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New Strains Alert: Firewalker OG, Killer Grape, Island Maui Haze, Mt. Cook, and More

Published on December 25, 2015 · Last updated September 7, 2022

It might be Christmas, but that doesn’t mean the new strains will stop rolling in! If you’re already thinking ahead to your next dispensary run, check to see if any of these strains are available near you by clicking the links below. Happy holidays!

Leafly Blue Thai cannabis strain tile
   1. Blue Thai

Blue Thai by Dinafem Seeds is a hybrid strain from the Netherlands that crosses Blueberry and Thai Skunk. This fruity, mold-resistant strain offers the best results when grown outdoors, but also performs well indoors and finishes flowering after 8 weeks.

Click here for a full list of locations currently carrying Blue Thai

Leafly Cuvee cannabis strain tile
   2. Cuvee

A collaboration from TGA Genetics and Aficionado seeds, Cuvee was created crossing Space Queen and the clone-only Pinot Noir. This hybrid plant will hit you fast with a relaxing body high while you taste sweet cherries and chocolate. Rich flavor paired with copious amounts of resin makes Cuvee a great strain for making cannabis concentrates.

Click here for a full list of locations currently carrying Cuvee

Leafly Firewalker OG cannabis strain tile
   3. Firewalker OG

Firewalker OG is a sativa-dominant cross between Skywalker and Fire OG that is spicy with hints of flowers and hash. This strain is ideal for daytime use as you will feel full of energy and ready to take on the day. It also has many medicinal qualities, making it potentially beneficial for patients who are suffering from depression, muscle spasms, mood disorders, and anorexia.

Click here for a full list of locations currently carrying Firewalker OG

Leafly Killer Grape cannabis strain tile
   4. Killer Grape

A cross between Killer Queen and Querkle, Killer Grape is a heavy-handed 50/50 hybrid strain that deals a stupefying blast of cerebral euphoria and deeply relaxing effects. Lavender and purple hues tinge leaves and buds underneath a dusty coat of snow-white resin. This strain from NorStar Genetics gets its name from the sour grape aroma its buds carry, which is accented by spicy, hashy undertones.

Click here for a full list of locations currently carrying Killer Grape

Leafly Mt. Cook cannabis strain tile
   5. Mt. Cook

Named after the highest peak in New Zealand, Mt. Cook by Kiwiseeds is a former Cannabis Cup champion. After selecting their top Afghani female, a special Northern Lights and Hash Plant male was used to pollinate and create this potent indica. Known to be powerful and sedative, this is a great strain to relax and catch some sleep with.

Leafly Island Maui Haze cannabis strain tile
   6. Island Maui Haze

Island Maui Haze is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain with effects that can creep up on you. These dense, forest green buds may not initially attract you based on its strong, ammonia smell; however, this crystal-covered strain is praised for its uplifting, energetic effects that can relieve pain and other symptoms without bringing you down into a lazy state.

Click here for a full list of locations currently carrying Island Maui Haze

Leafly Leda Uno cannabis strain tile
   7. Leda Uno

A Cannabis Cup finalist in the sativa category, Leda Uno will undoubtedly raise your spirits. The team at KC Brains took its KC 33 crossed with a Brazilian female landrace and crossed it once more with its KC 606 and Leda hybrid. The result is a smooth lemony hybrid with beautiful chunky, light green buds. Best when grown in soil, this plant can shoot to 10 feet outdoors and produces considerable yields.

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