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A Gift Guide for the Feminist Cannabis Consumer in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the Feminist Cannabis Consumer in Your Life

Elizabeth Enochs
December 3, 2018
(Courtesy of Foria)
Has your best friend ever mentioned that cannabis can be an effective treatment
for a number of illnesses that disproportionately affect women, or that the racial bias in pot arrests is staggering
? Has your partner been begging you to get lifted and watch Broad City with them? Did your sister blow through most of her stash after the Kavanaugh hearings and then order $30 worth of Veggie Grill?

Toke up with your best friends. Find cannabis near you.

OK, that last one was a bit specific. But if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you probably have a feminist cannabis user
on your holiday shopping list. Luckily, I’ve been embracing both cannabis and feminism for most of my twenties, so I have lots of gift ideas
for the feminist cannabis user in your life.


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From informative and empowering books like Feminist Weed Farmer to the absolutely gorgeous Stoner Babe’s Coloring Book, it’s not difficult to find a cannabis-themed gift to suit any budget or personality. As a feminist cannabis-user myself, here are just a few of the gifts I’d love to find in my stocking this year.

Book: Tokin’ Women

(Courtesy of Tokin’ Women)

Where to buy: squareup.com

Price: $15

Written by Nola Evangelista, Tokin’ Women: A 4,000-Year Herstory
delivers an inspiring selection of over 50 famous canna-friendly women throughout history—from ancient goddesses to beloved authors Louisa May Alcott and Maya Angelou to pop culture icon Jennifer Aniston.


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Foria Products

(Courtesy of Foria)

Where to buy: foriawellness.com

Famous for their cannabis-infused intimate massage oils and vaginal suppositories, Foria
products are the perfect gift for your closest, most sex-positive, feminist loved ones. Most of Foria’s products are geared toward gifting users with more enjoyable sex and less painful periods, and CBD vapes are on the menu as well.

“Get Lit” Holiday Sweater

(Courtesy of Wildfang)

Where to buy: wildfang.com

Price: $65

I’ve yet to meet a feminist who doesn’t love WILDFANG
—a women-founded, women-run clothing store that has given back $400K to charities like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Joyful Heart, and the Tegan and Sara Foundation. Plus, you won’t need to brave winter weather to shop WILDFANG’s online store. Equally exciting: this cozy cutie
actually lights up.

The Stoner Babe’s Coloring Book

(Courtesy of Katie Guinn)

Where to buy: katiegunn.com

Price: $14.95

Created by Portland-based artist, designer, writer, and mother, Katie Guinn
, The Stoner Babe’s Coloring Book
celebrates the beauty of empowered women and gender fluid babes who savor the qualities of the cannabis plant. Pair this gorgeous book with a fresh set of colored pencils and you’ve got yourself a high-quality holiday gift for under $20.


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Book: Feminist Weed Farmer

(Courtesy of Microcosm Publishing)

Where to buy: microcosmpublishing.com

Price: $9.95

Written by experienced Humboldt farmer Madrone Stewart, the Feminist Weed Farmer
is about as feminist as it gets. Stewart shares her hard-won knowledge gained from years of growing cannabis, Zen meditation, and surviving as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Stewart also walks readers through the details of growing backyard plants, from selecting seeds to harvest and processing.

Etsy Gifts

(Courtesy of TheArtofKevynSchmidt/Etsy)

Where to buy: etsy.com

Supporting small business owners is feminist as hell, and Etsy is full of talented artists who are creating beautiful stoner gifts. Kevyn Schmidt’s Broad City prints
are my personal favorites, but Etsy boasts a wide array of cannabis-themed artwork
, accessories, cosmetics, soaps, jewelry, and home decorations. To get you started, here’s six Etsy shops
with must-have cannabis designs.

Donate to a Cannabis Charity

If you can’t decide what to give the feminist cannabis user in your life, consider giving to a charity in their name. Parents for Pot
conducts an annual holiday drive where they try to fulfill the holiday wish lists of kids whose parents are serving time for cannabis.

Though it’s not cannabis-specific, Angel Tree Program
also sponsors an annual holiday drive for kids of incarcerated parents. Whether you want to help mothers
and fathers
who have been jailed for cannabis, or you feel more compelled to help American veterans
gain safe and legal access to cannabis, there’s a charity out there eagerly awaiting your generosity.


Support These Generous Cannabis Brands Giving Back

Potberry Locket Grinder

(Courtesy of Potberry)

Where to buy: potberryco.com

Price: $200

Gorgeous, practical, and stealthy, this gift is ideal for daily cannabis users. Potberry
’s 18K gold, minimalist-style locket doubles as a functioning herb grinder for the sophisticated smoker, and it’s made in the U.S. You might want to save this special gift for your all-time favorite feminist—whether that’s your partner, your sibling, or you!

Book: Breaking the Grass Ceiling

(Courtesy of Breaking The Glass Ceiling/Facebook)

Where to buy: grassceilingbook.com

Price: $14.95

Authored by Ashley Picillo and Lauren Divine, Breaking the Grass Ceiling
is a fascinating biographical collection featuring women who created opportunities for themselves and others in the cannabis industry by helping others gain access to the plant, or to find their careers, or by having difficult conversations.

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