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LivWell is your 420 headquarters, Colorado

Presented ByLivWellPublished on March 31, 2023 · Last updated April 17, 2023
This article is sponsored by LivWell. Image courtesy of LivWell.

Stop in, stock up, and jam out on weed’s biggest day.

With one of the largest selections of cannabis products in the whole US, Colorado’s own LivWell is the place to be this 420. Not only have they pulled together some of the most popular products you need to make 420 special at incredibly low prices, but they’ve also sponsored a concert headlined by weed royalty Wiz Khalifa and Joey Bada$$ at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater with “420 on the Rocks.”

Shop LivWell and pick up four LivWell 0.8g pre-rolls for just $20 or snag 20% off all #HASH shatter. These deals start on 4/14 and end when the doors close on 4/20, so get ready to stock up. 

At LivWell, you’ll find all your favorite brands and products, even the ones that you haven’t met yet. LivWell dispensaries have been helping Coloradans live life their way since 2009, and their expert team can’t wait to help you start living better, too. 

Curious what LivWell has on offer this 420? Read on and check out some of their standouts this season. 

Full Melt caramels 10 pack

Courtesy of LivWell

A classic confectionery with an elevating twist, these caramels from Full Melt raise the bar for edibles, and you can experience them for yourself this 420. Infused with twice-refined distillate and rigorously tested by certified third-party labs, these delicious caramels go above and beyond the ordinary. Full Melt caramels are meticulously made with all-natural ingredients like real white chocolate, butter, cream, and Madagascar Vanilla bean; and with 10mg of THC per piece, they’re great for a relaxing night. 

Magnitude Platinum Jack 1g vape cartridges

Courtesy of LivWell

The winner of an awe-inspiring nine Cannabis Cup titles, Platinum Jack is a legendary strain named for the godfather of weed, Jack Herer. Magnitude is here to help you honor the old man this 420 with their 1g vape cartridges, available at your local LivWell. Sativa-like Platinum Jack is a member of the Haze family of strains, with a citrus flavor and balanced, cerebral high, making it a standout strain amongst cannabis consumers of all stripes. 

LivWell 0.5g Quintet pre-roll five pack

Courtesy of LivWell

This pack of five potent pre-rolls rolled with premium LivWell flower is perfect for when you need a high five. Packaged in a convenient carrying case, these pre-rolls are ready to rock wherever your adventures take you, either alone or with your group of friends. Check your local LivWell menu to see what strain varieties they have on offer now.

#HASH #LIVE Resin Sugar

Courtesy of LivWell

Created using the absolute bleeding edge of cannabis technology, this live resin sugar from #HASH brand is made from flower harvested at the peak of freshness and then immediately cryo frozen. This process ensures that all those fantastic terpenes present in the flower make it through the distillation process intact, making for one of the most flavorful dabs around. With a variety of strains available at your local LivWell, there’s no excuse not to sweeten up your 420 with this sugar from #HASH and experience the difference yourself; you won’t regret it. 

LivWell loose flower

Courtesy of LivWell

With one of the largest selections of flower in Colorado, LivWell is almost certainly carrying one of your favorite strains this 420, with plenty of options to branch out into something new. With three tiers of flower at a variety of potencies and price points, LivWell loose flower has the bud for you, no matter who you are. See what strains are available now on your local LivWell menu.

4/14–20: 20% off all #HASH shatter and four for $20 on 0.8g pre-rolls

If these deals have got you excited for 420, then good news. LivWell has even more deals and products to help make your holiday spectacular. Find your nearest LivWell, shop these menu highlights on Leafly, and start saving today. 

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