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Holiday Gifts for the Leafly Superfan

Know a Leafly lover in your life? Of course you do! And if you don’t (a hypothetical situation, of course, because who doesn’t love Leafly?), what better way to foster your friend’s newfound love of cannabis by gifting him or her with some exclusive Leafly gear from our store. 

In addition to new Strain Tees, we’ve added a whole new line of great merchandise just in time for the holidays, so bundle up and prepare for the cold weather with these hot threads.

Leafly Red Sweatshirt

Leafly red pullover crewneck sweaters

Why We Love It

You know that sweater of your dad’s/boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s that’s just so damn soft? Well think even softer than that, then you’ll be getting somewhere close to the level of comfort this unisex crewneck offers up. Our relaxed red marble fleece sponge crewneck is manufactured with a specialized washing process, meaning each shirt is unique.

Price: $35.00 – BUY NOW

Leafly “Stash” Beanie

Leafly "cannabis stash" unisex beanie

Why We Love It

Stay warm this winter with the first-ever Leafly “Stash” Beanie, designed to keep you cozy whether you’re chilling at home or braving the outdoors. Featuring long-lasting acrylic marking and a discreet stash pouch, this item is a must-have for snowboarders or other winter-friendly folks who want to rep Leafly with pride.

Price: $18.00 – BUY NOW

Leafly Women’s Tank Top

Why We Love It

Gentle reminder that “it’s 4:20 Somewhere” on the front, subtle Leafly tri-color strain tiles on the back.

Price: $25.00 – BUY NOW

Leafly Zip Up Hoodie

Leafly gray zip-up unisex hoodie

Why We Love It

Layer up with style! This light gray zip-up hoodie has a tasteful, understated silhouette of a Leafly strain tile on the back and a small color version on the front, making it perfect for every occasion. It features a comfortable blend of 85% combed cotton and 15% polyester.

Price: $40.00 – BUY NOW

Find Strain Tees and other products the Leafly Store has to offer — use the code MerryKushmas to receive FREE shipping from now until December 31st!

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Leafly holiday gift guide