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8 Mother’s Day Gifts for Cannabis-Loving Moms

May 7, 2014

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to find that special gift for a truly one-of-a-kind woman. To help you find the perfect way to say “thank you” to your cannabis-loving mother or the maternal figure in your life, we’re lending a hand with a few suggestions.

Odds and Ends

Marijuana Cooking: Good Medicine Made Easy

This colorful cookbook contains recipes for everything from basic cannabutter to infused honey oatmeal cookies. Not only does this book have incredible photography, it’s also a great resource for those new to cannabis.


If you’re looking for a functional yet classy rolling board, RollaBoard is the way to go. So nice that we’ve already featured them once as a gift suggestion, RollaBoard is a truly excellent present for the modern canna-enthusiast. They’re 100% bamboo and beautifully crafted, making them excellent additions to the coffee table or a perfect piece to bring out while entertaining guests.

Peacock Feather Hemp Messenger Bag

A little less hippie-chic and a little more eco-trendy, this hand-made hemp messenger bag is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Plus, as an Etsy find, most the profits of this purchase have the added benefit of going directly to a small business or an individual.

Do-It-Yourself Gifts

Topicals Spa Package

Best paired with a nice massage, a build-your-own topicals spa package is the perfect gift for all of those hardworking mothers out there. In the cannabis industry, a “topical” is an infused cream or balm that reduces pain caused by inflammation. Topicals are perfect for the mom who walks around all day or may have a little extra tension in her back or shoulders. They tend to run about $20 per one-ounce container, but topicals producers typically create a wide variety of products.

DIY Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Note: It’s important to wait 30 minutes to one hour after consuming an infused food, as your body must begin to metabolize the product before you can feel the effects. Avoid eating more than the recommended dose of an infused food, as the effects will be quite strong.

There’s no better way to celebrate both Mother’s Day and the arrival of spring than with some chocolate-covered strawberries. Truly decadent, this simple recipe for cannabis-infused chocolate-covered strawberries will add a little extra pizzazz to an already wonderful day. Eating just one will count as a light dose of medicine, allowing you to enjoy the day without feeling too groggy or setback.

For information on creating a truly fantastic canna-friendly Mother’s Day brunch, check out our list of cannabis hosting tips for the perfect cannabis party.

Miniature Clone Garden

For a slightly new take on the tradition of sending Mom a bouquet of flowers, why not make your mom her very own mini cannabis garden (if your state allows for it, of course)? Pair a plant with a cute colored pot and personalize the gift even further by finding your mother’s favorite strain. Or, if you’d like to help your mom expand her palate, check out a couple of these mom-friendly strains:

DIY Wine Tasting

With over 800 cannabis strains floating around in the ether, flavors and effects of the herb are now more distinct than ever. If your mother happens to be a bit of a cannabis connoisseur, why not celebrate her special day with some flavor experiments? Try pairing full-bodied wines with more herbal, pine, woody, or vanilla-based strains and lighter wines with easy floral hybrids. For a full wine paring list, take a peek at this awesome infographic.

Something Extra Special

Firefly Portable Vaporizer

The Firefly is a truly unique portable vaporizer. One of the only portable vapes that uses convection to heat and activate cannabinoids, the Firefly may just be one of the healthiest products on the market. Instead of scorching or charring cannabis on a hot plate (conductive heating), the Firefly uses hot air to roast cannabis flower, meaning you aren’t inhaling anything other than pure, activated marijuana vapor. And, come on, you know your mom is worth the splurge.

If the Firefly doesn’t suit your fancy, check out some of these high-quality alternatives:

If none of these gift ideas are exactly what you’re looking for, take a look at this list of 5 Cannabis-Chic Products That Women Will Love.

Strawberries photo credit: greg.turner viaphotopin cc