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Missouri’s best weed strains and products of 2023

Published on February 6, 2023 · Last updated February 8, 2023

Check out the sensational strains and products that you don’t want to miss in Missouri.

Missouri is off to the races with adult-use weed sales after a surprise early opening on February 3. Dispensaries around the state opened their doors to recreational customers, and many Missourians were able to make their first trip into a dispensary to purchase flower, edibles, vape pens, and more.

Missouri’s weed market is full of tasty gummies, terpy concentrates, and flavorful bud, making it a Midwestern haven for anyone who likes good weed at good prices. From the Gateway Arch west to Arrowhead Stadium, down to the Bootheel, and back north until you bump into Iowa —here are the best weed strains and products you’ll find in the state.

Illicit Gardens flower and pre-rolls

Photo of Illicit KC Kush on black background. Lid is off the jar, showing flower and label reads "Illicit KC Kush Indica Hybrid"
(Courtesy of Illicit Gardens)

Illicit Gardens has a lot of things going for its products and its brand. The company produces strains that are potent, reliable, and enjoyable for countless reasons, including their perky Clementine strain, balanced Lemon Tree Punch, and consistently relaxing KC Kush.

5 pack of Illicit Smokos with blue label on white background. One joint leading on the side of the packaging.
(Courtesy of Illicit Gardens)

They also have some of the most recognizable art and packaging in the state, with their Smokos five-pack made to look like a funky cassette tape you happened to have brought with you from the 80s. Grabbing a shareable tin of Smokos in a strain like SFV OG before heading to a chill sesh is never a bad choice.

To top it off, the company actively participates in shedding a light on social justice with its Freedoms Campaign, and they also happen to make excellent vape carts.

Head Change concentrates

Photo of a jar of Head Change sugar with the lid off showing cannabis sugar concentrate
(Courtesy of Head Change)

Head Change concentrates are full of flavor and some of the best sugars, sauces, and badders that you’ll find in MO.

You can enjoy dabs of their delicious Daily Bread at home or grab one of their 0.5g live sauce carts to keep with you. You won’t regret experiencing their terpene-laden creations.

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Cookies flower

Photo of The Soap strain label from Cookies and a nug of The Soap flower
(Courtesy of Cookies)

Berner’s Cookies brand has a grip on both coasts, and strains like The Soap are the reason why. The Soap is a great strain for easing anxiety and encouraging focus, and is conveniently available right here in Missouri. It’s a winning daytime strain with a scent and flavor that will make you say, “It really is kinda soapy!” as it helps you cross off your to-do list items one by one.

If you’re not into bud that reminds you of suds, you can still check out the Cookies by trying out strains like Jealousy, Cereal Milk, Gary Payton, Georgia Pie, Pancakes, and more.

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Good Day Farm edibles

Photo of Good Day Farm Rose All Day Gummies pink packaging stating Gluten Free, Vegan, and Made with Real Fruit.
(Courtesy of Good Day Farm)

Good Day Farm has an extensive range of gummies that are sold in dispensaries all across the state. Choosing between all of its flavors may overwhelm you, but you can’t go wrong with the Rosé All Day 10 mg THC gummies or their Balance 1:1 THC: CBD Pink Pomegranate gummies.

If you tend to be restless in the evenings, the Peach Ginger 8:1 CBD:THC gummies will help you drift into a good night’s rest. Good Day Farm also makes lower-dose 5 mg gummies, sugar-free gummies, and fast-acting nano-emulsified gummies with an onset time of ~15 minutes.

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CLOVR disposable vapes

Photo of CLOVR disposable vape next to black vape packaging that reads ".3g disposable vape pen" with CLOVR log and THC warning label
(Courtesy of CLOVR)

CLOVR vapes come in a variety of strains like CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami and vibey, myrcene-forward Grape Ape. The products from the Kansas City-based company are a smart choice when you want a disposable vape. Get 0.3 g of concentrate with a disposable battery for around $20, and you’ll always have a little hit handy in situations when you want to take the edge off.

Missouri’s Own Edibles: Infused Red Hot Riplets

Photo of Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets chips with Missouri's Own Edibles logo and words "Marijuana infused product" A small pile of the reddish brown chips sits in front of the bag
(Courtesy of Vivid and Missouri’s Own Edibles)

Raise your hand if you love hot chips. Now raise your hand if you love edibles. If both of your hands are up, use them to grab your keys and head to the nearest dispensary to get Vivid and Missouri’s Own Edibles Red Hot Riplets.

The infused take on this beloved St. Louis snack delivers 1 mg of THC per chip, making one snack-sized bag the perfect addition to any Missouri weekend, no matter if you’re watching the Cards, Chiefs, Tigers, Blues, or Royals.

Pressure Co. Equity Packs

Photo of black Pressure Co. Equity Pack packaging with Pressure Co label that reads "Premium pre-roll indoor flower"

Minority-owned Pressure Co. is an invaluable addition to the Missouri cannabis scene. The company is committed to addressing the negative impacts of the War on Drugs in Missouri communities through initiatives like Equity Now, a scholarship fund in partnership with Saint Louis University.

Pressure Co.’s Equity Packs contain six joints each in strains like Melon Juice, Member Berry, Moon Pie, and Peach Crescendo. The purchase of an Equity Pack helps fund the Equity Now scholarship for a minority student pursuing SLU’s Cannabis Science and Operations certificate.

Exit-Now offers cannabis scholarship and expungement resources in Saint Louis, MO

Keef infused sodas

Photo of 5 different flavors of Keef soda in cans. Flavors include Purple Passion, Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Orange Kush, and Blue Razz.
(Courtesy of Keef)

Keef Brands infused drinks are a true delight! With flavors like Bubba Kush Root Beer, Blue Razz, Orange Kush, and Purple Passion, you can find a Keef-infused beverage in all of your favorite flavors. With products ranging from 10 to 200 mg of THC, Keef has you covered based on any budget and any situation you are ready to relax into.

Have a 10 mg can as a pre-game beverage before a concert, or bring one of their 100 mg bottles or 200 mg mocktails to the next party you attend as an alternative to alcohol.

Flora Farms flower

Photo of green Flora Farms packaging bag for 3.5g of cannabis with logo. Reads: Flora Farms, premium marijuana, hand-selected, expertly grown.
(Courtesy of Flora Farms)

Flora Farms provides no-fuss weed lovers with consistent and reliable flower. They offer many of the classic strains that beginners love, like Blue Dream, Biscotti, Bubba Fett, and Citral Glue —often at a price of $20-30 per eighth.

Flora Farms flower is even more approachable due to a wide range of THC percentages, too. You can find bud with THC levels anywhere between 13 and 30%, including varying amounts of CBD to help you experience the entourage effect.

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1906 capsule pouches

photo of multiple varieties of 1906 drops in colorful pouches in shades of red, orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow with capsules scattered on light purple background
(Courtesy of 1906)

1906 capsules are a fun and convenient format for trying the 1906 range of capsules. The capsule pouches contain two tiny edibles in one of 1906’s proprietary ratioed blends like Bliss, Love, Chill, Go, Genius, and Midnight.

You can try their entire range of products without breaking the bank or having to finish 20 of each kind. The capsules contain cannabinoid doses as small as 2.5 mg for the true microdoser or a cannabis newbie. The Drops are also helpful as emergency purse or pocket edibles, just FYI.

Want MO weed?

We can’t forget these honorable mentions for our list of the top Missouri strains, products, and brands of 2023:

Keep returning to Leafly for more Missouri product picks as the adult-use market grows.

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