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In Photos: Pouring Liquid Gold Cannabis Oil at Xtracted Labs

In a state-regulated industry like cannabis, every market functions a little differently. Expanding a cannabis brand beyond the borders of your home state is daunting from a geographical standpoint. It’s also challenging to keep up with the moving target of compliance under different state cannabis laws.

For brands with long-standing legacies in medical cannabis, expanding into new markets is the next great challenge. Recently, Xtracted Labs has taken their Refine brand into Alaska and Maine. But before growers or extractors can open up shop in new markets, they have to make sure their processes and products are dialed in and fit within the regulatory framework of that new area.

We visited Xtracted’s flagship lab in Seattle to get a better look at their formula for success—and the cannabinoid-rich oil resulting from it.

The complete lineup of products from Xtracted Labs including their Refine and Northwest Concentrates brands. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Like any good extract, it all starts with the material you are refining. Refine’s signature Loud Resin uses only expertly grown, dried, and cured material to capture the dried flower experience. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Preloaded “socks” of raw material from local farms prepped in the freezer for future extraction. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Hydrocarbon gasses running through a closed-loop extractor. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Crude extract straight from the extractor. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Various types of finished cannabis extract stored in an inventory safe until they’re prepared for delivery. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


A big scoop of Gelato #33 Loud Resin extracted from Aurum Farms flower. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Vinnie Trichanh packages grams of Refine’s LSD Loud Resin extracted from Royal Tree Gardens flower. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


A variety of THCA diamonds extracted, refined, and formed at Xtracted Labs. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


A giant beaker of Peach Ringz distillate destined to become RAD! – Refine Activated Distillate. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Peach Ringz distillate being poured out of a beaker. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)


Vape pen cartridges being loaded with freshly distilled cannabis oil. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

Xtracted Labs CEO Ryan Abernathy poses for a portrait in the Xtracted Facility. (Grant Hindsley for Leafly)

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Will Hyde

Will is a cannabis expert and former co-host of Leafly's "What Are you Smoking" podcast. He's a cultivator and former budtender who loves complex hybrids with piney and gassy terpene profiles. Follow him on Instagram at @the.avid.dabber

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