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How Would You Describe 2015 Using Strain Names?

January 6, 2016

Before 2015 drew to a close, we turned to Facebook to ask our followers to sum up the year in one strain. Some of you opted to share your laundry lists of strains consumed, with one Leafly fan rattling off 17 strains he tried last year (and they say cannabis consumers have poor memories). Others simply responded by naming their favorite strain, with Super Lemon Haze, White Rhino, Dr. Who, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), Dutch Treat and many others cracking the list. 

Our favorite responses, however, were the strains that could truly summarize 2015. Without further ado…



This indica-dominant hybrid basically sums up the last month of 2015, when Star Wars fever eclipsed the globe. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is the seventh film in the iconic series (fourth if, like most of us, you conveniently choose to forget that episodes 1-3 ever existed) and picks up about 30 years after the conclusion of "Return of the Jedi." Since its release date on Dec. 18, the movie has made over $750 million domestically and $1.5 billion worldwide. The relaxing and happy Skywalker could be the perfect chaser to seeing the film, helping you drift off to sleep dreaming of galaxies far, far away.

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Snoop Dogg OG / Chong Star

2015 was a big year for cannabis-positive celebrities, with several announcing their own line of cannabis products. Snoop Dogg and Tommy Chong are two cannabis veterans-turned-entrepreneurs, with Snoop launching Leafs by Snoop and Chong debuting pre-rolled cones. Naturally, both legends have their own strain, which is why we feel both Snoop Dogg OG and Chong Star exemplify last year's growing trend of celebrity product lines. 

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Whether you attribute this hybrid to the madness known as the 2016 presidential election, the continuing implosion of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Shia LaBeouf, hot-button topics like gun control or Amy Schumer's hit comedy of the same name, Trainwreck is an apt description of 2015's many milestones. Considering the strain can deliver euphoric and happy effects, we'll go with the latter and suggest pairing it with an evening viewing of the summer hit that grossed over $110 million and introduced people to LeBron James' more humorous side. 


Liberty Haze

Speaking of the 2016 election, this past year had us all in a bit of a Liberty Haze, making us want to reach for this potent hybrid as we ponder the possibility of a Trump presidency. With so many candidates and an excruciatingly long election cycle, expect to see even more craziness in 2016 as we march towards the November election. One thing's for sure: Cannabis is shaping up to be a hot topic for the politicians. 

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Game Changer

Indeed, last year was a Game Changer for cannabis, with the introduction of the CARERS Act (even though it's now stalled in committee), the debut of recreational cannabis in Oregon, Canada's election of a cannabis-positive prime minister who intends to legalize cannabis nationwide, and many more milestones. This year is destined to be an even bigger one for the movement, with a number of states eyeing legalization. You better pick up some of this hybrid and buckle up for what's bound to be a wild ride for the industry this year.

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Honorable Mention: Rosin Tech

Okay, so it's not technically a strain, but interest in rosin gained momentum in 2015 as cannabis consumers started to get concentrate-curious. Since rosin is a safer, DIY-version of solventless concentrate that can resemble shatter, people are reaching for their hair straighteners in an attempt to "press" their luck in making a batch of their own.

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Which strain do you think best sums up 2015? Share in the comments!