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Holiday Gifts for the Vape Connoisseur

Whether your gift recipient is new to cannabis, a vaping enthusiast, or is simply not a fan of smoking and is looking for an alternate consumption method, a top-of-the-line vaporizer is a great option. As technology continues to evolve cannabis accessories beyond the standard joints and bongs we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few decades, vaporizers have become portable, sleek, and exceptionally user-friendly, making them a great gift option for the gadget lover in your life.

We’ve featured three vaporizer options in this year’s gift guide, and each product has something unique to offer the discerning consumer. From minimalist-designed portability to gorgeous tabletop units and options for the expert vaper in your life, these products might just be the highlight of your loved one’s holiday season. Sure, they cost a bit more, but they’re well worth the price (and who doesn’t love a good splurge gift every now and then?).

Dr. Dabber Percolator Attachment

Dr. Dabber percolator attachment for portable vaporizers

Why We Love It

As vapor technology continues to skyrocket, items like the Dr. Dabber Percolator Attachment are gaining real traction in the marketplace. This fully-functional glass percolating filtration system will fit on any battery with a 510 thread. And we’re huge fans of the quality build: each Percolator is hand-blown by Dr. Dabber’s glass artist.

Price: $99.95

PAX 2 Vaporizer

PAX 2 vaporizer

Why We Love It

There’s a few reasons why the PAX 2 has a reputation as one of the best (and smartest) vaporizers on the market – try four temperature settings, lip-sensing, motion-sensing and auto-cooling technologies, and a super simple and efficient interface. Better yet, the PAX 2 has up to 30% longer battery life than the PAX 1, meaning you’ll be more likely to be charged up and ready to go when the need strikes. And while the price tag is hefty, it’s worth it for that special someone whose looking to join the ever-growing band of PAX lovers.

Price: $279.99

Vriptech Vaporization Heat Wand

VRipTech Vaporization Heat Wand

Why We Love It

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an experienced vape lover, then look no further: the VHW Vaporization Heat Wand can deliver superior vapor extraction and delivery. With an all-glass heating surface, small and ergo form, and vortex neutral polarity convective air flow, it provides one of the most concentrated experiences you can find.

Price: $199.99

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