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Feast Your Eyes on These Brilliant Dragon-Inspired Glass Pipes

July 15, 2017
(Courtesy of LaceFace Glass and Dan McAfee)
We needed something to do while counting the minutes down to the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, so to pass the time, we scoured Instagram to find glass fit for a queen Khaleesi. Not just any glass–dragon glass. Well, dragon-inspired glass. We don’t expect this stuff to kill White Walkers like the dragonglass obsidian of the Seven Kingdoms, but these cannabis pipes and water pipes do offer the magical ability to get you stonier than someone who caught the greyscale.

Whether or not you give two hecks about Game of Thrones, we invite you to bask in the majesty of these brilliant dragon-inspired glass pieces. Give these artists a follow on Instagram if you like what they’re creating!


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‘Autumn Dragon’

Artist: Collaboration between Scott Tribble and Robert G. Koch II

Autumn's Drakon Collaboration with THE MAN !¡! @scozglass. @scozglass x GlassHopper. I've followed Scott's work forever now and it was truly an honor to get to spend a week crushing/learning and creating "imo" one of the most beautiful dragons out there. Thanks again to @scozglass For letting me come through and all the hospitality. Huge props to @blitzkriega on the patented Stained Grain Tech knowledge, it really pulled this piece together. #headyglass #glassofig #bestofglass #headyart #murrini #murrine #milli #milliofig #murrineofig #autumnleaves 🍂 #fallmurrine #autumn #autumnleaves 🍂#scozglass #glasshopper #glasshopper1468 #madeinwashington

A post shared by Robert G. Koch ll (@glasshopper1468) on

Autumn is coming. Part dragon, part tree, this breathtaking piece of glass shows off incredible branching and woodgrain detail.

Follow: @scozglass and @glasshopper1468

‘Elite Straight Fab”

Artist: Mothership Glass, collaboration with JDZ (attachments)

Elite Straight Fab #mothership #mothershipglass #headyglass #glassporn #glassofig #straightfab #dabs #floweroflife #seedoflife

A post shared by Mothership Glass (@mothership_glass) on

Mothership Glass is known for creating pieces that are utterly out of this world, and this cosmic collaboration with JDZ is no exception. Abstractly resembling the tail and horns of some mystical space dragon, this elite and priceless piece might as well only exist in your dreams.

Follow: @mothershipglass and @jdz____


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‘Cosmic Serpent’

Artist: Collaboration between Scott Tribble and Stratishphere Glass

Had blast working on the Cosmic Serpent with my dude @scozglass and great photo by @weirdkidmedia! Check out the function video a few posts back to see it in action 😊 Hit me up for info

A post shared by @stratisphereglass on

This piece is two wings away from being considered dragon-inspired, but that won’t stop us from sharing this serpentine brilliance with you. By the way, that double-helix snake in the center spins.

Follow: @scozglass and @stratisphereglass

‘Dragon Dance’

Artist: Banjo Glass

"Dragon dance" 2010ish "Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love." 💗🐲🙏🏻👸🏽💗 #rilke

A post shared by Banjoglass (@banjoglass) on

It’s unclear who or what is actually dancing with the dragon, but this piece of smokeable art created back in 2010 probably isn’t illustrating the Dance of the Dragons civil war in George R.R.’s saga.

Follow: @banjoglass


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Artist: Salt

I am finally here! @chalicefestival come see this bad boy and more over here at @uncorkedglassgallery

A post shared by saltglass (@saltglass) on

This piece retains some dragon-like characteristics, but they’re somewhat hidden by the loudly grotesque personality championed by its artist, Salt. Its downstem appears to curl around the inside edge of the glass, lending another unique attribute to this already eye-catching piece.

Follow: @saltglass

‘Dragon Slayer’

Artist: LaceFace Glass and Dan McAfee

Here's a gem from my archives for a little throwback on this fine Thursday. Made in 2012 "the dragon slayer" was a collaboration between myself and my good friend @dan_mcafeeart We were both super proud of how she came out featuring only two colors, @northstarglass trans yellow and dark amethyst. Looking at this piece makes me think how time flies! I'm Looking forward to collaborating again in the near future with @dan_mcafeeart !🔥🎉🌈 This piece is on display @pieceofminduw . Have a blessed day 🌞💕 #positivevibes #drangonslayer #lacefaceglass #pieceofminduw #northstarglass #grateful #throwbackthursdays

A post shared by LaceFace Glass (@lacefaceglass) on

This stunning piece could depict the Khaleesi herself riding on the back of one of her dragons. A collaboration piece from 2012, Dragon Slayer unites sharp jagged shapes with curved feminine ones to achieve balance and intrigue.

Follow: @lacefaceglass and @dan_mcafeeart


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Artist: Collaboration between Sagan Glass and Elbo Glass

"Contact". Collaboration with @elboglass!! I love this piece so much! See you tonight at @justanothergallery!! Photo by @areysocal #elbo #sagan #bestofglass #glassofig

A post shared by Sagan (@saganglass) on

Is it a dragon? A pterodactyl? A satellite space bird? No one knows, but you can smoke out of its head and we love it.

Follow: @saganglass and @elboglass

‘Draconis Rex’

Artist: Collaboration between Mike Luna and Jason Burruss

"Draconis Rex" Latin for "Dragon King" Collab with @jasonburruss See this piece on display this Thursday in Denver at the purple couch spring ritual!!! 🔥 Photo cred @garden_of_evie #headyart#glassofig#bestofglass#dabstars

A post shared by Mike Luna (@mikeluna300) on

(Photo cred @garden_of_evie )

Draconis Rex is just one of many dragons crafted by Mike Luna. This dragon is so elaborately detailed, I wouldn’t even know how to smoke out of it.

Follow: @mikeluna300 and @jasonburruss

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    Nice art but none of them look smokable.