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11 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Glass Enthusiast

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Presented BySmoke Cartel November 30, 2015

This article is sponsored by Smoke Cartel, an online retailer and head shop made up of a close-knit team of glass lovers dedicated to making sure you get the best possible smoking gear.

Having to find just the right gift for just the right person can make holiday shopping stressful. Cannabis consumers don’t make it any easier, as their individual preferences are heavily influenced by their personal experiences with the plant. For example, what do you get for the glass enthusiast who already has an extensive collection of bongs, bubblers, pipes, and more?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of our other resources where you can find out what to look for in quality headshop or which glass brands are pushing the creative envelope. Or, if you’re looking for specific ideas of what pieces to look for, check out some of the recommendations below from the Smoke Cartel team. This roundup of glassware products will get any glass fanatic excited, regardless of the size of their collection. Don’t forget to use the exclusive discount code at the bottom for some extra holiday savings!


1. Double Tree Perc Beaker Base with Ice Pinch

Double tree perc beaker base with ice pinch from Smoke Cartel

This beaker base water pipe comes in several variants which feature green and blue coloring as well as clear glass components. The mouthpiece, bowl, beaker-shaped base, and tree percs are all blue in color, whereas the neck itself is made of only clear glass. The two four-arm tree percs add optimum filtration, while the ice pinch feature improves any user’s smoking experience.

From a functional standpoint, the pull could not be smoother; the double tree perc diffusion removes all traces of harshness from your smoke, leaving you with only the smoothest, cleanest water pipe hit. Aesthetically speaking, this piece offers you a modern twist on a classic design.


2. Straight Tube with Domed Showerhead UFO Perc

Straight tube with domed showerhead UFO perc bong from Smoke Cartel

This piece from Smoke Cartel is a clear straight tube with a dome shower head. It has an ice pinch just above the shower head and functions to its ultimate capacity due to its sleek, simplistic design. A great piece for beginners that want to step up their glass game, the straight tube offers everything you need from a traditional water pipe to get the job done without costing too much money, making it an ideal piece for a gift this holiday season.


3. “HoneyTip” Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip

HoneyTip nectar collector with titanium tip from Smoke Cartel

These nectar collectors come as a kit with a detachable neck, body with water chamber, a titanium tip, and a keck clip. The nectar collector is a great addition to any collection for the smoking aficionado. A relatively new innovation designed to vaporize concentrates, this is the only piece that is missing from everyone’s collection! It’s a perfect gift for the smoker that already has everything.


4. Turbine Cyclone Percolator “Smokenado” Water Pipe

Turbine cyclone percolator Smokenado water pipe from Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel is the proud inventor of this wild water pipe. It’s lovingly dubbed the “Smokenado” because the body shape and small turbine perc create a spinning vortex in the top chamber that looks like a twister you wouldn’t mind being around. Because the turbine spins the water and smoke so intensely, this piece has a very strong pull and amazing percolation. If you’re looking for a conversation starter, this is piece for you (or your friends, of course)!


5. The “Colorship” Mothership Inspired Faberge Egg Rig

Colorship mothership inspired faberge egg glass piece from Smoke Cartel

An instant eye-catcher, the “Colorship” provides the same great function with the signature Faberge Egg body design as the famous Motherships, only without breaking the bank! It also has an inception-style showerhead perc to maximize filtration and give you the smoothest hit possible. Now with color accents in the middle of the body, the base, and lip, it’s ready for its place in the center of your table!


6. “The Swiss Bottle” Fab Egg Style Baby Bottle Rig with Polished Joint

The Swiss Bottle fab egg style bottle rig with polished joint from Smoke Cartel

This baby bottle will have you in tears…from all the heavy, milky rips, of course! Ideal for the concentrate lover who appreciates form and function, the baby bottle egg rig won’t leave you disappointed. Featuring a flame-polished joint, a slitted angled downstem, and Swiss percolation with holes throughout the body of the bottle that resemble Swiss cheese, the diffusion of smoke and water in this piece is phenomenal.


7. Swiss Perc 2 Stage Recycler

Swiss Perc 2 Stage Recycler from Smoke Cartel

This Swiss Perc recycler functions beautifully. With the added percolation of the recycler, this piece is truly a great oil rig. Being a natural recycler in itself, it creates optimal filtration and an excellent taste, allowing you to taste all of the great flavor notes in your legal oils and concentrates. As an added safety measure, the bent neck style of this piece protects your face from the heat of the nail.

This piece comes to you at a lower price point than most other Swiss perc pieces, making it an undeniably good pick for a gift this holiday season.


8. “The Hammerhead” Double Hammerhead Perc Recycler

Double Hammerhead Perc Recycler from Smoke Cartel

Recyclers are praised for their cleaner, smoother hits, and this rig features a double-ended inline percolator, known as a hammerhead perc, as well as a secondary chamber for excellent filtration and recycling. It ships with a 14.5mm female glass dome and glass nail.

This is a great introductory recycler that functions beautifully while showing you the intricate movement of the recycling water and smoke.


9. “Scylla” Propeller Perc Rig

Scylla propeller perc rig from Smoke Cartel

Sesh Supply presents the Scylla, beast of the seas! Spinning like a cyclone, the Scylla swirls each hit you take — how fun is that? Although this beaker base is short in stature, it makes up for its size with its gnarly propeller perc. The spinning motion from the propeller creates a spinning percolation, spinning both smoke and water, and the bent neck controls any splash that works its way towards the top of the beaker.

The pipe has a 90 degree joint that leads to the perc, and ships with your choice of a flower bowl or oil dome and nail.


10. “Theseus” Spoon Bubbler Hybrid – Spill Proof Chubbler

Theseus spoon bubbler hybrid with spill proof chubbler from Smoke Cartel

Spoon meets Bubbler to create a product that’s perfect for the on-the-go adventurer who loves the form and portability of a spoon, but yearns for the percolation and filtration of a bubbler. It’s spill-proof, easy to use, prevents splash-back, and comes with a healthy sized bowl.

Simply fill the Theseus with water through the mouthpiece end and you’re all set to go. Using a unique internal chamber system, smoke is filtered through the water, but the water doesn’t spill out or splash into your mouth. To empty, simply blow air through the mouthpiece and the water will be forced out the choke.

The Theseus is one of Sesh Supply’s hottest pieces, so be sure to snag one before they run out!


11. Standard Glass on Glass Ashcatcher with Downstem

Glass ashcatcher with downstem from Smoke Cartel

No glass collection is complete without an ash catcher. This is a classic angled ash catcher, available in any size to fit your pipe. Ash catchers help to keep your glass clean and provide an extra layer of filtration to keep your hits cleaner. This model and many other types of ash catchers are available to you through Smoke Cartel’s online shop.


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10 Glass Brands Bubbling to the Top of Your "Must Try" List

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