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June’s Leafly HighLight: The strain of champions—Gelonade

Face it—covid isolation has messed up our social skills.

Whelp, party season is upon us, and more than four out of five pot snobs can recommend Gelonade; making social outings more tolerable since at least 2018.

Curmudgeons coast to coast can extend the time before they totally ghost with this awesomely lemony cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato 41.

Don’t even believe us. Believe the experts who judge Cannabis Cups. Since 2018, they’ve given Leafly HighLight for June, Gelonade, its flowers as the best sativa going.

This June, Gelonade flowers, carts, and dabs are on dispensary shelves nationwide—from downtown LA, to Miami medical shops, to Beantown (Boston). As summer ramps up, you’re going to need the right weed for barbecues, beach days, and the bedroom. If Gelonade doesn’t satisfy, you might have bigger problems than the best weed can solve.

Gelonade, one of the few things we can all agree on. (David Downs/Leafly)
Gelonade, one of the few things we can all agree on. (David Downs/Leafly)

Gelonade has an average score of 4.4 out of 5 on 40 reviews on Leafly, where reviewers cheer its energetic, arousing, uplifting effects. It’s considered a sativa hybrid—from the syrupy lemon zest when you crack the jar, to the engaged attitude it yields.

“Who DOESN’T love Gelonade,” said one Leafly reviewer, a Phil Collins fan. “Strong, Sativa Dominant, Sassy Pants, Su su sudio, ohhhh whooaa!”

“Lemony to the max. The aftertaste is so sharp with lemon flavor. I love it. I’ve never tried a strain so lemony. It’s got great, heady, energizing effects. Highly recommend,” said another fan.

“Gelonade gives me literally everything I want in a high. I feel uplifted, energized, relaxed, and happy.”

Leafly reviewer

How much does Gelonade cost?

(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
A couple green and purple nugs set against white.
Connected Gelonade via The Green Cross SF. (David Downs/Leafly)

It costs a medium to high amount, depending on the market you’re in. On its home turf in California, you can get eighths for $26 to $30. The brand that started Gelonade, Connected Cannabis Co still charges $95 for a quarter-ounce of smalls (as in, ‘smaller bud.’)

“This is a top-tier product. Definitely worth the small up-charge,” one reviewer agrees.

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Gelonade pre-rolls start as low as $12, then go to $35 for infused, and five-packs run $49.99. Gram dabs of Gelonade live resin start at $35, but the high end Holy Water + Grandiflora live resin Airgraft pod runs $50.

Oregon has Gelonade carts at $30-$36, and flower eighths at $30. Michigan stays competitive with $10 to $20 flower grams, and $35 1-gram carts. Oklahoma smokers have $22 to $30 carts and Pink Gelonade flower at $25. Even Maine and Miami have Gelonade pre-rolls ($8) or carts ($50).

Gelonade spot pricing across the US:

1 gram flower$12$15$20
3.5 grams flower$30$42$65
1 gram cart/pod$30$42$55

Gelonade seeds

(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
Ember Valley's Gelonade could win the High Times SoCal People's Choice Cup for sativa flower in 2022. (David Downs/Leafly)
Ember Valley’s Gelonade could win the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal People’s Choice Edition for sativa flower in 2022. (David Downs/Leafly)

Gelonade seeds generally don’t look very available. The strain appears to spread via clones. HendRx Nursery has the most reputable cuts of Gelonade—they adore the strain. An online seed breeder Tastebudz will sell you a variation of Gelonade. I’d also look at Archive Seed Bank’s work with the parent Lemon Tree. Grow a DosiTree this season.

Gelonade awards

(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
(Sasha Beck/Leafly)

A descendant of champions, Gelonade came into the world to win awards. Connected won a sativa flower cup with it in 2018. In 2020. Honeydew Farms won a sativa flower cup with it. In 2021, Connected won best indoor flower overall with it at The Emerald Cup. In 2022, Lost Paradise Organics won the pre-rolls category with it. This July, Gelonade might take home the High Times SoCal People’s Choice sativa flower cup. We smoked the whole backpack of strains and it’s right up there at the top. Those Gelonade terps cannot lose.

Gelonade terpenes

(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
(Sasha Beck/Leafly)

Gelonade’s success rests on its aroma molecules—its terpenes. Batches sent to labs showed results high in terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene—a cluster of terps often associated with popular strains classified as sativas. Over at HendRX Nursery, Gelonade has ‘one of the highest δ-limonene potency of any chemovar available from HendRx.’ Whatever it’s got—ask for Gelonade fresh and cool from the growers, before those terps get tired and expire.

Other highlights this June

Gelonade drought in your neck of the woods? Thirst not, my homies. These three backup strains keep the party flowing—guaranteed.

Lemon Sour Diesel

Lake Grade Lemon Sour Diesel, from the High Times SoCal People’s Choice sativa flower judge’s kit. (David Downs/Leafly)

Almost anyone can turn the party up with a lemony Sour Diesel—a top 20 best-seller across the US. Adding more zesty lemon to the fuel is Lemon Sour Diesel. This hybrid sativa feels euphoric, creative, and uplifting; great for a backyard barbecue joint with new friends. Lemon Sour Diesel quality can vary. There’s top-shelf to middling, and tons of crosses. But OGs and Sour D’s are like pizza—even when it’s bad it’s still OK.


CRAFT Connected Guava Biscotti (David Downs/Leafly)
CRAFT Connected Guava Biscotti (David Downs/Leafly)

Ahoy, Cookie boys! Smoke a fatty at Carnaval and take in all the festival sights, sounds, and food with Guava Gelato, aka Guava for short. Pears, plum, and gas come off this sativa phenotype of Gelato. Guava gets crossed into everything under the sun—Guava OG from Foxy, or Guavoisier from Kingston Royal. Guava carts and dabs also rule the summer.


Papaya. (Leafly)
Papaya. (Leafly)

Wind down but keep it tropical with Papaya—a favorite of modern hashmakers. Mango, tropical, tree fruit smell will draw you in. Its hybrid indica effects read like three of the most popular dwarves: Sleepy, Hungry, and Relaxed. You’ll find Papaya carts, dabs, edibles, and flowers from California to Maine. Perfect for laying in a hammock, strumming a ukulele; or going full lizard naked on a hot rock over a remote swimmin’ hole. You do you.

So that’s four tasty, topical summer strains to pair with this June. See you later this month for Strains of the Summer 2022!

If any of them tickle your fancy,  do feel free to leave a nice comment below.

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