worn around the neck while you are out and on the go. The rig comes outfitted with a 10mm slide and a ring at the neck designed to work with most strings, chains and lanyards. The Dabstore.com has many other options available for travel rigs at a <$100 price point, so be sure to head over there to scoop your new daily driver!

2. Quartz Tech Club Banger

Quartz Tech Club Banger
Every new rig needs a fresh nail to complement it, and this 10mm Quartz Tech Club Banger
from the DabLab is the perfect option for that new daily driver of yours. Designed with a female joint and a thick XL head, this banger is the perfect fit for your male jointed daily travel rig. Domeless style quartz nails in this category of thickness typically come in at much higher price points, but this XL banger can be yours for just $35. You sure can’t beat that!

Looking for another joint size? The Dabstore has you covered with any size and fit you need.

3. Worker Bee E-Nail

Worker Bee E-Nail

Bee Nails are killing the game with their affordable electronic nail options! The Worker Bee nail
, featured at under $200, may just be one of the cheapest quality options on the market when it comes to analog electronic nails. Say goodbye to butane forever by switching over to the electric side. This nail comes with a 1-year warranty, and both a 5’ heating coil and power cord, giving you a little wiggle room for setting up by an outlet. Check out this custom wrap and handful of others on Bee-Nails’ website, all for an impressively low $179.99!

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