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It’s Raining Sativas: LA Cannabis Cup Entries, Heirlooms, and Landraces Added to the Leafly Explorer

Published on February 8, 2014 · Last updated November 10, 2022

With now over 700 strains in the Leafly Explorer, we think it’s time to celebrate with some invigorating and uplifting sativas. What would we do without the strains that help us stay both medicated and productive throughout the day? How would we ever fight the temptations of couchlock and Xbox One to enjoy the outside world?

We’ve added some long-overdue classics as well as sativa entries for this weekend’s LA Cannabis Cup. Seventeen of the West Coast’s finest sativas will battle for the gold, as determined by a panel of lucky judges. Stay tuned to find out which of these strains takes the crown — Leafly will be there providing live updates.

Have you come across any of these in your canna-quests? Let us know how it was in a review!

1. Dr. Grinspoon

Characteristics of Dr. Grinspoon:

  • 100% sativa
  • Breeder: Barney’s Farm
  • Heirloom strain
  • Named after Harvard professor and cannabis activist Lester Grinspoon
  • Creative and introspective, with intense mental focus
  • Earthy with a honey aroma
  • 13-14 week flowering period; small yields

2. Thai

Characteristics of Thai:

  • 100% sativa
  • Landrace strain from Thailand
  • Parent to many Haze varieties
  • Intense but comfortable cerebral effects
  • Fruity, citrus aroma
  • Grows best in greenhouse gardens

3. Red Congolese

Characteristics of Red Congolese:

  • Mostly sativa
  • Derived from an African landrace
  • Magnolia Wellness’ sativa entry for 2014 LA Cannabis Cup
  • Elevating euphoria, focus, and mental clarity
  • Good for daytime treatment of nausea, cachexia, tension, or Alzheimer’s

4. Candyland

Characteristics of Candyland:

  • 75% sativa
  • Hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies
  • High End Deliveries’ sativa entry for 2014 LA Cannabis Cup
  • Uplifting and stimulating; conducive for social interaction and creative activities
  • Good for treating pain, muscle tension, and mood disorders

5. Head Cheese

Characteristics of Head Cheese:

  • 60% sativa
  • Blunt Brothers’ sativa entry for 2014 LA Cannabis Cup
  • Hybrid of Headband and Cheese
  • Sharp cheese aroma
  • Relaxing and euphoric
  • Often chosen to treat pain, migraines, appetite loss, inflammation, spasms, and sleeplessness
  • High THC strain


Characteristics of ACDC:

  • Mostly sativa
  • Booku Collective’s sativa entry for 2014 LA Cannabis Cup
  • A phenotype of the Cannatonic strain
  • High CBD with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20; induces no psychoactive effects
  • Commonly used to treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy

Find out more about the other LA Cannabis Cup sativa entries:

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Bailey Rahn
Bailey Rahn
Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.
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