Haute Box: 12 Must-Have Cannabis Accessories for Snowy Sessions

Yes, smoking cannabis is technically illegal* at ski resorts in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, whose mountains often occupy federal land. But there’s a reason gondolas are called “ganjulas”—riding high has long been a standard part of the on-mountain ritual.

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In a hard-partying culture where alcohol is served at most resorts and the tradition of après ski sipping is happily celebrated, isn’t it about time responsible cannabis use got treated as an equal part of the scene? It’s still a sad reality that while many, if not most, skiers and snowboarders enjoy cannabis, getting caught smoking on the slopes might cost you your pass, and a citation for public consumption isn’t cheap. As you would when having a beer with your chili at lunch, know your tolerance and smoke smart.

Here, we’ve curated a list of skier- and snowboarder-friendly accessories to elevate your sessions on the mountains even higher. Love another product not included below? Share it in the comments!

* Editor’s Note: Be mindful of local laws, resort regulations, and the environment when you’re out on the hill, and “Know the Code.”

Going ‘Skiing’ in Colorado? Here’s Where to Shop

Nuggy, $33

(Courtesy of

The Swiss Army Knife for smokers, this is the tool to take everywhere. Each of the ten stainless-steel instruments (roach clip, scissors, poker, et al.) stay in place during use with a spring-locked system stored within a hard plastic case that fits in the palm of your hand. The battery-powered light is a bonus for easy pipe-tending in the dark. And just in time for the holidays, there are two new versions of the Nuggy to try–the Dab (four tools) and Hybrid (six tools), both available in blue or pink ALOX shells for firmer gripping.

Shop: nugtools.com

Delta Stormproof Lighter, $39

(Courtesy of Delta)

Forget futzing around with a Bic on the chair lift or in the trees this season with the ultimate windproof flame. Withstanding winds up to 80 miles per hour, its heavy duty encasement is impact- and water-resistant with a stainless steel closure to keep the top water tight. It works best at a maximum altitude of 8,000 feet and with quadruple-refined butane.

Shop: campmor.com

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Panda Poles, from $75

(Courtesy of Panda Poles)

We have yet to discover ski sticks made of hemp, so until we do (and probably just forever) we have our paws on Panda Poles, handmade by “free skiers and mountain mystics” with a 100% bamboo solid core. Grips and zero-drag baskets have a pop of color, and the features and size for each pair are fully customizable via an online order.

Shop: pandapoles.com 

Vaprwear Hydro-Vape Backpack, $109.99

(Courtesy of Vaprwear)

Say hello to the world’s first pack to deliver portable hydration plus cannabis vapor, all carried on your back. Constructed from durable, water-resistant materials with plenty of room for additional gear, you can puff your way through a powder day without worrying about staying hydrated.

Shop: vaprwear.com 

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Black Rock Originals Safety Case, $39.95 & Tanner Hall Ski Boss Collection, $14.99

(Courtesy of Black Rock Originals)

How many times have you found yourself searching your pockets for your stash when you duck into the trees for a safety meeting? This smell-proof, compact case is the savvy way to stay organized and fits perfectly into any jacket pocket without getting in the way. Its weatherized exterior adds an additional layer of protection; inside, elastic straps keep everything in place during fast laps. Add-on: The special collection of rolling essentials created in partnership with freeskiing legend Tanner Hall, which was specifically designed to help athletes solve the challenge of rolling on the go. A metal grinder card and two packs of rice papers are included, each emblazoned with Hall’s signature and SKIBOSS logo.

Shop: blackrockog.com 

Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer, $149.99

(Courtesy of Vapium)

Created specifically for use in the outdoors and tested in snow and extreme cold, Vapium‘s Summit is one of the most rugged vaporizers you could take off the grid. Built for loose-leaf flower, this vape has a reinforced rubber grip with a tethered and magnetic chamber lid that saves you from dropping anything. It’s splash-proof and has a weatherproof USB cable with a solar-powered charger (compatible with cell phones too) for when you’re out touring the backcountry.

Shop: vapium.com

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Green Jay Single Carry, $12.99

(Courtesy of Green Jay)

For a more minimal supply kit, grab one of Green Jay’s high-grade aluminum tubes: They’re airtight, waterproof, and completely discreet. The secure cap is designed to fit a pre-roll securely and keep it safe while you shred.

Shop: green-jay.com

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2, $29.99

(Courtesy of Skullcandy)

Music can truly elevate a run, and Skullcandy’s earbuds are more comfortable than most, using an angled design that fits easily under helmets and stays put. Bonus: You can change tracks or make and take calls via an in-line microphone and remote.

Shop: skullcandy.com 

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Stance Stoney Ridge Ski Socks, $38

(Courtesy of Stance)

Designed for deep powder days in bounds or a backcountry adventure, Stance’s merino wool, needle knit features graduated compression, breathable performance mesh, and a patented Toe Box Oven to keep your tootsies toasty.

Shop: stance.com 

Mary’s Medicinals Elite CBD Muscle Freeze, $40

(Courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals)

One of the most effective topicals we’ve discovered yet, this Mary’s Medicinals formula will soothe the sorest of ski legs with its cooling natural plant extracts packed with 50 mg of active cannabinoids. Available in two sizes; take the one-ounce bottle with you (easily attachable to a carabiner) for mid-day relief when the powder is deep.

Shop: marysmedicinals.com 

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Cannasmack SPF 15 Lip Balm, $2.99

(Courtesy of Cannasmack)

The sun is always stronger at altitude, so keep your pout protected with this vitamin-rich, beeswax-based chapstick enhanced with sativa hemp seed oil. The Day Tripper flavor is minty fresh and all of CannaSmack’s lip balms are THC-, cruelty-, paraben-, sulfate- and gluten-free.

Shop: cannasmack.com

Smokin Snowboards KT-22, $549.99

(Courtesy of Smokin’ Snowboards)

Born from the “Smokin Jay” nickname he earned in a 1990 International Snowboard Magazine article, former pro shredder and Smokin founder Jay Quintin has built one of the best rider-owned brands in the biz. Handmade in Reno, Nevada, the KT-22 is the brand’s all-mountain flagship supercharger, and is also known to turn it up in the backcountry.

Shop: smokinsnowboards.com