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New Strains Alert: 8 Ball Kush, Hells Angel OG, Dream Star, Orange Diesel, and Smelliot

Our five newest varieties bring the Leafly Explorer to the cusp of 800 strains, and it’s times like these we realize that building this database is an endless endeavor. Indica enthusiasts will love 8 Ball Kush, a 100% indica strain descended from a native Afghani landrace strain. Hells Angel OG is an indica-dominant hybrid rumored to originate in the gardens of the ol’ Red & Whites themselves. For our devoted sativa consumers, we added two uplifting hybrids: Dream Star and Orange Diesel. Smelliot is our new hybrid cross between Abusive OG and NYC Diesel, with a pungent aroma that immediately justifies this strain’s name.

If you’ve tried one of these, don’t hold out on us: leave a review sharing your experience so the rest of us can live vicariously through you. 

  1. 8 Ball Kush

Characteristics of 8 Ball Kush:

  2. Hells Angel OG

Characteristics of Hells Angel OG:

  3. Dream Star

Characteristics of Dream Star:

  4. Orange Diesel

Characteristics of Orange Diesel:

  5. Smelliot

Characteristics of Smelliot: