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New Strains Alert: Black Russian, Dutch Queen, Glad Max, Everlast, and More

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New Strains Alert: Black Russian, Dutch Queen, Glad Max, Everlast, and More

So 4/20 is right around the corner
, and the more proactive participants are probably thinking about what strains should be included in this year’s arsenal. Or maybe you’ll just be sitting at home training for the big day with your snap-away sweats and some HBO. That’s cool, too. Either way, we’re going to give you a few strain recommendations. Leave strain reviews for the varieties you’ve already tried so others will know what to expect!

1. GRiZ Kush

GRiZ Kush is a custom strain bred by Native Roots in collaboration with Root Cellar Genetics. This exclusive hybrid
blend of Tangerine Haze
and Pakistani Chitral Kush
genetics was hand-selected by the musician GRiZ based on his favorite flavors and desired effects. The strain was developed to have an earthy
aroma and a balance between heady sativa
and relaxing
effects. The buds present themselves with a hint of purple coloring and carry a robust tangerine flavor with a hint of pine
from the Kush undertones.

2. Black Russian

Black Russian is an 80/20 indica
-dominant strain bred by Delicious Seeds, who created this strain by crossing a Black Domina
mother with White Russian
. Notes of mango
and citrus
collide with lemon
candy to create a medley of sweet
aromas that burst from Black Russian’s compact buds. This indica is known for her potency and endurance, making Black Russian the perfect choice for either patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief or anyone in need of deep relaxation
of both mind and body.

3. Dutch Queen

Dutch Queen is a hybrid
 strain bred by Buddy Boy Farms in Washington. A cross between Dutch Treat
and Space Queen
, Dutch Queen inherits a sweet
aroma with subtle fruity
highlights. The sativa
in her promises a light, uplifting
that helps you find energy
and focus
. Replacing stress
with a sense of elevated bliss, Dutch Queen is perfect for unwinding or unraveling bad moods.

4. Everlast

Everlast from Machias, Washington is an 80/20 indica
-dominant strain that induces deeply relaxing
effects with a hashy, skunky
aroma. With a THC content that can tower as high as 28%, Everlast is best chosen by experienced, seasoned consumers. It gets its name from the long-lasting euphoria
that leaves your body suspended in tingling
tranquility while the mind floats to active, happy
escapes. Its heavy, body-focused effects are recommended for patients treating stubborn pain
or sleeplessness

5. Twisted Citrus

Twisted Citrus is a sativa
-dominant strain with a THC content that can climb to heights as high as 27%. With a name like Twisted Citrus, you might anticipate the tropical
fruity aromas even before opening your stash jar. A bold fusion of oranges
and banana flavors overwhelm the inhale and fade to subtle earthiness
on the release. Next comes the upbeat, energized
cerebral euphoria
coupled with mellow, uplifting
body effects, sensations that you can appreciate any time of the day.

6. Kush Cleaner

Kush Cleaner is a hybrid
strain that combines Kush genetics with Jack’s Cleaner
. Exactly which Kush was used in breeding this sativa
-leaning strain is up for debate, but OG Kush
, Ogre
, and Purple Kush
are all likely suspects. Its aroma is a strong mix of earthiness
and pine
, much like that of its Jack Herer
ancestor. Expect Kush Cleaner to focus its efforts cerebrally, but its mellow relaxation
will eventually permeate throughout the body, easing pain
and tension.

7. Glad Max

Glad Max, cultivated by Monarch Wellness in Arizona, is a spin on the classic sativa-dominant Caramelicious
. This high-THC hybrid strain is known to have long-lasting euphoria
that lifts the mood while relaxing
the body. Consumers have compared this strain to Mother’s Helper
in its aroma and effects, but Glad Max is said to carry even happier
, more lighthearted qualities. Its buds have a sweet
, earthy
aroma and tend to take on a slight caramel hue with maturation.