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Happy Hanukkah! 8 Crazy Strains for Making Hash Oil

Happy Hanukkah! 8 Crazy Strains for Making Hash Oil

Will Hyde
December 16, 2014

Tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. It celebrates a miracle that happened over 2,000 years ago when the smallest cruse of olive oil lasted for eight nights, shedding its light from a menorah after the temple had been destroyed. Much of society has changed in the millennia since the destruction of the temple, but in honor of Jewish traditions, we celebrate our affinity towards the brightest beacon in the cannabis landscape: concentrates

Similar to the Hanukkah miracle, just a small amount of hash oil can last for days or even weeks without you needing to return to your favorite dispensary
. This of course varies from person to person depending on their tolerance, dosing, and method of consumption
. And while there are no rules for what strains make the best concentrates, I have compiled a list with eight of my favorite strains that make crazy-good oil.

To better understand my selections, you should know what qualifications
I look for when selecting a strain-specific concentrate. The first thing I concern myself with is the quality of the genetics and product used in extraction. Was the concentrate derived from trim or buds
? Is it a killer phenotype
of your favorite strain or is it some random bag seed? These considerations are paramount to capturing the best potency and complex flavors in oil form. The other major quality I analyze is the flavor profile of the strain. Concentrates not only condense the power of the cannabinoids
, they also emphasize the immense spectrum of terpenes
that cannabis can exude.

So keeping all that in mind, here are eight strains that can be used to make some quality hash oil. Mazel tov!

1. Kosher Kush

An obvious choice for thematic reasons, but the pungent
, piney
tones of skunky
Kush flavors are also exactly what I look for when selecting Kush genetics. Any number of OG Kush
varieties can produce a profound mixture of flavor and potency. Kosher Kush not only fits the profile, but even your rabbi will agree the resulting effects of this indica
 will leave you feeling blessed.

2. Sour Diesel

Besides the incredible euphoria
and happy
of its sativa
effects, Sour Diesel also emits an expansive scope of flavors. The rich diesel
and citrus
tones provide an invigorating terpene profile that fascinates the senses. Some Sour D phenotypes exude the sugary qualities of lemon
candy or subtle watermelon sweetness that makes for an extremely pleasurable dab.

3. Jillybean

Jillybean is a hybrid
strain with such marvelous flavor combinations that I have a hard time passing it up no matter what form it is presented in. TGA Seeds have bred a stunning mix of Romulan
, Orange Skunk
, and Cinderella 99
, and the tropical
flavors of its parent strains turn Jillybean into a fruit salad of mango
and orange
. The creamsicle phenotype delivers a creamy orange mouthful of flavor that is especially nice when concentrated.

4. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a key ingredient to the unique and renowned flavor combination found in GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)
. The intense sweetness and energetic
effects make Durban Poison a perfect strain to help you stay active while the oversized resin glands and the thick coat of trichomes draw concentrate enthusiasts to this sativa. With crystalline trichomes that extend to almost all areas of the plant, the trim from Durban Poison can make concentrates comparable to so some lower-yielding, bud-run concentrates, supplying yet another reason to pick this poison.

5. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze produces exceptional amounts of THC, making it a prime choice for concentrate production. The mellow cerebral buzz keeps one from being totally overwhelmed, even when hit with the forceful effects that cannabis oil is known to supply. Its citrus
sweetness mixes with earthy
flavors that provide an elevated
mood and will help you forget any troubles.

6. Bruce Banner #3

Speaking of exceptional THC content, how about Bruce Banner #3? The Incredible Hulk’s alter-ego has tested at over 25% according to High Times’ list of the “Earth’s Strongest Strains 2014.” While I have yet to personally experience this strain in concentrate form, the 3rd place prize at the 2014 Cannabis Cup held in Denver is enough to make me drool over the possibilities. The sweet
mix of pungent
flavors deliver a euphoric
buzz, while the high concentration of cannabinoids points towards exceptional yields once extracted.

7. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is great all-purpose strain. It is relatively forgiving to grow and the smoke is an earthy
mix of pungent
flavors. I enjoy the way that extracts emphasize ATF’s diverse range of flavors and when properly purged, the oil created from Alaskan Thunder Fuck gives off a candied mix of citrus
and banana flavors that are hard to ignore. The flavor is so compelling, you will have a hard a time putting this concentrate to rest before it does the same to you.

8. Sour Tsunami

With so much movement in our understanding of the therapeutic abilities of cannabinoids, it seems proper to highlight a high-CBD strain
. While there are a number of choices for strains like Harlequin
, and Charlotte’s Web
that induce CBD’s healing properties, I think Sour Tsunami brings the most intriguing and enjoyable flavor experience. With its genetic heritage of Sour Diesel
and NYC Diesel
, Sour Tsunami boasts an incredible mix of pungent
flavors to compound its ability to quell pain
and epileptic

Have you tried any of these strain-specific concentrates? Do you have your own favorite strains to dabble with? Find and review your favorite strains with the Leafly Explorer
and share your favorite cannabis varieties with your friends using #MyLeaf. Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah from your friends at Leafly!