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Find the Perfect Vaporizer to Match Your Personality

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This article is sponsored by NYVapeShop.com, a top online retailer for vaporizers, domeless nails and other cool accessories. With years of manufacturing experience, the owners of NYVapeShop.com use their know-how to produce high-quality products at very affordable prices. They offer a ton of options including over 500 color combos and FREE shipping on all orders.

From pink stilettos to jet-black sunglasses, the color of your accessories tells the world about who you are. Psychologists even say there’s a real (well, kinda real) connection between your favorite color and your personality type. Why wouldn’t we pay the same attention to the color and style of our vaporizers as we do to the rest of our accessories?

Luckily, the team at NYVapeShop.com — an online vape retailer that offers discrete packaging, immediate order fulfillment and free shipping — has taken this into account. From metallics to prints to glossy primary colors, it’s easy to find a vaporizer that suits your personal style. Read on to identify your personality type and the perfect vape to match.


Personality traits: Cool, tranquil, trusting. You express yourself clearly and calmly, which means you’re skilled at making connections in one-on-one communication. You’re an idealist who hates confrontation and relishes responsibility.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Blue Camo AGO Jr Vape Kit

Blue Camo AGO Jr Vape Kit

Blue camo. People whose favorite color is blue are calm, cool and collected. Take your chill to the next level with a cool, clean blue camo vaporizer perfect for kicking back and relaxing.


Personality traits: Expressive, enthusiastic and always on. You’re that warm, happy, outgoing spirit everyone knows and loves. You’re a social butterfly impulsively moving through life at a rapid pace, always open to new ideas and freedom of expression.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Orange AGO Jr Vape Kit

Orange AGO Jr Vape Kit

Orange. This color is a combination of vibrant red and lively yellow, meaning you’re always up for consuming out in the open with exuberant confidence. Live large and vape proud!


Personality traits: Mentally and emotionally balanced. You’re a logical thinker, good listener and thoughtful counselor. Your friends know they can come to you for advice, empathy and support.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Green Micro Vape Double Kit

Green Micro Vape Double Kit

Green. To stay balanced, you seek sanctuary from the chaos of daily life. And what says sanctuary better than a green micro vape? A super-adaptable color that jives in any environment, it’s as much at home in the great outdoors as it is at this weekend’s hottest party.


Personality traits: Social, agreeable and adaptable. You’re the glue in any social situation, making connections and building bonds between all kinds of people. You’re quick to join in the fun and invite more friends to the party.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Leopard Micro Vape Double Kit

Leopard Micro Vape Double Kit

Leopard. Sure, it’s on the wild side, but it’s hard to find a setting where these spots are out of style. Svelte and sassy, this vape promises a roaring good time wherever you roam.


Personality traits: Imaginative, artistic and a little impractical. You’re full of ideas, and you’re never one to pay any mind to their obstacles. Whether designing, doodling or simply daydreaming, your aesthetic is both unique and inspired.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Purple Micro Vape Double Kit

Purple Micro Vape Double Kit

Purple. With historical ties to royalty, this color is luxurious, indulgent and innovative. Tote a purple vape along on your next adventure, or keep it close at hand to help inspire your next project.


Personality traits: Variable, fickle and versatile. There’s the version of you your coworkers know, and then there’s the you that only your friends see. You’re sweet on the surface, but when you come out of your shell, it may be a whole new story.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Polka Dot Micro Double Kit

Polka Dot Micro Vape Double Kit

Black and white polka dot. Classic yet dynamic, polka dots walk the line between buttoned up and dressed down. This vape fits right in with your office slacks and your favorite pair of jeans.


Personality traits: Energetic, passionate and ambitious. Go big or go home. You know what you want and there’s no slowing you down. Whether at work or at play, you’ve got a strong personality and you’re proud of it.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Red Micro Double Kit

Red Micro Vape Double Kit

Red. If you’re after something eye-catching yet classy, this is the vape color for you. Fresh and flashy, it fits in seamlessly with your fast-lane lifestyle.


Personality traits: Secretive, romantic and complex. You’re dark, dashing, and just a bit dangerous. You tend to keep people guessing — and you like it that way.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Gloss Black Micro Vape Double Kit

Gloss Black Micro Vape Double Kit

Gloss black. If you’re hunting for a vape with mystique, look no further. Straightforward yet refined, it’s the perfect accessory for keeping things understated while still making a statement.


Personality traits: Dependable, level-headed and upbeat. You’re invariably accountable and accessible. You have a glass-half-full attitude and you help others see the world that way, too.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYVapeShop's Turquoise Micro Vape Double Kit

Turquoise Micro Vape Double Kit

Turquoise. Lighthearted but far from frivolous, a turquoise vaporizer brightens things up without feeling garish. If you’re looking for a pop of color that doesn’t come off as edgy, this vape is just the ticket.


Personality traits: Engaging and intellectual. You’re timeless but not stuffy, an old soul who’s anything but old-fashioned. You’re capable of keeping things classy without being too cold.

The perfect vape color for you is…

NYvVapeShop's Gold Micro Vape Double Kit

Gold Micro Vape Double Kit

Gold. Few commodities are more highly prized than gold. From ancient Egyptian tombs to Olympic medals to red carpet bling, this color has always represented success. Now it’s your turn.

Find all these colors and more at NYVapeShop.com.

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