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New Strains Alert: Blue Nightmare, Middlefork x Pineapple Express, U2 Kush, Snoop Dogg OG, and Ripped Bubba

Balance is the name of the game this week with a harmonious but diverse assortment flowers: Ripped Bubba, Snoop Dogg OG, Middlefork x Pineapple Express, U2 Kush, and Blue Nightmare. Whether you lean towards indica, sativa, or a hybrid of the two; fruity notes of lemon or skunky, earthy aromas; or euphoric relaxation compared to creative focus, there's a strain for everyone. If you've experienced any of these five new additions, be sure to share the love and leave a review! 

1. Ripped Bubba

Characteristics of Ripped Bubba:

2. Snoop Dogg OG

Characteristics of Snoop Dogg OG:

3. Middlefork x Pineapple Express

Characteristics of Middlefork x Pineapple Express:


 4. U2 Kush

Characteristics of U2 Kush:

5. Blue Nightmare

Characteristics of Blue Nightmare: